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How To Diet To Lose Fat FOR GOOD (4 Phases)
Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy Ethier

Published on 1 year ago

If you’re watching this video, chances are, you’re wondering how to diet to lose fat for good. Most people have been taught to use approaches that set themselves up for failure in the long run, by physiologically messing up their bodies with diets that leave them in a position where it’s now very hard to strip off that excess fat. But, in this video, with the help of Dr. Eric Trexler, pro body-builder and PhD researcher, I’m going to show you exactly how to diet properly so you can undo the damage you may have done from your previous dieting attempts (i.e. maintenance calories are too low) and break through your weight loss plateau. I’ll also show you how to keep the weight off so that once you strip off that excess fat, it’s gone forever.

The first thing we want to do here is something called a recovery phase, which helps with 3 goals: restore the lean muscle mass that you lost, restore any hormonal imbalances (related to cutting your maintenance calories too low), and to just get you in a better mindset. To accomplish this, all you’re going to do is simply bump up your calories to whatever your maintenance calories currently are or even slightly above this, while also cutting back on your cardio. As for how long you should stay in this recovery phase for, Eric recommends at least a couple months for most people.

When you’re ready though, phase 2 is where we can give dieting another shot – but this time we need to do it right. Which means that we need to set up our fat loss phase in a way that minimizes muscle loss AND minimizes the metabolic adaptation we typically experience throughout our diet. And as outlined in Eric’s research papers, there are a few ways to do this. First, you need to avoid using a very aggressive calorie deficit. This equates to roughly only a 15-25% calorie deficit, but just keep an eye on how your bodyweight progresses and adjust accordingly. Next, we want to use an approach called intermittent dieting. And lastly, you need to ensure that you’re eating a high protein diet (1.8-2.7 g/kg bodyweight) along with high volume, low calorie, filling foods. So basically, you apply these 3 steps until you’ve successfully pushed past your weight loss plateau.

Then, it’s time to transition to phase 3. What we want to do here is simply find a way that you can maintain your weight loss in a sustainable way. One option is a reverse diet. Although the effect this has does seem to vary individually, often times what happens is even though you’re adding more and more calories back into your diet, your body counteracts this by essentially gets out of that “dieting” mindset and tends to start burning more calories through subconscious increases in daily activity, or NEAT to slowly bump up your metabolism. Imaginably, this is the crucial step when it comes to how to keep the weight off after your diet. However, keep in mind that again this does vary individually as people respond to increases in calorie intake differently.

And then, from here, it really is up to you where to go next. You could either maintain your new physique with relative ease with new your higher calorie intake, or you could choose to now focus more on muscle growth. Now although this whole ‘how to diet to lose fat for good’ process may seem very complex and you may be feeling as if there’s no hope for you, that just simply isn’t true. I’m not going to lie it will take time, but by following these 4 phases, remaining patient, and combining this with a solid training and nutrition plan, then you can and will be able to strip off that fat for good.

On that note though guys, for those who do need that extra bit of help when it comes to learning how to diet properly, my step-by-step programs have been designed to guide you through each of these phases in detail. It comes fully equipped with software that enables you to actually know exactly what your metabolism is at and how its changing week after week as you strip off fat, so that you can easily break through any plateau you encounter along the way and lean down in the most efficient way possible just like several of our Built With Science members have done with their programs. To get started today, simply take the analysis quiz below to discover which specific program is best for your body and where it’s currently at: https://builtwithscience.com/bws-free-fitness-quiz/gender?utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=Video&utm_content=Description%20box&utm_campaign=Diet%20to%20lose%20fat%20for%20good%20June%2019%2F2020

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Help _

Help _ . 3 days ago

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Josh F

Josh F . 7 days ago

Start of 2021 I weighed 235lbs. I started dieting in August and by the end of october I was down to 224lbs. I decided to starve and in 4 days was at 215lbs. I switched to a 200cal diet for 12 days and hit 210. I am now 209lbs and have been eating 500 calories or less a day for nearly 3 weeks. I can't lose anymore and with a goal of 199lbs by the end of next month, I'm not sure I can do this... I've been running a lot, and am now up to 5k a day. I do hours of cardio workouts everyday, I'm not binge eating. I hope this video of yours helps, but idk if it will. I've not been hungry at all. I don't feel bad. I'm excited for whatever diet possible, I'm just trying to lose weight that I can't lose for some reason.


AtlasGaming . 1 week ago

In other words don't eat crap. I have went thru this process 3 times and it sucks everytime you gain fat. Chicken breasts, eggs and a smoothie was all I had everyday and some energy bars for mid day snacks. I never ate at night and got up to workout at 4am every morning. Drink a lot of water only when you lose it either by going to the bathroom or sweat. Remember to push hard everyday and your body will adapt. My rule is if your not soaked in sweat then your not leaving the gym until you are. That is when you know your putting in the work needed. After a few weeks of working out then you will feel better and see results. Don't ever give up or you will feel regret. You can lose progress just as fast as you gained it. I currently weigh 190 and plan on losing weight until I am 165 again and staying that way unless it is muscle gain. But fat must come off first.


JoaniMaster . 3 weeks ago

Counting calories is so unsustainable and difficult. Wtb when you're out with friends and eat at a restaurant? The only option would be to meal prep and do all the homework to measure all them macros and calories for each meal. Easier said than done. When you live with family it would mean you will eat separately. Then someone eats your mealbox. As I said it is easier said than done. Thats why sometimes Intermittent fasting one meal a day is the solution. Also drinking apple cider vinegar and cutting the carbs a bit will get you more results. Ive tried it over and over, you cant keep counting calories and mealprepping for ever, its so much work.

The One Who Knocks

The One Who Knocks . 3 weeks ago

Ok but what if i have no control over what i'm eating for dinner? I'm in a boarding school and i can't cook meals myself

Donquixote Rosinante

Donquixote Rosinante . 3 weeks ago

I already succeeded on losing weight, getting fit and having the body shape I wanted but due to unhealthy environment with people who gives negative commentary about my body I become anxious and develop an eating disorder, eventually I was forced to gain weight again and now I've become heavier than my former weight and I am struggling to get rid of it again.

Almina Begum

Almina Begum . 3 weeks ago

Who else noticed thatHe looks like DADDY YANKEE !

party player

party player . 3 weeks ago

It's hard to get on a diet when my parents make me meals and won't let me go until I have a full plate of rice

Jeffrey Pitts

Jeffrey Pitts . 3 weeks ago

One way to loose fat.... Cut it off, but I don't recommend it

pikachu pika

pikachu pika . 4 weeks ago

The fact that when i gave up on losing weight i lost so many lol (by playing soccer and running in school)


ghilesfreeman . 1 month ago

Just eat like you used to, but do sport at the same time

Brian Laureus

Brian Laureus . 1 month ago

I think what's most off putting to me has always been what your eating more so then how much I'm eating. I'm sure me and many average everyday people that don't got to the gym. Just look at all these meals as just unappealing or bland a lot of the time. Especially if you're like me and have some ethnic background. Where most of your life you've probably been eating a lot of the same food. Rice and chicken ,fish and chicken, chicken and plantain or fish and plantain. Once I was able to afford it I wanted to eat more burgers and fries and stuff. Now having to go back to more rice and chicken majority of the time it's just very unappealing.im willing to put in the exercise. And I've lost a lot of weight but I'm still sorta high in body fat which is my issue. Especially in my stomach, I haven't exercised in a while mostly just dieting.


دفرنسٌ . 1 month ago

I'm not gonna lie I watched this whole video and didn't understand it, could someone summarize it for me please?

Ray Jones

Ray Jones . 1 month ago

this guy is barely out of high school and just 20 years ago he was probably in nappies to young to be giving advice

Márcio Rodrigo

Márcio Rodrigo . 1 month ago

Fat burning faster(supplement) Link in the description in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKE-ypC9TQk

Isa Isa

Isa Isa . 1 month ago

I feel like I’m destroying my body with this binging and restricting

censor bleep

censor bleep . 1 month ago

I found this very unhelpful . . . I need specifics, a concise and comprehensive strategy . . .

Mohd Syawal

Mohd Syawal . 1 month ago



Headlight . 1 month ago

I’m phase 2! I’m lucky I’m not going far.

Beatriz Tola Vega

Beatriz Tola Vega . 1 month ago

GOOD INFORMATION. in my case I managed to lose 20 pounds thanks to a natural method that I followed and now I look thinner.


Vincent . 1 month ago

I'm on pase 2


Zenayh . 1 month ago

Maybe its late but do you think if I will skip breakfest, eat a banana or apple at 10 am get lunch around 1 pm and then get dinner at 6pm. I will eat a bowl of yoghurt at 7:30 pm and go to sleep at 10 pm. I go to the gym 3 times a week, swim once and cycle 15 km a day

Rayyan Nawwab

Rayyan Nawwab . 1 month ago

6:20 shows even the strongest or toughest od the though still need to hug their plushies lol i do too'


CUT THE FAT . 1 month ago

If you are reading this I pray you'll become more healthy and successful.


MellowFellow94 . 1 month ago

I honestly am so stressed out. I have lost weight twice in my adulthood. I was 300lbs in high school. The last time I lost weight was 2019 where I reached 237lbs! I wasn’t really stressing about food and I hardly worked out. Then in 2020 I started gaining weight, even though I busted my ass delivering for Amazon. I would skip breakfast a lot and binge a few times a month. I reached 278lbs. Come 2021, I begging heavily cutting my calories, around 1200-1400 and heavily exercising, yes tons of Cardio. I have lost practically no weight, I stay between 175-178. This is for 8 months straight now!! I watched this video a month and half ago and began slowly increasing my calories out of fear of gaining weight too fast and also began focusing on muscle growth. I am now eating 2,200 calories a day, but I am so scared to eat more. I am truly struggling with my self-esteem and just want make sure that I do the right things for my my body. I went down to 274, but slowly creeped up to 276… so essentially the range I have been in all year.

Xiao Hei. we are all equal

Xiao Hei. we are all equal . 1 month ago

I don't count any calories. But, simply cutting sugar and processed carbs while adding more vegetables to my diet and a little cardio makes me lose fat. It barely takes any additional effort or will power. A lot of people going full hyper with complex diets and programs only end up discouraged in the long run because it is not a sustainable approach.

Tomas Greer

Tomas Greer . 2 months ago

I believe this works… but for me it’s not simple enough to understand 😩


MKbrit1 . 2 months ago

I was stuck at 210 for a couple months, and started half dieting, gain 7 pounds, got back on normal diet and now I’m 193 (:

Nicolai Arroyo

Nicolai Arroyo . 2 months ago

I dont understand anything so i rewatched it, damb i really want a cut body so i can fit in my clothes

Sarah Mohammed

Sarah Mohammed . 2 months ago

6:19 cute😂😂😂😂😂😂

WeselyCharlsie Denson

WeselyCharlsie Denson . 2 months ago

The #1 thing is a planned and structured diet because the only way for your body to burn fat is to use it as need to eat b


T M . 2 months ago


the 2 week diet now

the 2 week diet now . 2 months ago

💗💘GOOD INFORMATION. in my case I managed to lose 20 pounds thanks to a natural method that I followed and now I look thinner.


Kagura . 2 months ago

I limit my calorie intake for 900-1200 and i have exercise set everyday. I want to lose my fat and lose weight.


Pixel . 2 months ago

I need help, i’ve been eating on a calorie deficit since school started. I also have been working out allot and running allot. Ive lost like 10 pounds but i still cant see a difference with fat all over my body. I still have my stomach a bit rounded of at the end, ik it wont just happen fast but is there any way that i can get my body fat pourcentage lower?

Isaias Sepulveda

Isaias Sepulveda . 2 months ago

Would you recommend fasting?

chris Ruvalcaba

chris Ruvalcaba . 2 months ago

Peace has cost you your strength, victory has defeated you! - BANE

daroth sovan

daroth sovan . 2 months ago

Been weight loss over 5 months now and started to stuck but screw this I won't back down. I will keep going no matter what. Eat cleaner work harder.

Rosa Yesica Vega

Rosa Yesica Vega . 2 months ago

I lose weight by following this method the 2 week diet now in 2 weeks, lose 10 pounds.

Hayden H

Hayden H . 2 months ago

That music is nice and loud and it keeps going.

tural brave

tural brave . 3 months ago

🔥HOW TO LOSE FAT WITHOUT LOSING MUSCLE IN 2021!!!DONT MISS!!https://youtu.be/nkU-Zp6T73g🔥🔥

Oscillate Fn

Oscillate Fn . 3 months ago

Thankssss bro 💯🔥💪👍🙌👏🏅🥇🏆🌟🙏👏💰💰💰😁🙏👏

Clyde Alexander

Clyde Alexander . 3 months ago


Kimtrans Ramadhan 🅥︎

Kimtrans Ramadhan 🅥︎ . 3 months ago

i was so fit with the bullying i got, i felt like committing suicide☺️💔

Nelrich Jagessar

Nelrich Jagessar . 3 months ago

me being 16 and at phase 3 ...i need a diet for my age to get ripped

Krish Dhakolia

Krish Dhakolia . 3 months ago

My maintain calories is 2700 I eat 12-1700 calories in regular but I am gaining fat and I workout daily with cardio but I am not loosing fat can someone help me please

tural safaraliyev

tural safaraliyev . 3 months ago

🔥🔥HOW TO STAY LEAN ROUND THE YEAR!!!DONT MISS!!!https://youtu.be/8xsz8aj9Nec🔥🔥


Stephanie . 3 months ago

Quick question? How do you calaculte body fat percentage and how do you know I have low muscle mass


ClubHop . 3 months ago

Nobody will follow this this sounds immensely complicated. I plan on just dropping my cAlories down to 2000 calories and do cardio everyday w lifting

Shreyosi Banerjee

Shreyosi Banerjee . 3 months ago

Love this ❤

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