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10 Home Remedies To Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise


Published on 4 years ago

Belly fat is something no one really wants to have. And if you stand with us, who have something, we have great news. These 10 home remedies will help you get a flat belly without exercise or diet!

All these remedies will also work as an addition to your workout plan, so we don’t encourage you to leave the gym forever, but showing you what you can work even without it. Finally, a very important thing to remember is that there is one thing, which can ruin it all, so you should avoid it. That is not eating hamburgers every day (even though it’s bad, too). That is stress.
When you worry a lot about being too fat, or not seeing any effect of your new diet plan, your body produces stress hormones. They affect your digestive system and bam; it leads to bloating. A stressed body also produces cortisol, which adds a fatty layer to your belly. So, sleep at least seven hours every day, don’t use smoking as a stress reliever and do the things you enjoy. You will love the results!

Drink “flat tummy” lemon water 0:49
Choose cranberry juice over soda 1:54
Add chia seeds to your diet 2:45
Spice up your diet with ginger tea 3:38
Sip green tea to lose belly fat 4:34
Experiment with dandelion tea 5:03
Don’t underestimate the power of cayenne peppers 6:08
Add coconut oil to your diet 6:43
Use cinnamon 7:23
Use garlic to lose belly fat 7:53

- Lemon juice and pulp are rich in vitamin C, pectin fiber, and citric acid. Vitamin C sounds like the most familiar thing on the list, but the other two things are good for you, as well. Lemon can help you speed up the fat burning process and lose weight faster.
- Cranberry juice tastes just as good, if not better, and is a much healthier choice. It is a good source of vitamin C, minerals, antioxidants, and organic acid, which is a digestive enzyme. If you buy it from a store, you will notice many brands of cranberry juice contain sugar.
- Chia seeds are a great source of antioxidants, fiber, protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids. All this makes them a great ally at losing weight. If you don’t use chia seeds in your meals, it is a good time to start doing so.
- Ginger burns fat, makes you feel full and brings down your appetite because it regulates blood sugar.
- Green tea is much more than just hot water with a flavor; it is a powerful detoxifier. Perhaps you didn’t know that it has caffeine in it. Yes, just like coffee. Caffeine is known for its fat burning powers when it is consumed in reasonable amounts.
- Dandelion tea is becoming a more and more popular drink these days, because people find out about its medicinal properties, and they want it. You can use either the leaves or the roots of dandelion to make healthy tea. Infused dandelion leaves help to improve the digestive process and contribute to weight loss.
- Have you ever noticed what effect eating a spicy pepper has on you? Yes, it is hard to ignore. Your body temperature rises, and it goes into cooldown mode. As a result, it burns calories faster.
- Coconut oil smells like heaven and is a superhero when it comes to fat burning. It has a unique combination of fatty acids in it, which is great for your metabolism. Coconut oil in your diet helps you lose abdominal fat.
- Cinnamon has its own ways of helping you lose fat. It is great at controlling blood sugar levels in your body. It also speeds up your metabolism and helps your body use carbohydrates, which would otherwise turn into excess fat. So have it every day when you can.
- We made to the top of our list. Meet garlic. Okay, you have most likely met it before, but you might know it is a miracle food when it comes to burning fat. It suppresses appetite and sends “full” signals to your brain. It increases metabolism by stimulating your nervous system to release the hormone of adrenaline.

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BRIGHT SIDE . 4 years ago

Hey guys! Have you already tried these recipes? Which one works best for you? Btw, if you wanna have a flat stomach, avoid these foods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE18znhORU4

Blue Roblox

Blue Roblox . 1 day ago

Who else gained pounds in the lockdown

Little Hammer

Little Hammer . 4 days ago

Cranberry juice is my favorite drink.


Aimers . 2 weeks ago

I am here who watch this video while eating😂

Anias Truitt

Anias Truitt . 3 weeks ago

Cran berry juice is to bitter

Anias Truitt

Anias Truitt . 3 weeks ago

But don't drink to much because lemon juice very sour and Gastroesophageal reflux


R G . 3 weeks ago


Alana Deputy

Alana Deputy . 4 weeks ago

This plus exercise ☹️🙏😘😘

Jungkook's banana milk

Jungkook's banana milk . 4 weeks ago

Me: I will lose wait I will eat healthy Me after 1 minute proceeds to eat to much 🤣

Shivani Chhabra

Shivani Chhabra . 1 month ago

Thanks for the information .....amazing video .....ma bhi apna weight loose krna chahti thi but bhot koshish kiya but koi fark nhi dikha ab ma yeh exercise try krti hu or sath ma trim support of planet Ayurveda ka use krti taki main jaldi weight loose kar paungi


CUT THE FAT . 2 months ago

only 1% will read this but i hope you have a great day for life

Carrie Anne

Carrie Anne . 2 months ago

This video gives me heartburn ❤️‍🔥

Adhya Pradeep

Adhya Pradeep . 2 months ago

If I drink lemon water…in how many days can I see the results?

Golden Flower

Golden Flower . 2 months ago

And what about soups with cabbage, celery and green peppers ? It's said to be used by air hostesses to help them stay in shape or lose weight in a short time 🤔

hari prasad

hari prasad . 2 months ago

All the couch potatoes be watching this..😆..

Sanjay Ram

Sanjay Ram . 2 months ago

I drank lemon water and became yellow…

Donkay Master

Donkay Master . 2 months ago

its called going to the gym and doing cardio

Dru Ill

Dru Ill . 2 months ago

Here goes bright side with another BS video. I bet this person is 500 lbs just wasting everyone's time and laughing at people's lives piece of chit

Mary Clyde

Mary Clyde . 2 months ago

The fact I have been drinking a lot of cranberry juice without knowing this:D

Barbara Ordonez

Barbara Ordonez . 2 months ago

I love this and I am definitely going to try these remedies.

Joan Emmett

Joan Emmett . 2 months ago

Stop believing What the doctors says that there’s no cure for diabetes, I was recently cured of my Type 2 Diabetes disease with the herbs medication I ordered from Dr Igudia on his YouTube channel

Cherry Lynn

Cherry Lynn . 2 months ago

I get my cranberry juice from aldi and it has only the natural sugar. It is VERY bitter lol you’ve been warned

Tim Yatcak

Tim Yatcak . 3 months ago

Best one intermittent faster and a ketogenic diet


NASA WiFi 📶 . 3 months ago

We need video on home remedies to top the class without studying as we don't have time for it😎


ARMY💜BTS! . 3 months ago

Many of the people who watch these is an ARMY I always notice their names and pic in profile hahaha 😅 I'm also an ARMY 💜🥴 Who else was trying to lose fats because you are the big fan of kpop and you need to be fit to like your idol kpop

baby aien

baby aien . 3 months ago

Add apple cider vinegar 👍

Morefritz Llano

Morefritz Llano . 3 months ago

Thanks for helping me 😊

Aileen Sochon

Aileen Sochon . 3 months ago

Chew 3 or 4 cloves of garlic ????? Did I hear that right? 🤮

Simmi Vlogs

Simmi Vlogs . 3 months ago

why am i watching this 4 years after it was posted

Simmi Vlogs

Simmi Vlogs . 3 months ago

I am trying to have a glow up before school so please tell me if it works or not because i don't want to waste time

Krystal Buchanan

Krystal Buchanan . 3 months ago

The feeble feigned brain supply hover because plot nearly decide during a tested range. teeny-tiny, thin amusement


IeatCupcakes . 3 months ago

0:07 nah, im just lazy

Hi Yal

Hi Yal . 3 months ago

Would lemon juice not from a fresh lemon work? It is from a bottle( not in water) Bit pre squeezed?

Janelle Mejia

Janelle Mejia . 3 months ago

wala kaming lemon chaka ang mahal non

Aarsh Nahar

Aarsh Nahar . 3 months ago

I heard about the Forwago and decided to give it a try. I am more than grateful for the plans which helped me to improve my physical and mental health. Definitely, I would recommend everybody to try it!


CHAPPUS_VLOG . 4 months ago

Super video

Minna Ahmed

Minna Ahmed . 4 months ago

Is it ok if I just have vitamin c

Simrat Pannu

Simrat Pannu . 4 months ago

Legend are watching video on bed

Your birth mother

Your birth mother . 4 months ago

I had a MASSIVE glowup on my face and hair but yknow…. Not the ..belllyyy……


Hikari_Kid . 4 months ago

This video makes me wanna cry

SubtomeIllsubtoyou IPrOMISE

SubtomeIllsubtoyou IPrOMISE . 4 months ago

who else is trying to lose weight for their crush??😚😚😳

Krish A

Krish A . 4 months ago

Watch TELUGU super humans channel weight loss or gain diet naturally at home and free of cost in YouTube. And I already tried too, it works. First why Kolors slimming and beauty fraudulent company turned off their comment section, just think about it.


Tampenismall . 4 months ago

Work night shift

Angus the highland cow

Angus the highland cow . 4 months ago

The fact that I don’t like eating/drinking any of these things on the list

genesis z

genesis z . 4 months ago

i really want to exercise bro but im to shy with my parents

Honey Gaming

Honey Gaming . 4 months ago

2:22 who don't like chia seeds? I don't like 🤢


richgnbwth . 4 months ago

When my mother wants me to eat 7 meals aday

Isabelle Micheal

Isabelle Micheal . 4 months ago

I think I am able cranberry Minute Maid idk

Phoebe Kippenberger

Phoebe Kippenberger . 5 months ago

How to lose weight fast for 12+ Drink lemon and honey tea (lemon, honey, hot water) Choose one day of the week to go for a run or walk Choose 3 days of the week to do a workout Do things that make you feel happy, being sad doesn't help one bit Go on fasts 2 days a week (a fast is missing breakfast) I hope that helps!!

katt M

katt M . 5 months ago

Who almost fell asleep watching this

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