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How To Lose Belly Fat In ONE Week At Home With 3 Simple Steps
Bob & Brad

Bob & Brad

Published on 4 years ago

"Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present How to Lose Belly Fat in ONE Week at Home with 3 Simple Steps

0:00 Intro song
0:09 Intro to video
0:23 Have healthy weight loss
1:16 Subscribe!
1:36 Bob and Brad's weight loss journey
2:12 Step 1
5:12 Drink water
6:02 Step 2
7:44 Bob's choice
8:43 Bob's next choice
9:19 How often/long should you exercise
9:54 Step 3
10:43 Brad's tip
11:55 Outro

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Comments :

لِــينْ الْعَــتيبِـي ꨄシ

لِــينْ الْعَــتيبِـي ꨄシ . 12 hours ago



Sophia . 14 hours ago

I eat red mill extra thick rolled oat mill 1cup with a banana and a few walnuts for breakfast at about 10:00 am then I eat again at dinner at about 6:00 I do work out every day and noticed my scale going up just a bit ?.

Mike Stock

Mike Stock . 19 hours ago

Myself I met with a dietician, To begin with I was struggling to get out of the 260 pound range. Well since This past June, I've met with the dietitian who helped me allot. I've lost 44 pounds total. I'm now at 224. My ideal body weight is 190, which is my goal by spring time. I am well on my way to a shredded 45 year old.


OneTrueWord1988 . 1 day ago

You guys are awesome! Thanks so much! 👏👍💐


Suzann . 1 day ago

There are lots of new pastas now made from chickpeas and other veggies or high protein grains if you really like pasta.

Michelle Sesit

Michelle Sesit . 1 day ago

You guys just like to ramble on. Get to the point and shorten up your video's. Hold up the charts that you are reading off.

CA Lady

CA Lady . 2 days ago

Where do I get those wall clamps or band holders??? Love that idea!

Peter Sclafani

Peter Sclafani . 2 days ago

Boring. Get to the point

CutZy McCall

CutZy McCall . 2 days ago

The secret of long term weight loss is: eating less and taking it slow, as the famous physical therapists remind us. I started saying "I weigh ____lbs. by Christmas and I keep losing. But I started saying this months ago. Every time I start to overeat or snack I say "Nope. I'm gonna weigh _____lbs. by Christmas" and just decide not to go that "extra" mile on my plate. The tight jeans I couldn't get over my tummy now zip right up!! Jackets I couldn't button do so smoothly. Shirts are smooth. Luckily, I've got long legs and they've always been OK, but even my legs are more streamlined, from doing Pilates every other day. And drinking tons of water and green tea. Mostly, it's the daily intention to "weight _____ lbs. by Christmas." Even if I don't lose all of it, I'll keep going because I've totally changed up my food plan; no sugar, no gluten; vegetarian (except for fish and eggs), but mostly fruits and veggies. It's so easy once you realize that all those foods are yummy when prepared healthfully and well. And I didn't give up oil or butter, either (though I use spray oil for cooking). Bob & Brad and Dr. Mandell inspire me! Thank you, guys!

joseph briskey

joseph briskey . 3 days ago

I lost 20 pounds in one week


MAV . 3 days ago

Just eat half the meal when you go out. Eat other half next day or 2.

G-Code Knows

G-Code Knows . 3 days ago

I eat only fish and rice for lunch and dinner so I'm thinking should I cut out the rice

Lee Davison

Lee Davison . 3 days ago

Eating out is ok just order good nutritious food such as skinless breast of chicken and mixed vegetables, green tea once or twice a week. The rest of the time like he says cook your own at home along with take the right supplements and go to the gym regularly and do cardio such as the tread mill for at least one hour then go on the exercise machines doing several sets on each of them to build the different muscle groups then you you will feel good walking down the street with your shirt off. Many people will say I want to be like him when they see the abs, muscular chest etc. Avoid all fast food.

Vicki Lindberg

Vicki Lindberg . 6 days ago

Dreamfields pasta has a better glycemic index than other non while wheat pastas & still tastes pretty good.

Joseph Posada

Joseph Posada . 1 week ago

Bob and Brad helped me in my recovery from 5 Traumatic Brain injuries. They are truly phenomenal people.


ScreamToASigh . 1 week ago

Better than tea - fresh mint. There are different varieties - apple mint, chocolate mint, anise, pineapple mint, etc. Just throw it - stems and all overnight into a pitcher. Voila - mint water. (You can do it with basil or lavender as well, grow it inside in your windowsill). 😊

Ricarda Alip

Ricarda Alip . 1 week ago

Not only learning from you guys I enjoy the way you share there's humor. Thank you

Rockin' Johnny

Rockin' Johnny . 1 week ago

Sorry too much gabbing you need to get to the point really, we people dont have a lot of time

Kaylie Ellis

Kaylie Ellis . 1 week ago

ima watch this video every morning and update my results

Meseret Mahari

Meseret Mahari . 1 week ago

What is the name of the exercise tools please?

Average Jack 'n Jill

Average Jack 'n Jill . 1 week ago

Dig you guys. Real stuff for real folks. Some perspective about cutting just a few things. While a good run each day will burn 200 to 300 calories, cutting out 2 slices of bread and two twelve ounce cups of coffee with a sugar pack and cream in each cup will cut between 300 and 400 calories each day. Over six days, that's 1200 to 1800 calories burned with running versus 1800 to 2400 simple sugar calories of bread and "churched up" coffee never consumed and thus never needed to be burned. So, simply put, two to three days of running (save the knees) and six days of cutting food you'll never miss could save you 2400 to 3300 calories a week, which your body will instead burn in fat. The science is a little more complex, but the practice is that easy! Thanks, Bob & Brad!

All in one

All in one . 2 weeks ago


Loretta _

Loretta _ . 2 weeks ago

I come from an Italian background and yes we ate pasta at home but when I visited Italy, they really eat pasta! (Sounds stupid, of course, that's what they must eat! It was just more than I expected) Oh, for some context, I grew up/live in Australia. However, I found that the approach to food and eating is different. There isn't much of any real snacking (business is trying to create the "desire") Portion sizes are smaller, lunch is a meal, not just a sandwich eaten without thought and they will take time over a sit down meal (traditionally - I see some changes creep in as life speeds up!) However, you'll rarely see people with very serious weight issues - even with all the delicious and at times potentially fattening foods (lasagna, creamy pasta sauces, gelato - and they have ridiculously good icecream 🍦). Australia is not far behind America with our waist lines growing. Portions are larger, fast food is becoming more of a norm than a treat (also with more families needing two incomes, who wants to cook after work?). It's just not easy to balance it all, and getting rid of snacks (especially out of boredom!) can help steer us in the right direction (do as I say more than what I do!🤷🏻‍♀️😅) My Italian background comes out in my ridiculously long comments. Sorry! 😸

Angie Allen

Angie Allen . 2 weeks ago

Not everyone is successful on a low-carb diet, especially if they have more than 50 pounds to lose. It sometimes takes several tries before finding just the right fit when it comes to diet. I, personally, eat whole food, plant based and it really works for me but lots of people can't imagine giving up meat and dairy. Anway, diet and exercise has always been the way to lose weight and keep it off; we are far too sedentary by far. Best tip: "Don't go out to eat; it's an expensive way to get fat!" Love it.

Universal Knowledge Series UKS

Universal Knowledge Series UKS . 2 weeks ago

Siri Lanka black tea... Drink it 2 hours after breakfast.. 1 month with or without sports.. Without sugar.. And you will be thin in few months

joann sample

joann sample . 2 weeks ago

Thank you

joann sample

joann sample . 2 weeks ago

What about walking for me 84?

joann sample

joann sample . 2 weeks ago

My treat is m&m’s and peanuts my favorite snack. Better than cookies as it has flour. 😇

Vince Giner

Vince Giner . 2 weeks ago

too much yak

Vanessa Luddy

Vanessa Luddy . 2 weeks ago

Is 147 a healthy weight

paul hubbard

paul hubbard . 2 weeks ago

Thanks guys can't wait for the Bob and brad cartoon episodes

sonia stjules

sonia stjules . 2 weeks ago

These exercises are ingenious! Thank you so much for posting them!!


eezaak21 . 2 weeks ago

It's like a pair of dorky dads giving advice. Its great haha!

Robin Creeden

Robin Creeden . 2 weeks ago

What are the hooks on the wall for the resistance bands called?

longest name

longest name . 2 weeks ago

To loose wight do you have to do all steps or just diets and exersise is fine?

Pamela McManus

Pamela McManus . 3 weeks ago

These guys have videos about how to help sciatica and it's very painful, but a lot less pain after the excercizes they do!

algorlopez72 Lopez

algorlopez72 Lopez . 3 weeks ago

poor sound quality video

Ray Romone [LIVE frm theWhiteRoom]

Ray Romone [LIVE frm theWhiteRoom] . 3 weeks ago

its all fine and dandy until those elastic bands burst lol


GizmoFromPizmo . 3 weeks ago

It's hard to do intermittent fasting if you're eating 6-times a day, like you suggested. Dr. Jason Fung (find him on YouTube) says that every time we eat we are triggering insulin production. Insulin is what causes fat storage. As long as there is insulin in the system we are storing fat. If we are eating all day long then we are producing insulin all day long. As long as we're producing insulin we are storing fat. If you go 12 or 16 hours between meals then you are not storing fat for 12 or 15 hours.

mads lund

mads lund . 3 weeks ago

cringe intro

Luca Chiappetta

Luca Chiappetta . 3 weeks ago

1.cut sugar, 2.weight bearing excercise (therabands), 3. Keep insulin low by timing meals (or 6 small instead of 3 big


Mad TWC . 3 weeks ago

Talking about pasta which I do love there are a growing number of protein pastas that are really good. I saw a new one made from lentils or chickpeas I forget which if you like both sounds good too. I’ve tried the whole wheat ones but I just don’t care for them. Barilla has the protein one and tri color actually made from vegetables is a good pasta.

Spencer Winston

Spencer Winston . 3 weeks ago

How about just read the McDougal book on starches or Dr. Robert Haas book on Eat to Win. The fat you eat is the fat you wear, and burn fat through the fire of carbohydrates. Two famous maxims of Dr. Robert Haas. Cut out all the vegetable oils and fake foods as well.

Claudine Bigirimana

Claudine Bigirimana . 3 weeks ago

Honey is sugar too.


Anthdrums . 3 weeks ago

Oh my... time to stop listening to Bob and Brad. You guys are physiotherapists, not dietitians. Stick to what you actually have knowledge of. Such terrible weight loss advice. Any professional athlete that needs to come into an event at a very particular weight, such as boxers etc does not worry about carbs lol! Calories in, calories out. Simple.


KING ARTHUR USA . 4 weeks ago

Montecito California, many are fat and never cook The rich eat out in poor restaurants Canola oil and heinz ketchup in San Ysidro ranch


dsrtflwr . 4 weeks ago

Y'all are so cute. BTW, subway's salads are awful. They're full of water.

MyoMin Oo

MyoMin Oo . 4 weeks ago

How can it be simple when you need an equipment which may not be easily available? And they talk too much.

Flory Pridgen

Flory Pridgen . 4 weeks ago

Great video ,easy exercise to do,thank you nice gentlemen.

gee moore

gee moore . 4 weeks ago

I lost 40 kilos in 3 months by adopting a Plant based diet only, not eating after 7pm at night, cutting out salt, oils, refined sugars and drinking half an hour before or after meals, never with a meal. BTW eating nuts dramatically drops insulin levels so good to eat after fruit.

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