Dr. Janine Talty, DO, MPH holds a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine and Masters in Public Health. In this video she presents on the HCG Diet Plan where you could lose up to a half pound or a pound a day - but spare muscle - by combining hormone injections, pellets, drops, or sprays with a restrictive 500-calorie dieting.

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Shaneen Megji

Shaneen Megji . 4 hours ago

Does the hcg patches work as well as the drops?


PagingNurseRose . 5 hours ago

The absolute best video on this topic. Thank you πŸ’ž

Irina Nikonov

Irina Nikonov . 1 week ago

Hi where can I know more about this diet? Where can I start?

Lulu Johnson

Lulu Johnson . 2 weeks ago

Thank you very much Dr! I started my HCG diet 8 days ago, and I'm feeling a bad pain, a tingling sensation on my right leg. How can I know that I'm not developing a blood clot, I'm very scared

Kalina F

Kalina F . 2 weeks ago

How many days apart did he do steak day in maintenance?

Mirna Martinez

Mirna Martinez . 3 weeks ago

Stared this diet 4 days ago and so for I have lost weight and you can see the difference.

Karen Konecny

Karen Konecny . 3 weeks ago

Starting today. This is a very good video.

Rose Ayala Perfume Addict

Rose Ayala Perfume Addict . 3 weeks ago

I'm confused about the makeup, lotion, and perfume rules??πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

American Patriot Girl

American Patriot Girl . 1 month ago

This is the most amazing video I have ever watched on HCG. Wow. This Dr. Is amazing. β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™


jwm4ever . 1 month ago

Can I order this without a prescription? I used to use the drops in 2010 and it really worked.

Veena Johnson

Veena Johnson . 3 months ago

Thank you very much . Well explained .

Jeigh Hopkins

Jeigh Hopkins . 3 months ago

This amazing video answered some questions for me. Now I can do this plan with greater understanding!!!!


Calejandre138 . 3 months ago

If I go by the diet but don’t take the hcg do you think you are able to lose weight still?

Linda Gildner

Linda Gildner . 4 months ago

Where can I buy prescription HCG

Maura Bourget

Maura Bourget . 4 months ago

We need more videos like this one about HCG. Definitely a really helpful and informative video πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

a Love

a Love . 4 months ago

Help Dr. Talty. Where I can buy Hcg. Pls. I would like to start on this diet. I have hypothyroidism and it’s very hard to lose weight.


Jeff . 5 months ago

Hands down this is the best HCG diet video I've ever seen. She made something complicated very simple. Well done πŸ‘


Bomah . 5 months ago

where can I buy hcg nowadays?


mscherbeare . 5 months ago

I'm not a meat eater. What can I replace steak with? Salmon?


Realism . 5 months ago

You guys are all idiots. The reasons it works is cuz it raises test which results in more muscle mass which results in a higher metabolic rate.

Mike P.

Mike P. . 5 months ago

I like how she explains things. Very clear instructor/speaker.

Khadija Kenya

Khadija Kenya . 5 months ago

During the fat load, do you take fats the entire day with hcg or 30 minutes before each meal? (Breakfast, lunch, super)

Admantha Christians

Admantha Christians . 5 months ago

Started today. I have the injections because that’s all the clinic offered

Dee Fee

Dee Fee . 6 months ago

Where do you get the hog from

Larry Sanders

Larry Sanders . 6 months ago

A few years ago,i lost 75 pounds on the old HCG drops. Tried a new version later and did not lose a pound.

Debbie Hylton

Debbie Hylton . 6 months ago

How can I sign up. I’m in desperate need.

Metal SongBird

Metal SongBird . 6 months ago

Gonna watch this every week on my full round of HCG. Love the fruit tip. I think the fruit is what inhibited my losses on previous rounds.

Debbie Rademaker

Debbie Rademaker . 6 months ago

i am about to start this diet for last chance .. thank you


meike_artwork . 6 months ago

I just started this dieet with my mom and it is a good explaination! I only eet an greenapple in the evening when we have a coffee, since that's a time I usely get a emotional with eating. And so far it is really to do! Have my first weight in wednesday so very exited if it works for me

Abbie Cates

Abbie Cates . 7 months ago

Where can you get the pamphlet she is talking about? Food lists, etc.

Kristen Camp

Kristen Camp . 7 months ago

Fantastic explanation! Ive failed at HCG before and now I know why!!!

Caroline Williams

Caroline Williams . 7 months ago

Fen fen?

Rich Roots ShampooBar

Rich Roots ShampooBar . 7 months ago

Thank you so much!! Great, amazing /thorough information!!

Shyrlei Masson

Shyrlei Masson . 7 months ago

I”m about to start this diet and found the explanation very helpful. Thank you very much.

Janet Selvam Diekmann

Janet Selvam Diekmann . 7 months ago

Are you allowed to have black coffee during HCG?

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