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Starting Low Carb? Eat This Today | Full Day Of Eating
Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Published on 7 months ago

To follow a low carb diet, you must reduce the number of carbohydrate grams you eat in a day. That statement is obvious, but what does a low carb diet look like, and what can you eat? In this video, I share a full day of eating on a low carb diet for those just getting started.

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Disclaimer: Dr. Becky Gillaspy, DC received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991. Her use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to herself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Gillaspy was a licensed chiropractor in Pennsylvania, but she no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Gillaspy and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Dr Becky Fitness LLC and Dr. Rebecca Gillaspy, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any conclusions drawn, services or product you obtain through this video or site.

Comments :

Carol Benson

Carol Benson . 1 week ago

HELP...Thanksgiving almost here and I don't want to overeat!!!!!!🦃🦃🦃

Lotta T

Lotta T . 1 month ago

This is very educative! I had a goal of 30 g carbs daily but I realize that the berries and vegetables I eat contain alot more. 50g may be more realistic. 🤔 I found an apple tree with fallen, sour apples. I loved them, but I would not eat ordinary apples.

emma acuna

emma acuna . 1 month ago

Thank you for sharing this video with us ♥️👍


urspendy . 2 months ago

I have had a lot of issues with keto, mostly Dehydration. Is low carb better in that regard? I drink water and take mineral electrolyte drops but with keto I was so thirsty and dehydrated all the time

Lana Stephenson

Lana Stephenson . 2 months ago

My description area disappeared. Can someone tell me how to get it back??

Tamara Spillis

Tamara Spillis . 2 months ago

I really treasure that you share food lists an recipes without cost. It is the mark of a generous teacher. Allowing persons to benefit and become like their instructor. Thanks!


Global . 2 months ago

I’m Suffering from diabetes second 😞

Madhu Malhotra

Madhu Malhotra . 2 months ago

What to replace with chicken something for eggetarians

Luba Sulpovar

Luba Sulpovar . 2 months ago

Hi Becky, sorry for being annoying asking too many questions. Have you heard about Sola bread from Costco? If yes, what's your recommendation of that BREAD on LOW carb eating?

Luba Sulpovar

Luba Sulpovar . 2 months ago

Thanks Dr Becky for your great video 🤗. I am your loyal viewer and would like to ask you to make another videos about eating beans, legumes, seeds(sunflower seeds) on LOW carb eating. Gratefully appreciative for response.

Shannon Mrantz

Shannon Mrantz . 2 months ago

Whats your thoughts on macros of 20% carb 25% protein and 55% fat? roughly a little under 1300 calories. Its working for me but am worried its not quite keto but still drastically low carb 60 carb a day adds up very fast with even fresh foods. I don't do dairy either.

Sailor Girl

Sailor Girl . 2 months ago

thank you for clarifying the difference between Low-carb and Keto. We began a low-carb on Monday and are continuing all vegetables but starches, cut out flour and are leaving out beans, lentils, brown rice adding one serving a week to our diet as we go along, while watching our weight. I will download the lists. Thank you and you have a new subscriber.

Iina Sofia Ransom

Iina Sofia Ransom . 2 months ago

The foods look good but isn't 1200 calories way too little for most people?

Rosa Rot

Rosa Rot . 2 months ago

Thanks. I will do this and your voice is so soothing :-)

Eileen Kelly

Eileen Kelly . 2 months ago

Those portions are 10x what I can eat. I can only have 15g of carbs a day. Aprox 700 Cals or I gain weight. No. It’s not fun. Being fat isn’t fun either. I also can’t eat fats or I gain. Horrible.

Valerie from Oregon

Valerie from Oregon . 2 months ago

That’s a lot of food .. I couldn’t eat that much but it looks good.

Joyce Muncie

Joyce Muncie . 2 months ago

I just watched you for the first time. I'm very impressed and looking forward to low carb way of getting

Praising Servant

Praising Servant . 3 months ago

Doing this exact basic diet now. Quit all grains and sugar immediately, wasn't hard at all when eating enough protein and fat. Don't think I need to go full on keto, eating like you have described here feels really good to me, except I avoid dairy except a sprinkle of fresh grated parmesan on some things. I was getting WICKED hot flashes; quitting all refined sugar and grains (wheat, oats, rice, corn) eliminated them immediately. I can eat quinoa I've discovered. I was an ethical vegan on and off for 30+ years. It was hard to admit that it was failing me. I've made peace with it. I'm so grateful I figured this out. Oh, I'm also sleeping a lot better, intense intestinal bloating is gone and weight is finally coming off at almost 57!

Carol Cole

Carol Cole . 3 months ago

I am too old and dumb to know how to COUNT carbs. Therefore, I eat a slab of meat each evening, along with a salad. Period. Since I do have diabetes, I need to be careful.

Maria Valdivia

Maria Valdivia . 3 months ago

Nice video! Is it ok to eat a slice of rye bread for breakfast? Or is it bad for a low carb diet?


aTimeAsThis . 3 months ago

Dr. Becky, I’d love to know how to properly measure leafy greens. Do you just put them in a measuring cup all fluffy or do you smoosh them down?


sandysue202 . 3 months ago

I have done the "Atkins", Low Carb and also Keto. At 70 years old, I feel like I will probably do better with low carb to get going again and then add in some exercise. I know low carb works but I left it a couple years ago and have eaten like a piglet since then! Now, I get to see if I can drop those original 20 pounds again and stay with it this time. I do feel so much better eating low carb. And I also can exercise better when I eat properly. Thank you for your knowledgeable videos! They will be helpful and very encouraging, too. I have a sugar addiction and will battle this issue daily.


Deb . 3 months ago

I've been trying to do 125 or less (as Italian I ignore on holidays or birthdays) Thanks for some tips I'm weaning toast by using thin toast, 45 cals, with a healthy butter sparingly

soldier OfGod

soldier OfGod . 3 months ago

I love beans, I have been trying to eat less sugars but I still get carbs and I don’t know what to eat half the time if I don’t have beans and oats love them!

Veronica Gravendijk

Veronica Gravendijk . 3 months ago

Can’t eat more than 30 carbs a day how can I do it


megabandit1200s . 3 months ago

Avocado and strawberries. Pass

Susanna Y.

Susanna Y. . 3 months ago

It's an extra challenge for me since I'm a kidney stone producer. 😕

Flying Saucer

Flying Saucer . 3 months ago

wow, this video made me hungry

paula brown

paula brown . 3 months ago

I read where the small red beans were fairly low carb as far as beans go.

Deborah Unger

Deborah Unger . 3 months ago

Dr. Becky, why do you not include olives on your list of low--carb foods? They net 3 net carbs for 10 olives (at that rate I would include up to 20 in my salads for a total of 6 carbs). This seems like such a great way to add interest to salads and a snack like guacamole.


R Z . 3 months ago


Jake Merchant

Jake Merchant . 4 months ago

Why didn't anyone tell me this 50 years ago? Thank you.

S Stellhorn

S Stellhorn . 4 months ago

Is there a way for me to go low carb when I don't eat meat, poultry, or fish? Honestly, please. I am a very active 56 y/o menopausal woman; I eat super clean, no processed sugar, almost no dairy, no grains. And my ayurvedic practitioner has me cooking all of my veggies, even for smoothies. I do vegan protein powders with 3-4 carbs per serving with plantbased milk and those cooked veggies. But my blood sugar stays above 95 most of the time, ven all night,, especially after nuts, legumes, and sweet potatoes. :-( And my belly is growing as a result. I work hard to get 6.5 to 7 hours of sleep, 8 on the weekends. Help!

Tara Webb

Tara Webb . 4 months ago

Please post more meal ideas.

Sierrha Carter

Sierrha Carter . 4 months ago

These meals were delicious!!!!! Thank you!!!

George Gough

George Gough . 4 months ago

I think it is time to give this woman a two thumbs up for her videos. Her information is topical, well researched and presented well. Many thanks to you Dr Becky!!

Vincent Gaita

Vincent Gaita . 4 months ago

You are just fantastic thank you for all you do.


Paul . 4 months ago

Hello i am 57 years old i have lost 3 stone in 11 weeks thankyou for your help Dr Becky😃

אלונה בראל

אלונה בראל . 4 months ago

Liked your video. Following your plan but wondering if it's ok to switch between dinner and lunch ? Prefer to eat my meats/chicken at lunch

Linda LeClair

Linda LeClair . 4 months ago

I love your videos!


YdZ Z . 4 months ago

Hi Dr Becky👸..may i ask you pls.. .is strawberry avo smoothie spike blood sugar for diabetic..💭 + what can i replace chicken with.. as im vegetarian

Phoebe Black

Phoebe Black . 4 months ago

I'm on day 4 of keto and seriously struggling. I think I'll be switching to low carb, still cutting the bread, pasta, and potatoes, but dear God, I just NEED a regular cup of coffee b/c I'm convinced the heavy whipping cream is going to kill me dead!

Pamela Mcneill

Pamela Mcneill . 4 months ago

What can I use instead of avocados. I'm highly sensitive to them.

Rob Milne

Rob Milne . 4 months ago

Your the best, I have been following you for the past 18 months and have lost 75lbs. Your so easy to listen to

Sudha Seth

Sudha Seth . 4 months ago

Wow ❤️

Bush Girl Karen

Bush Girl Karen . 4 months ago

Is the dinner recipe for 1 person?

Susan S.

Susan S. . 4 months ago

Very good advice.

Lynette Porter

Lynette Porter . 4 months ago

I love your balanced approach <3

Jane Nehring

Jane Nehring . 5 months ago

Eat Like a Bear recommends 20g carbs per day.

Hlezi Sy

Hlezi Sy . 5 months ago

Any snacks added to that 1200 calorie total?

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