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In this 1-day meal plan, healthy meals and snacks combine for a delicious day of eating to help lower cholesterol. You'll find tasty foods like oatmeal, nuts, beans and plenty of fruits and veggies.

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GreasyGoblin . 1 month ago

nvm i'll just kms


G M . 2 months ago

Now for the rest of the week.


livelovelaugh . 2 months ago

This video was too short. I would have like to see othet food options.


chene . 3 months ago

1200 kcals fills not even a toddler up… yeah imma need double the portions

Rolando Garza

Rolando Garza . 3 months ago

Fuck is rather die young

Vinay kumar

Vinay kumar . 3 months ago

nice information agar hum is diet k sath sath planet ayurveda k gugulipid capsules use karty hain toh hum apni cholesterol ke probelm ko bhout jldi thek kr skty hain


S L . 4 months ago

Gods below....I'd be hungry all day. For most of us that are overweight with high cholesterol, this is not a feasible eating plan. The foods are fine....the amounts are not.

Archie Wise

Archie Wise . 4 months ago

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Mason Swanson

Mason Swanson . 4 months ago

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Ellen Casey

Ellen Casey . 4 months ago

My mate laughed when I told them I was going to become slimmer with just implementing Okibetonic Secrets, but after I showed them incredible results after I used it they're begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won't tell them the detail about this diet plan, lol

Qiana Long

Qiana Long . 5 months ago

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Jamil Laroscain

Jamil Laroscain . 5 months ago

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khabib Videos

khabib Videos . 6 months ago

Fck of


Be1smaht . 7 months ago

Yes but where is the food for humans?

Stephanie Salguero

Stephanie Salguero . 7 months ago

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bellydancerocks321 . 7 months ago

Why can’t people make a video without the loud, silly, childish music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leona Andreea

Leona Andreea . 8 months ago

I've found out I need to watch my cholesterol but this diet really makes me think I'll be hungry all day :( update: I just took another blood test and I am waiting for the result - it is for a different purpose, but hopefully the level of cholesterol will show up to see whether it's better. I haven't been 100% careful with my diet, however I have tried to lower the amount of cheese, butter and overall super fat food, by checking the level of saturated fats on the labels. I have taken vitamin B12, D3 and Fish Oil daily and I CAN SEE SIGNIFICANT results in the way I feel. I used to feel TIRED ALL THE TIME, now I barely take a nap and wake up at 7 and go to sleep at 23. I swear I NEVER thought that this will be me.. I have tried to exercise and introduce in my diet elements that lower the cholesterol that before I didn't use: avocado, celery, vegetables in general, cream soups, orange juice, etc. When I am telling you that it is so worth to do all these..Try it yourself!

Lloyd Ronquillo

Lloyd Ronquillo . 9 months ago

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Przybyłem Z Daleka

Przybyłem Z Daleka . 10 months ago

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Heath Stanley

Heath Stanley . 10 months ago

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Lauren . 10 months ago

I guess this is fine if you’re mostly sedentary

Person Incognito

Person Incognito . 10 months ago

Looks good

Yaakov Echemendia

Yaakov Echemendia . 10 months ago

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Hammy Jellison

Hammy Jellison . 1 year ago

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Roccy terolpa

Roccy terolpa . 1 year ago

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Valerie Chapman

Valerie Chapman . 1 year ago

Yeah... that's going to keep you hungry

David Plymel

David Plymel . 1 year ago

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Jane Logan

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Gerardo Greene

Gerardo Greene . 1 year ago

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Jeremy Brennan

Jeremy Brennan . 1 year ago

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My husband got his blood chem lab results out last Wednesday and we need to adjust everything.. We need a healthy and budget friendly meal plan. Thanks for this! ☺️

Chris Saravia

Chris Saravia . 1 year ago

I just found out I have high cholesterol so I’m trying to change my diet lol that’s why I’m here

Devorah Hopkins

Devorah Hopkins . 1 year ago

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Jacob Lee

Jacob Lee . 1 year ago

This diet sucks

Clayton Russell

Clayton Russell . 1 year ago

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BlogVinz . 1 year ago

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Ronald Baile

Ronald Baile . 1 year ago

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Cinthia Nisha

Cinthia Nisha . 1 year ago

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Ima English

Ima English . 1 year ago

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William Owens

William Owens . 1 year ago

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LabwaMiau . 1 year ago

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William Owens

William Owens . 1 year ago

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Filippo2FM . 1 year ago

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Tow Doctor

Tow Doctor . 2 years ago

Well it looks gross

Margaret Wood

Margaret Wood . 2 years ago

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Margaret Wood

Margaret Wood . 2 years ago

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lucy Watson

lucy Watson . 2 years ago

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Pierson Linda

Pierson Linda . 2 years ago

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lucy Watson

lucy Watson . 2 years ago

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William Owens

William Owens . 2 years ago

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