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Summoner Changes | FFXIV Endwalker Media Tour


Published on 2 weeks ago

Endwalker Media Tour Playlist ► https://vidio.asia/watch/cNG1QNQPlNE
I'm making a game! ► https://twitter.com/NotOnlyNine
Summoner Thoughts ► https://vidio.asia/watch/-uk-4VaET6A
Summoner Dungeon gameplay ► https://vidio.asia/watch/QwAQuSsRK_c


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Larryzaur . 2 weeks ago

Endwalker Media Tour Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNG1QNQPlNE&list=PLkVi8X_8kdd7i-AmsbFGhlc__HqSEn8cR Also Note: I tried glamouring Egi's but it didn't work in this media tour build. Also Physick is still useless!


Liun . 15 hours ago

True, Gemshine Impact wouldn't exist without summons

Beyond Omega

Beyond Omega . 16 hours ago

How about Leviathan?


Shinderu . 18 hours ago

Is summon Bahamut and summon Phoenix now 15 seconds or 20 seconds? In the job gauge it was 15 but the Tooltip says that bow have 20 Seconds.I am very confused right now:/


TomboyMJR . 21 hours ago

AAAAHHHHHHH FINALLY I’m so glad they upped our heals, our heals were so bloody petty I stopped using it and made up for it with extra dodges.

Kerwyn Brat

Kerwyn Brat . 1 day ago

Oh man I am desperately trying to learn sum and I am just 72 now going OMG this trance to that then to that but do that and keep that up and dot that but then do that before trance ends then sum the big guy and do this and this but then that but then do that before big guy goes away and then rinse. HOWEVER, out in the world none of my stuff comes off cd fast enough to maintain the rotation as suggested (gear prolly) but HOLY SMOKES this looks fun

le seigneur du malin

le seigneur du malin . 2 days ago

the ruin III damage is the same than astral impulse that wierd, SMN had always the pet potency penality ? Garuda slipstream is 430 potency too but deal 1200 dmg ??? I know everthing will change specialy the potency, but in the actual paper the summoner is a little bit weak .


Ghost . 2 days ago

Noticed tri-disaster didn’t have dots on it… then looked at your quick bar and there’s no more bio and miasma 😳


RainingGaming . 3 days ago

Looks like it’s time hang up the great sword and pick up the book


ffxivYajika . 3 days ago

I always had a very big love and appreciation for Summoner, but pre Endwalker Summoner was just way too complex for me. It didn't feel like a Summoner as well. But now with endwalker, I actually become a Summoner Main. This is what I was waiting for.


gia . 4 days ago

scholar makes you walk fast :D


Phostings1 . 4 days ago

I Will say this! ALL JOBS SHOULD BE LIKE THIS! ALL JOBS! This is brilliant!


Ares . 4 days ago

Baaa enz 4:55


Varia . 4 days ago

So we’re extremely mobile. Summoner, adjust!

Michael M

Michael M . 4 days ago

I've always argued that coming from previous final fantasy games with like Luna summoning yojimbo, valefor, bahamut, etc. Having the summoner in this game summon little ugly baby Egis (and let's be honest, almost exclusively ifrit) and having a major part of your kit being dots while you wait for your actual cool summons felt really disjointed and missing the potential of the class. Now that they've changed it like this I think it looks like what it's meant to be. For those players who enjoyed the dot management of the class, I'd highly recommend migrating to bard. I'd even argue that it does dots better given the interaction with your songs, it's less of a "set it and forget it" attitude with your dots. All I wish for is a way to spread the dots but we can only dream


WildRoseXIV . 4 days ago

Smn main I'm so happy that we r now a summoners


Merletastic . 5 days ago

It looks so cool, but... I went Summoner in the first place because I love DoTs...


omegagilgamesh . 5 days ago

First, this actually makes me want to PLAY as a Summoner, not just level it up (gotta get that Amaro mount). Second, I'm hoping in FFXVII, "summoning" will involve melding with the summon to become a hybrid, like with Garuda or Valefor we get wings and limited flight, Ifrit we not only exude flames from our bodies but also set nearby enemies on fires (for small DOT damage), Titan gives us armor of stone, and while our attacks are slow they will interrupt enemy actions or even send smaller enemies flying away. And finally, with Bahamut you float, and you float to where ever you move with your arms crossed like FFX Bahamut, and you just send beams out to rain destruction down on areas you choose within range and end it all with a massive line AOE. A guy can dream.

Daleon Williams

Daleon Williams . 5 days ago

Fuggin! Gimme!

Snuggly Python

Snuggly Python . 5 days ago

Do we know how many stacks of R4 we can have? Is it still just 4?


Hornswroggle . 6 days ago

I am just SO happy that I actually get to use Earthen Fury while screaming *"BOW DOWN OVERDWELLER"* at the top of my lungs

Silvan Homborg

Silvan Homborg . 6 days ago

I just want to clap clap clap. Awesome stuff. Cant wait.

Melvin PP

Melvin PP . 6 days ago

I already can't see the boss during fights, the effects are getting bigger and bigger. I know I can switch them off, but I want to see everything!


uglymand . 6 days ago

but did they fix physick so it heals for more than 200hp?

Marshtomp 1662

Marshtomp 1662 . 6 days ago

I just realized akh morn and revelation fire off instantly now, that’s so nice

Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson . 6 days ago

Man I'm just now trying to get into ff14. And planned on trying summoner. Then I saw it was gonna go through an overhaul, I got depressed, but after seeing it in action and everyone else's reactions now I'm excited!


RYNO 4EVER . 6 days ago

Very nice if Square to sponsor you considering you were going to make this video either way.

Anderson Baeta

Anderson Baeta . 7 days ago

Was you able to see the materia stats nerfs? Please say something about that...


Red-chan . 7 days ago

Uh maybe i will level a summoner in endwalker :3 looks like fun

someone you might know

someone you might know . 7 days ago

I'm already amazed by the square enix collab this is awesome


Dalavine . 1 week ago

I think I'm glad my Summoner isn't even 20 yet! Can't wait to level up this new Summoner! Never liked old one.


Bladescorpion83 . 1 week ago

Smn: I can die from Rushing in. Rdm: I can die from jumping back. Blm: I can die from standing still.

Disco Dave

Disco Dave . 1 week ago

So wait, no more DoTs? Is this what they’re saying?


StrayThreads . 1 week ago

It took only 4 viewings of this video for me to finally get that Earthen Armor has become Radiant Aegis and will no longer require swapping from damage-Egi to Titan-Egi. My hotbars are going to get so vacant...

After FX

After FX . 1 week ago

ARE WE GONNA GET SHIVA/LEVY, and Ramuh at some point,,,, they still count as elemental primal


Vayshen . 1 week ago

Thanks for this vid, makes it a lot easier to understand how it'll work and if I'll like it or not...and I think I will absolutely love it!

Mathisson King

Mathisson King . 1 week ago

My fave class finally got the respect it was lacking since 2.0, first expansion to come out where it 'probably' aint getting a nerf to damage, and now we have proper summoning. Looks like psysick is still worthless though.


BreakTheCode . 1 week ago

Finnaly I hated the egi system. Summons felt weak bahamut and Phoenix were the only good feeling summons

Christian Boustani

Christian Boustani . 1 week ago

I wish we got Shiva, Ramuh and Alexander. It would have been cool to have new summons, especially since the pet class aspect is completely gone.

Ramy Farah

Ramy Farah . 1 week ago

The only thing that still irks me is those weird arrow graphics that pop up when you summon. Why can't it just be the light from the book WHY THOSE ARROWS AHHHHH


Octagon . 1 week ago

too good - -"

Right Wing

Right Wing . 1 week ago

You had me at Ruin III cast time. Seriously, the most fun I've had with a caster's primary is AST because it needed that window to weave cards and other OGCDs. Giving that to the other healers and SMN has me frothing at the mouth for all the fun I'm going to have with it.

Captain Sarina

Captain Sarina . 1 week ago

The mages really got the favourite child love with these patch changes huh?

trapped soul

trapped soul . 1 week ago

looks fancy but meh


G G . 1 week ago

I’m excited to play it. November could not arrived sooner.


Getsugaru . 1 week ago

Still waiting for the previously promised Ramuh and Leviathan (and hoping for Shiva to round it out). I look forward to the lore explanation for suddenly being able to summon proper versions of Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda, as well as how they try to continue justifying only those three of the six elemental primals. EDIT: Also, we should really be closing the book for Crimson Strike. Closed books slamming spine first into your head hurt more than open books slamming spine first.

Disco Dave

Disco Dave . 1 week ago

As a sum main since the beginning i have to say..Its so beautiful 🥲 might have to resub


Dreemstate . 1 week ago

ya know, I've been a black mage main for 10 years, and finally going mele main in Endwalker cause Reaper. during STB I was off an on switching to Summoner, and same with with SHB. and now summoner is even closer to 11s version and now I'm questioning life choices lol

T'Moon Legend

T'Moon Legend . 1 week ago

I wonder if they will change the summoner job questline to fit in line with the rest of the job since you won't be doing pets anymore

Dare H

Dare H . 1 week ago

This is what I wanted in the beginning. Ugh now I have to level summoner again

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