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Adele Easy On Me (Live At The NRJ Awards 2021)


Published on 2 weeks ago

"Easy On Me" by Adele, Live at the NRJ Awards 2021.
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Comments :

Brooks Brown

Brooks Brown . 11 minutes ago

She can really sanggg her ass off!!! Go, Adele!!!

Andy Irwin

Andy Irwin . 23 minutes ago

Incredible voice and she writes all her own songs. She is the master artist.

Sharon P

Sharon P . 26 minutes ago

She became skinny and then got cocky. This song is great but this performance was shaky.

Chuyền Hoà Quang

Chuyền Hoà Quang . 41 minutes ago

Love love her voice . It is perfect . Her voice is as gentle as a mother's lullaby, yet as strong as the sound of the ocean waves

Eleonora Hudson

Eleonora Hudson . 55 minutes ago

Mi diosa!

Thinuka Idamgodage

Thinuka Idamgodage . 57 minutes ago

this is one of the few occasions that im happy that the dislike button is gone on yt. because i cant stand seeing dislikes on this

Ahmad Irfan

Ahmad Irfan . 1 hour ago

Beautyfull voice , so deep

Jacielly Andrade

Jacielly Andrade . 1 hour ago

Cómo no llorar? 🥺

William DeBow

William DeBow . 1 hour ago

What Sux is it is impossible to get tickets to see her in Vegas. Signed up for Ticketmaster verified and still didn't even get a chance to buy a ticket!!! I would love to see her....

Luis España

Luis España . 1 hour ago

you are an example of a woman, with a privileged voice that you have shown us that there is no obstacle that we can achieve as long as we propose it

Yeidie Meneses✨

Yeidie Meneses✨ . 2 hours ago

Enamorada de tu voz cómo no llorar 😌


WahyuSan . 2 hours ago

Love you so much #adele❤️

Gita Puspita

Gita Puspita . 2 hours ago

Ga ada yg dislike.

Tay Verbz

Tay Verbz . 2 hours ago


emojy universe

emojy universe . 2 hours ago


Laura Nigrone

Laura Nigrone . 2 hours ago

Voce straordinaria 💯

Doctor Virgo

Doctor Virgo . 3 hours ago

She sung the shit out of her own song !! She looks amazing and sounds amazing ! She has soul !!!💚 ☀️

Kiet Tran

Kiet Tran . 3 hours ago

Listen at 2X 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dawn Shannon

Dawn Shannon . 3 hours ago

Just beautiful everything! Her voice is amazing. She's helped me through some hard times. She will always be number 1....

Fernanda Chavez

Fernanda Chavez . 3 hours ago

Cantas hermoso en vivo Adele🎤🎤🎤


aMUSEher . 3 hours ago

Singing her truth from her heart and for millions of other hearts. <3


I AM _ BTF . 4 hours ago

Gotttt dammmm 💪🏿❤️

Joanna Perez

Joanna Perez . 4 hours ago

The best makeup I'n the industry 😌 and voice


drz0mbie . 4 hours ago


ismail gökçe

ismail gökçe . 4 hours ago

song beautiful and wonderful adele.


emilly . 4 hours ago

simplesmente extraordinário

Nana Zukes

Nana Zukes . 4 hours ago


Sha Sha

Sha Sha . 4 hours ago

I felt like she sounds nasally here 🙍‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Brenda Santos

Brenda Santos . 4 hours ago

Linda tanto ela como a música

Frank Dux

Frank Dux . 4 hours ago

Adele supports discrimination. Boycott everything she profits from.

Joe K

Joe K . 4 hours ago

Tremendous Performance!!!


andrea . 5 hours ago


Anita Uwu

Anita Uwu . 5 hours ago

I love this song God and his voice😻

Troy Younts

Troy Younts . 5 hours ago

i don't know, it feels like all the hellish bloodshed of evolution and human history was worth it to produce a voice like this if only for a brief moment in time...

Luis Canle

Luis Canle . 5 hours ago


Jamie Rivera

Jamie Rivera . 5 hours ago

I prefer more uplifting songs... (Listening to Lauren Daigle)

jordan johnson

jordan johnson . 5 hours ago

I would love that I’m pretty certain

Thiago Feliciano

Thiago Feliciano . 5 hours ago

once in generation kinda of voice.

newton coutinho

newton coutinho . 5 hours ago

mulher linda essa!!

Mega Yoo

Mega Yoo . 6 hours ago


Cesar Guzman

Cesar Guzman . 6 hours ago


Shamara Galagarza

Shamara Galagarza . 6 hours ago

I love u and your music and keep going honey cause your music helps me in so many ways


chamomilex.x . 6 hours ago

This is so powerful. Like I'm sailing towards a situation I've never been on and now this song's relatable 😂

אליאן אליהו

אליאן אליהו . 6 hours ago

I need rolling in the deeppp

Bárbara Bressan

Bárbara Bressan . 6 hours ago

Que mulher fantástica, ela canta com a facilidade de falar, incrível.

Brendo Atila

Brendo Atila . 6 hours ago


Bryan Finn

Bryan Finn . 6 hours ago

She has the sexiest voice alive!!!!!

Cristian Evans

Cristian Evans . 6 hours ago

Cuando estaba rellenita su voz era mucho mejor... no sé que le pasó a su voz cuando adelgazó pero ahora es opaca muy opaca.

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