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Cholesterol Diet: Foods That You Should Eat | Fit Tak
Fit Tak

Fit Tak

Published on 2 years ago

High cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease and is very harmful for your overall health. Watch this video to know what exactly you should eat to avoid cholesterol.

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Fit Tak

Fit Tak . 2 years ago

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Rupal Kanani

Rupal Kanani . 1 week ago

Thank u so much for very important msg for cholesterol.... before 5 days my husband's report come...he has 382 cholesterol ...I'm giving kali jiri+ Ajwain+ Taj = Powders in mor empty stomach...is it ok👍 or Not pz let me know...thank you 🙏

manjit sanghera

manjit sanghera . 3 weeks ago

Thanks mam guidelines for me


NEHA DUGAR . 1 month ago

Very useful information Ma’am thanks 🙏

Tazeen Sayyed

Tazeen Sayyed . 2 months ago

100gm methi 50 gm ajwain 25gm kaali jeeri

Tazeen Sayyed

Tazeen Sayyed . 2 months ago

1. Garlic 2. Whole grain 3. Soyabean 4. Nuts 5. Flax seeds 6. Ginger 7. Turmeric 8. Ghee(cow)

Rishabh Mishra

Rishabh Mishra . 2 months ago

Hi, I am also suffering from this disease and taking many allopathy medicine but not get relief permanently. due to this disease my BP also increasing, than I start taking treatment form plant ayurveda medical center in mohali, now I am fine and my cholesterol level becomes normal in range.

Pixel chicks

Pixel chicks . 2 months ago

Thanks doctor , My dad has 197 mg/dL cholesterol , I am here to make a perfect diet plan for my family.😊🌻 Because I am my dad's little princess and Angel of my family.


vishhh . 2 months ago

Mam u r saying ki dry fruits bad cholestrol kam krte h... Maine AIIMS k cardiology head ki video dekhi.. He said it dry fruits increases cholestrol level Ab kiski maane bhyii😞😞

Test Tickle

Test Tickle . 2 months ago

Tight hai... jakasss 🤞👌

Shahwar Khan

Shahwar Khan . 2 months ago

Mujhe uric acid .thyroid or pitti hai sharir mai kya mai ye sab lu??


SuperBolBam . 2 months ago

Thank you for the information. What quantity of the Methi, Kalajeera, Ajwain mix powder should one take?

Zafar Shakil

Zafar Shakil . 2 months ago

Thank you so very much for your concern and generosity on helping humanity with such a wonderful information on health care. I really appreciate your concern, Almighty Lord Bless you......

Muhammad Saleem

Muhammad Saleem . 2 months ago

So beautiful doctor...i'm 100% sure my cholestrol level will definitely decrease and become normal after watching you doctor...!

Sana Begam

Sana Begam . 2 months ago


Hadiza Adamu

Hadiza Adamu . 2 months ago

I want to personally take my time out to thank Dr Igudia who I came across on his YouTube channel in curing my Diabetes disease with his herbal medicine.


mitash . 2 months ago

Hello 👋 mis gupta

Pardeep Chopra

Pardeep Chopra . 2 months ago

If you want to get your cholesterol to normal range then you should try a heart care pack of planet Ayurveda.This is a good and effective combination of pure herbal medicines which has no side effects.thanks to them,

Florine Dsouza

Florine Dsouza . 2 months ago

Thank you ❤️ God bless you

nurul alam

nurul alam . 3 months ago

Gerlic good, For Allergie not good. Also all 🥜 are Allergies

Parmjeet Kaur

Parmjeet Kaur . 3 months ago

Thanks Mam

Anita Nichani

Anita Nichani . 3 months ago

Thank you so much

Pratima yadav Yadav

Pratima yadav Yadav . 3 months ago

Super video ,its very very useful for my mother in law's thank u soo much mam

Nii-Chan's Ambitions

Nii-Chan's Ambitions . 3 months ago

Thank you so much really good video

Sunil Karkada

Sunil Karkada . 3 months ago

Truly wonderful message to us.. thanks

Julian Hernandez

Julian Hernandez . 3 months ago

It´s difficult to understand what she says


LORDZ MUSIC ♪ . 3 months ago

Mam chapatti kha sakte hai?

Kuldeep Kaur

Kuldeep Kaur . 4 months ago

Mam jinko third ho vo soya NHI le skty to kya kre


pUsPA JoSHi . 4 months ago

Thank you madam

The Social Commenter

The Social Commenter . 4 months ago

Thanks Fit Tak Vandana jee. Thanks for excellent information it's very helpful 🙏

mahita Edupuganti

mahita Edupuganti . 4 months ago

About HDl and ldl defination you thought very nicely .now what to eat iavoid if we have bad Cholesterol also explained thanks lotDr .madam.....


SAHA FALU . 4 months ago


Rekha Bisht

Rekha Bisht . 4 months ago

Thanks 😊🙏👌❣️

Umair Nouman

Umair Nouman . 4 months ago

Miss Please your nails are beautiful please grow longer

Tanya Suggs

Tanya Suggs . 4 months ago

Thank you. Is it ok to eat vegan or organic vegan desserts and food if you’re trying to decrease cholesterol

Great alaxander

Great alaxander . 5 months ago

Apko chahiye k pura he English language ka use kare ya fir Urdu ya Hindi ka intekhab kare,chizo k name English me or bat Urdu me karti ho pagal ho

Shivani Chhabra

Shivani Chhabra . 5 months ago

nice information agar hum is diet k sath sath planet ayurveda k gugulipid capsules use karty hain toh hum apni cholesterol ke probelm ko bhout jldi thek kr skty hain

Narsip Kaur

Narsip Kaur . 5 months ago

I can't take fresh garlic it causes burning of stomach

Rahmath Ali Khan

Rahmath Ali Khan . 5 months ago

But nuts is triglyceride

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali . 5 months ago


SKC Bœn¡t'à

SKC Bœn¡t'à . 5 months ago


Arvinder Kaur

Arvinder Kaur . 5 months ago

Very informative . Thanks mam 🌹

Tarun Chauhan

Tarun Chauhan . 5 months ago

thanku for your video My uncle didn't want to take any allopathic medicines for the treatment of his cholesterol.Then he ordered a Heart Care pack of planet Ayurveda and now he is fine. This is a pack made up of pure herbal medicines.

C j

C j . 5 months ago

I don't know what' you saying but flax seed are good for men who manhood don't stand. ask them to try then thanks me later.

Manju Rastogi Sawarnkar

Manju Rastogi Sawarnkar . 5 months ago

बहुत अच्छी जानकारी दी। बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद


Sweta . 6 months ago

Is it the same to lower triglycerides?please reply

Mavis Demas

Mavis Demas . 6 months ago

I read lots of people keep on talking about Okibetonic Secrets. But Im not sure if it's good. Have you ever tried using this popular fat burn methods?

Siddique Chattun

Siddique Chattun . 6 months ago


Sarwat Mansoor

Sarwat Mansoor . 6 months ago

Hairs may liya koi totaka bata dayn

Hussein Shaaban

Hussein Shaaban . 6 months ago

So misleading title in English but she speaks in Indian

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