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Salt Water Flush (Master Cleanse Diet) | Lose 5 KGS In 1 Day


Published on 3 years ago

Salt Water Flush (Master Cleanse Diet) - Lose 10 LBS In 1 Day | How to Lose Weight 5 Kg in 1 day or 10 Lbs in a day | Salt Water Flush for Weight Loss. This salt water flush cleanse will help you lose 10 lbs in a day and clean your colon naturally at home. Lose 5kgs in 1 day with this Master Cleanse Recipe / Salt Water Cleanse.
Lose 10 Pounds In A Day | Sea Salt Flush | Master Cleanse Recipe | Colon Cleanse At Home Naturally
Watch in English https://vidio.asia/watch/j69R1oAq1a4

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Do's and Don'ts as well as who can have and who should avoid this flush has been explained clearly so please watch the video carefully.
PS: Please follow at your own discretion (Weak/faint-hearted may not follow)
Himalayan Pink Salt Video : https://vidio.asia/watch/mmDBS0Npqz8
How To Make Sole Video : https://vidio.asia/watch/atBjBlltnm8
Maintenance Diet Plan : https://vidio.asia/watch/_0yJ48Ncrw8

This recipe will help flush excess water weight from the body. Please follow the instructions carefully and choose the right product for it to work.
1 litre water needs to be consumed in 1 sitting and then do not drink or eat anything for the next 8 hours. Only Non Iodized Himalayan or Sea Salt would do the trick. If you have puked, that means it hasn't worked hence will not show results. You may do this another time.
Spirulina Shake : https://vidio.asia/watch/PCbp5MDSmN0
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Flat Belly Drink : https://vidio.asia/watch/tBtZO-KLFak

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Comments :

akshata phuge

akshata phuge . 3 years ago

Its workkkkkkk i lost 4 kg omg its really good aur koi side effect bhi nahi hua

Daisy Law

Daisy Law . 2 weeks ago

The way She speaks makes me so calm and Relaxe😍💖 love you💜

Lesieli Ng Lam

Lesieli Ng Lam . 3 weeks ago

Currently doing this. Started an hour ago and went to the loo 2x already. Weighed myself and already lost 1KG Update, went loo again and lost another kg 😩

Chanzae Khan

Chanzae Khan . 3 weeks ago

There was not needed of showing flush system of commode

rama krishna

rama krishna . 1 month ago

I had pcod problem can I use it

Manisha Chougule

Manisha Chougule . 1 month ago

Without iodine salt link dijiye

Margarette Leonor Tatulo

Margarette Leonor Tatulo . 1 month ago

I'll try this tomorrow..m

Pratiksha Pateriya

Pratiksha Pateriya . 2 months ago

Can we use sendha namak

Honey Karlupia

Honey Karlupia . 2 months ago

It really works thnks to u mam muje bloatmeal and water retention rehta tha bhut today i tried this and got amazing result.... Body bht fresh ho gyi...... Thnx to u mam......


SWAPNA WANKHADE . 2 months ago

I can use rock salt ya sendha namak

mona naveed

mona naveed . 3 months ago

Salt ko sieve Ker dena hy??

My vids

My vids . 3 months ago

Kya 8 ghanty tak sada pani b nhi lena?

Yogender Singh

Yogender Singh . 3 months ago

Can we drink normal water after taking this colon cleansing drink?


Aleena . 3 months ago

Can i use ( sendha namak) black salt as a alternative??


DARSHIKA ❤️ . 3 months ago

Hello mam can I have this water at evening time..

03. Keya

03. Keya . 3 months ago

PCOD patients can eat Himalayan pink salt

Deepanshi Maheshwari

Deepanshi Maheshwari . 3 months ago

Sendha namak Or rock salt will work


learnhub . 3 months ago

Mam I lost 7 kg omg

Laxmi Priya Kar

Laxmi Priya Kar . 3 months ago

My belly is a pumpkin so i wanted to thier

Sindhu Behara

Sindhu Behara . 4 months ago

Can I drink 🍸this after dinner??? Please reply 🙏 sister

Mahnoor Wadood

Mahnoor Wadood . 4 months ago

Hello vicky… can we use dragon himalayan pink salt instead of shan pink salt?

Nikeeta Ssharma

Nikeeta Ssharma . 4 months ago

Can i use puro healthy salt…?

Khadija Qaisar Hunjra Khadija Qaisar Hunjra

Khadija Qaisar Hunjra Khadija Qaisar Hunjra . 4 months ago

Kala namak iodine free hota kaya...??

Jyoti Jyoti

Jyoti Jyoti . 4 months ago

Thanks mam aapke Apple deit plan folow krne se maine 3 kg kam kiya

Sanjay Kumar Kar

Sanjay Kumar Kar . 4 months ago

Can we use Tata Rock salt instead of Himalayan rock salt

Life With Franklin

Life With Franklin . 4 months ago

Eat potassium too people!

Islamic Life BD

Islamic Life BD . 4 months ago

Ohho I feel so sick 🤢 Please don't drink 1 letar of Himalayan pink salt water . You can eat half letar of Himalayan pink salt water Only for who can eat half letar of pink salt for going to start drinking first time .😊 I lost 1 kg in 2 hour but I am feeling so sick 😷 that's why I give up.

Maree Badenhorst

Maree Badenhorst . 4 months ago

What's the recipe ? Captions arn't working. Please, How much salt and how much water?

malike modasir khan

malike modasir khan . 4 months ago

can i use it at night

Yamandri Laxmi

Yamandri Laxmi . 5 months ago

This diet can take at night time

Aishwarya Karnawat

Aishwarya Karnawat . 5 months ago

I was feeling very bloated… was not expecting to lose weight by this as lost water weight is gained back within 2-3 days easily… i just wanted to shit nicely 🤣 i had been eating a lot heavy stuff last week This had immediate effect on me.. As soon as i drank it i rushed to the toilet… and let me tell you i’m feeling very light 😍🙃 PS. I didn’t have Himalayan pink salt.. so i used black salt instead.. Do give it a try atleast to relieve constipation This is magic! Thank you so much!

Kiran Latif

Kiran Latif . 5 months ago

That was tough for me.. I just drank the last glass and started vomiting.. how can u ppl hold that in your stomach for so long 😣😣😣

Smita Kamble

Smita Kamble . 5 months ago

It cleans stomach... I already tried... Not sure about weight loss

sushmitha rajendrean

sushmitha rajendrean . 5 months ago

Pcod patients can use this please reply mam


DIVYANAYAK A . 5 months ago

Can we take black salt instead of pink salt?

sanu dura

sanu dura . 5 months ago

Fat loss diet plan receipe tell us plsz

N Karthikeya

N Karthikeya . 5 months ago

Thank you ji

Loving life

Loving life . 6 months ago

Hello everyone.I'm start it now.lets see what will happens with me😊

Sadiq Pasha

Sadiq Pasha . 6 months ago

Good msg madam

Mecs Mcleod

Mecs Mcleod . 6 months ago

So it goes down in the butt, right?

Zakia Parveen

Zakia Parveen . 6 months ago

It,s really work thanks for good information

hamadi manel

hamadi manel . 6 months ago

can I drink water after 30 min !! ifeel thursty

shivaji Maharaj

shivaji Maharaj . 7 months ago

i want to known does it reduces water retention in face

Varsha Bhatt

Varsha Bhatt . 7 months ago

Aapkiii voice bhottt hi Jada soothing hai😅😅❤️

Aditya Upadhyay

Aditya Upadhyay . 7 months ago

Haiii madam apki voice toh bhot pyari hai😍

sachala prasad

sachala prasad . 8 months ago

Can I drink water during the 8 hours??

Jassi Gazi

Jassi Gazi . 8 months ago

Hello vicky lost 2.3kg with this ..🥰🥰

Reshma Usmani

Reshma Usmani . 8 months ago

TATA namak

Aisha Rashid

Aisha Rashid . 8 months ago

POCS HAIN mujhy kia ye mere liye faide man hai ???

Anjushree Hangargekar

Anjushree Hangargekar . 8 months ago

Hii di ye diet mene aaj try kiya but 1 hour bad muze ulti ho gai

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