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TOP 10 Foods To Avoid To LOSE WEIGHT
Erik Richardson D.O.

Erik Richardson D.O.

Published on 1 year ago

In this video we will go over the most common foods that can get you in trouble when you are trying to lose weight. It doesn't matter what diet plan you are on, if you are eating these foods you are going to struggle.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive look on what lifestyle changes you can make check out this video: https://vidio.asia/watch/h1i3rT-MuTo

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Comments :

Veielle R Tisbe

Veielle R Tisbe . 2 days ago

Can i just drink normal water or i need to add a lemon?


ZODAK BLACK . 3 days ago

Dude I don't even eat those things I only eat rice or dumplings no juice only drink water and I lift weights then I go stretch and then I drink water so I can stretch my neck so I can have a deeper voice and lifting weights also make ur voice deeper I'm literally not eating none only yesterday I ate fries I only eat fast food one's in a month an I don't lose weight tf is wrong with me dude

Help _

Help _ . 4 days ago

Hi Help Here, if U don't know about keto foods now would be a very! Good time to try these Healthy book recipes instructions: [in my photo, Then "ABOUT" right next to "CHANNELS"] That's it !~ Enjoy~


Die . 6 days ago

I’m 10 and I weigh 120 pound I’m also really insecure I have been trying to lose weight but I’m not able to stop eating I don’t eat many sweets I just can’t stop eating though

Bryan Shiley

Bryan Shiley . 1 week ago

Sweets and Fry foods I have been drinking flavored sparkling water with no sugars to replace soda

Love Andersson

Love Andersson . 1 week ago

So nothing about calorie deficit? just the insulin spike theory? Very bad educated... I hope you have learned more today so you don't mislead all your followers..


SainteAngelo . 1 week ago

What about 100% fruit juice with added fiber, such as flax seed or chia seed?

max marrero

max marrero . 2 weeks ago

wanna lose weight. EAT LESS. is that's a nightmare for you? smoke that truth in a pipe. 😂😂

Carla C

Carla C . 2 weeks ago

Me watching this while eating a donut

You set my soul alive

You set my soul alive . 2 weeks ago

I am actually lucky because of my tastes. I don't like sugary foods like: Ice Cream, Chocolate bars or any chocolates, and I don't like fruit juice. The things I only eat here in the list is Potato Chips and Fries 🍟

Nusrat Ruhi

Nusrat Ruhi . 3 weeks ago

Your advice are great😊💘

Jean Lee

Jean Lee . 3 weeks ago

I don’t eat any of those food but I still gain weight

Janice Howard

Janice Howard . 3 weeks ago

Cookies, cakes, and candy is my biggest struggle 😩 and also chips and French fries

Naxariis Ibra

Naxariis Ibra . 4 weeks ago



mehar . 4 weeks ago

Love form India


Beno . 1 month ago

Huh I like it how I never ate and hate ice cream candy and recently soda and I’m still chunky :) (I guess carona)

Knatehleigh Asbill

Knatehleigh Asbill . 1 month ago

So is it safe for any age like let's say 11


Uhm . 1 month ago

Are Ritz crackers unhealthy? Someone answer please 😊

Sophia Plays

Sophia Plays . 1 month ago

I’m so insecure about myself


CaptainYuvi . 1 month ago

Ty now I will no longer look like a broomstick

Sebastian Michaeli's

Sebastian Michaeli's . 1 month ago

Candy is going to be my biggest challenge cus I just went to this event at my school and I got hella candy and my mom making a whole 5 stars meal

Easy Diettt

Easy Diettt . 1 month ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epMnNUapebo&list=PLII5D43HFuQaShq8wH34f2FCB3SEih94H&index=1 Easiest way to lose weight. Motivational - Nutrition - E-book. Based on the years of studying food and nutrients resulted in simple food-philosophy. Easy Way, My Way. Macronutrients have different speed of processing. Using a rational strategy is build the concept to prioritize slow speed foods in the first part of the day in order to have time and become part of energy used during the day. Fast speed foods will be consumed in the last part of the day, providing fast satiety and low calories.

Josh Wolfbane

Josh Wolfbane . 1 month ago

Hoe can I stop Eating when I am in bed all I have is chocolate and bag off chips and have packed

Begümhan Osolemio Özışık

Begümhan Osolemio Özışık . 1 month ago

Can we make these things at home by ourself and like make it healthier for example pizza


MAGICAL-playz-_- . 1 month ago

Me rn eating potato chips 😩

Business Millionaire

Business Millionaire . 1 month ago

I hope this doctor has a 8 pack

Promise Reachers

Promise Reachers . 2 months ago

Thank you so much for posting this. This is really great advice. I’m more than willing to keep learning from you.


SplurgePlay . 2 months ago

no soda or juice sooooooooooooooooo water :/

panayihollie Hover

panayihollie Hover . 2 months ago

Great list, I'll try to avoid these for sure! I never had problems with my could eat whatever I wanted and still maintain a norm

Leah Walls

Leah Walls . 2 months ago

Can’t spell chips without hips 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼


friday . 2 months ago

All of the things such as in my fridge or not even healthy

Katie K

Katie K . 2 months ago

If we are avoiding fad diets but need to lose weight shouldn’t we be trying NOT to avoid any kind of food? And just learn portion control? By doing this the calorie deficit will cause weight loss.


maixkei . 2 months ago

Good thing I don’t eat white bread


CUT THE FAT . 2 months ago

I trust this guy. He seems smart.

Lyla Martel

Lyla Martel . 2 months ago

you completely roasted my Starbucks order

Moon Knight

Moon Knight . 2 months ago

Should have called this video, goodbye happiness.

Vincent Delorme

Vincent Delorme . 2 months ago

Thank you for the information. Small suggestion- take some deep breaths before you record. You're running out of air due to nervousness. Meditate, slow down, and breathe.

Safiya Coyett

Safiya Coyett . 2 months ago

I drink coffee without sugar can I get away with that


Ivuria . 2 months ago

Does Gatorade count?

Remington Evanz

Remington Evanz . 2 months ago

what about pasta??

Emily E

Emily E . 2 months ago

It's an interesting stereotype that some people think skinny people never eat, pizza, soda, candy, cake, or ice cream ever. This is false. Skinny people don't deprive themselves of food they love. They eat healthy food as a lifestyle, decent portions without over doing it, and they enjoy what they eat and these foods in moderation. They also don't eat these foods everyday nor do they eat them in large amounts. Moderation is key. Sure, avoiding these foods can take off the pounds but we don't have to avoid them for the rest of our lives

Trey plays Roblox and edits music

Trey plays Roblox and edits music . 2 months ago

I eat pizza like it or not hm


YOU SSH . 2 months ago

Pizza, pastries and icecream. Damn.


XeRo_BeAsTy . 2 months ago

Oh my god no way, I've been eating with white bread for lunch everyday.. Ive been exercising for a while now, I haven't see much progress now I noticed... I knew it had to do something with that

Zander Amparo

Zander Amparo . 2 months ago

Thank you doc verry informative godbless


karatefella . 2 months ago

We know that FRIED chips (as we call French Fries in the UK) are bad, but what about chips you cook in the oven ?

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Get your Free Abortion Money, America: ONLY HOES . 2 months ago

You’re not a real doctor just in case if you don’t know that I’m telling you all right now.

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Get your Free Abortion Money, America: ONLY HOES . 2 months ago

Go write a book for people to actually “behold.”

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