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The Science Is In: Exercise Isn’t The Best Way To Lose Weight


Published on 5 years ago

Why working out is great for health, but not for weight loss, explained in five minutes.

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Comments :

Steve Hayes

Steve Hayes . 7 hours ago

The idea that the point of exercise is to lose weight seems weird. The benefits of exercise are many and various. In fact, exercise is essential.

axell Ludvic

axell Ludvic . 13 hours ago

How about weight training, muscles do infact require a lot of energy.


TheDudeAbides . 18 hours ago

Who would of thought that what we stick in our cakehole affects our body weight?!

Curtis Smale

Curtis Smale . 21 hours ago

Travolta and Sam Jackson selling out to Capital One.


JD VG . 23 hours ago

As if no one already knew this.


frankpinmtl . 1 day ago

I learned I am great at burning 'resting' calories...

Boon Doggle

Boon Doggle . 1 day ago

The Hadza burned the same number of calories as westerners even though they were far more physically active. Overeating will make you gain weight but cutting calories alone won’t necessarily make you lose weight because the body is an adaption machine and because just focusing on calories doesn’t account for hormones. There’s also no significant difference in metabolic rate between slim people and people who aren’t. It’s mostly a matter of genetics why some people are slim and some people are overweight even though they’re pretty much eating the same number of calories and living a very similar lifestyle. The Hadza are slim because of 1) genetics and 2) what they eat. Processed foods and constantly spiking our insulin are a huge part of why there’s so much obesity in the US.

Hulk Marvel

Hulk Marvel . 3 days ago

Conclusion: EAT LESS


jesusdiedfortheworld . 3 days ago

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” - John 3:16

Luis Rodriguez

Luis Rodriguez . 3 days ago

Yeah if I go to the gym and workout my legs and squat 315 for 5 sets of 8 reps that slice of pizza just subtracts everything I did. Makes sense some people go to get muscle not only lose weight. Idk f that doctor haha

Luis Rodriguez

Luis Rodriguez . 3 days ago

What doughnuts we talking about I know a 1 calorie doughnut so I can have 2 of those after an Intense bike ride!

Luis Rodriguez

Luis Rodriguez . 3 days ago

It’s all about diet. 90% in the kitchen 10% is from physical activity

Matt Tejada

Matt Tejada . 5 days ago

Food companies are fooling the masses into thinking that exercise can make them lose weight even if they eat unhealthy sugary/fatty foods. 🤣🤦


Andrew1998 . 6 days ago

I been fasting and just running on treadmill I’ve lost almost 10 lbs

Pak Cadian

Pak Cadian . 1 week ago

This is completely true. I have been fasting for 24hrs to sometimes 48hrs. No exercise at all. Lost 45 lbs in 3 months. BTW I didnt really notice any muscle loss.

Kirstie Dibenedetto

Kirstie Dibenedetto . 1 week ago

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dthugtherealist1 . 1 week ago

simple you cant outtrain a bad diet


JasmineBraids . 1 week ago

That's why it's better to workout before you go to sleep

Mohd Adeeb

Mohd Adeeb . 1 week ago

5 pounds a month actually is a lot.

Mini Kim

Mini Kim . 2 weeks ago

This in my case was very wrong because i was overweight and all i did was swim everyday and i actually ate even more than before i started swimming and now i have lost almost over 20kg

Pixel Pixel

Pixel Pixel . 2 weeks ago

Exercise is good to get fit but not lose weight

Rishabh Mishra

Rishabh Mishra . 2 weeks ago

Very nice information provided by you on weight loss tips, I was suffered from overweight and my weight was above 85 kg. After calculated my Body Mass Index, my weight was 15kg more as compared to normal weight. I followed strict diet plan and start taken planet Ayurveda trim support capsules. After 5 months of my weight loss planning, I reduced 8 kg of weight.

Joey Joe Joe

Joey Joe Joe . 2 weeks ago

Not the best way but it sure does help.

Sally S

Sally S . 2 weeks ago

But when u have more muscle mass your basal metabolic rage goes up. Thats why u exercise


AAYUSH SARNA . 2 weeks ago

What the fak is the solution ?

Luiza Deda

Luiza Deda . 2 weeks ago

Hear me out . Cardio .

Carlos Quen

Carlos Quen . 2 weeks ago

So what should I eat

Joana Valdez

Joana Valdez . 3 weeks ago

Welp... this just unmotivated me from going to the gym tomorrow.

the Tan Van

the Tan Van . 3 weeks ago

Take the gd food out ya mouth, duh.....live off 2 bananas a day....you not gonna starve...

J 941 R

J 941 R . 3 weeks ago

Dont listen to fox brothers, they want you to be weak and flabby. Be strong and not flabby. Lift weights, it's good for you and it feels great

Correct yellow man

Correct yellow man . 3 weeks ago

The goal of exercise isn't weight loss at all. Its to increase endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, mobility. Overall making your body function and move more efficiently. Only controlling your DIET will = weight loss.

Holly Ramos

Holly Ramos . 3 weeks ago

Intermittent fasting only thing ever effective but is hard

sHam Artist

sHam Artist . 3 weeks ago

literally just diet, just have a good diet and workout

Madi Clemments

Madi Clemments . 3 weeks ago

Literally all u have to do to lose weight is stop eating so much. But yet it’s so hard

Joy's Gym

Joy's Gym . 3 weeks ago

*A combination of eating healthy and exercising is THE best approach. Exercise not only burns calories, but it relieves stress. And stress is the reason many people over eat. Let exercise be your stress reliever. Not food.* 💗💗💗

fluffy boy24

fluffy boy24 . 4 weeks ago

No more eating

Noof Taheri

Noof Taheri . 4 weeks ago


Katie Dico

Katie Dico . 4 weeks ago

So how do we lose weight the best way?


yuscheu . 4 weeks ago

If u want to lose weight efficiently I recommended eat 200kcal less every day and being healthy. I used that and actually I lose like 2kg every week. I hope that helps u✌️


froztezeus . 4 weeks ago



ThoughtCrime . 4 weeks ago

Excercise is a great way to put on weight (muscle).

spunch bop

spunch bop . 1 month ago

What this documentary is saying is to diet.


진Jin . 1 month ago

Wow. No mention of strength training to boost metabolism

Kian Mar

Kian Mar . 1 month ago

Your diet is key in losing weight

Shifah Shipher

Shifah Shipher . 1 month ago

If you want to lose weight don't focus on that fact, eat all the food that is not forbidden by God and make exercising your daily routine plus don't over do it 'the eating part' you could eat just not to starve, and that will not just be easier but it will do it, with the will of God.

Rebekah Lovitt

Rebekah Lovitt . 1 month ago

This makes a lot of sense because as a quadriplegic, I can’t really do a lot of exercise, but I’m still at a very slim and healthy weight because of what I eat.

Louis I

Louis I . 1 month ago

All you need is a calorie deficit and atleast an HR of workout to loose weight. I've been jogging 3 miles 5x a week and I've already lost weight

Ean Amog

Ean Amog . 1 month ago

as they say, only 30% of weight loss is dependent on physical activity and 70% depends on diet

Deysi Miller

Deysi Miller . 1 month ago

To reduce my waist, I followed a natural method and managed to lose 20 pounds of excess weight.


allenissoepic36 . 1 month ago

I smell buzzfeed in this video

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