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Pixar Stop Making Your Characters Look Like Me
2 Danny 2 Furious

2 Danny 2 Furious

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Comments :

2 Danny 2 Furious

2 Danny 2 Furious . 2 weeks ago

my dog scratched my face that's why it looks like that

Bailey Brautigan

Bailey Brautigan . 3 hours ago

Omg please try the new beach plum flavor La Croix imo it’s pretty good

Nyanna Ross

Nyanna Ross . 3 hours ago

7:10 That's because the subreddit isn't about you Danny. Gosh. They're talking about you, not to you. Obviously 7:27 I'm scared


Maddie . 4 hours ago

I really love the sweater Danny is wearing here and I need to know where it’s from! 😭 it looks so cozy please let me know the brand Danny!!

leiana carrasco

leiana carrasco . 8 hours ago

Bruh release the sponge-bob one, shit was bussin

Bo Baybee

Bo Baybee . 9 hours ago

im half of the views on “im gonna kill santa claus”

help, let me go

help, let me go . 9 hours ago

ok now i need to rewatch the gooby vid!!


Ace . 9 hours ago

Danny Starred in a lot of movies, he’s such a great actor. And with Lightyear coming out soon I can’t wait to see Danny


L0on3y . 10 hours ago

the i like greg will give me nightmares el o el

Kaili Olmstead

Kaili Olmstead . 13 hours ago

someone said kurtis isn’t attractive??????!!!!!!!???????!?!?!!?!??!!!!

Kaili Olmstead

Kaili Olmstead . 13 hours ago

the thanksgiving description was so cute


Edgeworth99 . 14 hours ago

That "driving in the snow" video has real big WKUK vibes

frouke jansen

frouke jansen . 17 hours ago

u should make a vid about the 3 millionaires love me or sumn like that from my story animated its good


PixelPlanet . 17 hours ago

alpha greg gang

Purple Cat

Purple Cat . 22 hours ago

It’s good to know that Danny also goes back to watch the Gooby video every once and a while. Because I love that video and do the same!


tris . 23 hours ago



avery . 1 day ago

ur hair and ur sweater look so nice in this photos

Courtney Eichwald

Courtney Eichwald . 1 day ago

The ad was so jarring

lindsay ann

lindsay ann . 1 day ago

I hate how conventionally attractive Danny is to me. Okay let's never talk about this again it's awkward lmao.


TXTs_Shared_Braincell . 1 day ago

Danny, I finally tried lacroix for the first time since I knew that you loved them and I took one drink and I came to the conclusion that it tastes like bitter water. Never again.


uglyboi . 1 day ago


Chloe Higginbottom

Chloe Higginbottom . 1 day ago

so no one understands the joke in the little cactus comment-?

Lydia Hamblin

Lydia Hamblin . 1 day ago

Nutcracker is haunted.

Epic Sniper

Epic Sniper . 1 day ago

Bubly is better

Jake Tolbert

Jake Tolbert . 1 day ago

Please publish the spongebob remix the world needs it


M D . 2 days ago

had a shitty day but this video made me laugh, thank you danny❤

Dorothy Hicks

Dorothy Hicks . 2 days ago

Today I learned I'm a gregma female. Who knew?

Bastian Holley

Bastian Holley . 2 days ago

call the police he has nutcrackers in his basement

srihi surapaneni

srihi surapaneni . 2 days ago

i missed the wackier second channel

Danielle Rounds

Danielle Rounds . 2 days ago

Most fans that get distracted by something in your video will rewatch it so you’ll just get even more views lol💕

Danielle Rounds

Danielle Rounds . 2 days ago

Omg ive always been a ‘Gregma-male’ according to that description, all of it is spot on. 🎯 I absolutely apologize whenever ANYTHING goes wrong even if I’m the one who gets wronged lol🥺 & I legitimately couldn’t have worse social anxiety. #GregmaMale 😅

Lola Hunter

Lola Hunter . 2 days ago

i thought you had a little french mustache


Thetruemando . 2 days ago

I looked at the picture for this video and didn’t realize anything was wrong until I read the title


Kai . 2 days ago

Omg pls a tutorial on how to be a gregma


demonkiller8 . 2 days ago

3:37 Imagine getting payed to stand somewhere


adrhino . 2 days ago

have we also acknowledged he looks like inside out dad minus the stache

Richard Dickens

Richard Dickens . 2 days ago

Lol I always thought it was pause not paws and I never realized you thought otherwise 😂


natetheok . 2 days ago

don't you mean doppelgregor?


XtremerSadiq . 2 days ago

finish November1


me . 2 days ago

PLEASE finish november 1st holy shit

Valerie Zahn

Valerie Zahn . 2 days ago

Make more music videos!

Soul Eye

Soul Eye . 2 days ago

I am not gonna lie I didn't think that the thumbnail was edited till I looked at it againa

Nairoby Bravo

Nairoby Bravo . 2 days ago

Wait are we allowed to comment on how attractive brother Danny is in this comment section?

Cole DeSantis

Cole DeSantis . 2 days ago

Release that god damn spongebob song now wtf that’s perfect

Elfine Kasteel von Recklinghausen

Elfine Kasteel von Recklinghausen . 2 days ago

That remix is actually good

Elfine Kasteel von Recklinghausen

Elfine Kasteel von Recklinghausen . 2 days ago

Well ... He is kinda cute

Brianna Narr

Brianna Narr . 2 days ago

Whoever said Kurtis isn't attractive, ummmm I think not, he has a pretty sick mullet

Juliana Røss

Juliana Røss . 2 days ago

yeah danny ur actually very attractive but most of us don’t mention it bc were the fastest growing army on youtube

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