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HCG Diet Day 9 Of 21! Lose Over 7lb In A Week!
Kitchen ninja

Kitchen ninja

Published on 2 years ago

This is HCG Diet day #9 of 21! Results! Find out how you can loose a pound a day! Weight loss. Meal ideas. Like it! Subscribe to see more cooking tips and meal ideas!
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Lulu Johnson

Lulu Johnson . 1 week ago

Wait! I'm confused, as far as I know the HCG diet protocol doesn't allow any oils, also it doesn't allow to mix vegetables🤔 Did you use oils during the 21 days??

Jayce Reeves

Jayce Reeves . 6 months ago

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Terry Mizzi

Terry Mizzi . 6 months ago

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Glennis Whitting

Glennis Whitting . 6 months ago

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Alexandra Wall

Alexandra Wall . 6 months ago

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Thomas Rich

Thomas Rich . 6 months ago

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Rudy Vance

Rudy Vance . 6 months ago

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Chelton Schatz

Chelton Schatz . 7 months ago

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Terry Mizzi

Terry Mizzi . 7 months ago

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Tallie Whitiker

Tallie Whitiker . 7 months ago

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Terry Mizzi

Terry Mizzi . 8 months ago

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Bryan Ponce

Bryan Ponce . 9 months ago

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Melissa Amos

Melissa Amos . 2 years ago

What kind of oil did you use? The HDC diet says no oil whatsoever?

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