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SWAWS | Totally Accurate Battlegrounds


Published on 2 weeks ago

Play TABG for FREE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/823130/Totally_Accurate_Battlegrounds/

This video is technically sponsored by TABG because if you buy my skin or voice pack I make money from it. And I really love money, so you should buy it.


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Alphascan - So Much Better (Bubblegum Dance): https://vidio.asia/watch/JjFhYFYN_H0

Comments :


Landfall . 2 weeks ago

Thank you for making us sound less boring 🙌

James J.

James J. . 3 hours ago

Stay strapped or get clapped badger


PurpleTokyo . 4 hours ago

How the fuck did I miss this?

Dallas From PayDay

Dallas From PayDay . 5 hours ago

Still need a medic bag


darkxxl . 5 hours ago

i just turned dat tabg fackin ON

Demon killer

Demon killer . 5 hours ago

You hear Nuke alarms going off and what name do you hear when they were saying what did you do. WHAT DID YOU DO, SHAGGY?


Yoshibro26 . 6 hours ago

finally. Now I can play the game

Slayer Dave

Slayer Dave . 6 hours ago

Dude there needs to be a play through of Spider-Man miles morales

LooneyToasty Wolf

LooneyToasty Wolf . 6 hours ago

I always love the mo cap xD Also as Florida person uh yes LOL but ill be riding a giant ass croc in the swamp hell yuhh Also damn i want the voice pack and the croc suit AAAA


KurgzTheVerySmugBoi . 6 hours ago

I love how badger simultaneously hates and loves to use “See you later alligator” in da video XD

Nate P

Nate P . 8 hours ago

Badger you should play far cry 6

Jacob Perales

Jacob Perales . 8 hours ago

Glock numbers go off patent numbers


relish99 . 8 hours ago

Yea the numbers for glock have nothing to do with caliber or how many rounds it holds. Its just the patent number. Glock 17 is the 17th patent. Same with every other glock after that

sokin jon

sokin jon . 9 hours ago

Man, I can't wait to hear the tale of that time when Badger's pc casted spontaneous combustus

CG Phillips

CG Phillips . 9 hours ago

5:56 Just saving this for myself

River Ross

River Ross . 9 hours ago



Papyrus . 9 hours ago


Dr Alcoholic

Dr Alcoholic . 10 hours ago

You should do a video about arma


Papyrus . 10 hours ago


A BioHazardous Lizard

A BioHazardous Lizard . 10 hours ago


Andrew Mcfarlane

Andrew Mcfarlane . 11 hours ago

Badger, I work at a crocodile park in South Africa, and for this you have earned yourself a free visit any time you like just hmu XD

Fernando Langalú

Fernando Langalú . 11 hours ago



Annihilator_420 . 12 hours ago

Gamer supps- "kool-aid, eat your heart out!"

jorge rodriguez

jorge rodriguez . 12 hours ago

SHUT UP 0:17

Herne Sims-Walker

Herne Sims-Walker . 13 hours ago

I think that badger should play team fortress 2 as basically all his vids have something from tf2 in it

Aron Howe

Aron Howe . 14 hours ago

Can u do a vid on five nights at freddys

David G

David G . 14 hours ago


lcaponpon 1342

lcaponpon 1342 . 15 hours ago

Farcry 6?

why hello there

why hello there . 16 hours ago

Dont mind me 5:26

Bacons clips

Bacons clips . 17 hours ago

tabg on xbox

Bacons clips

Bacons clips . 17 hours ago

battlefield 2042


Quanariin . 17 hours ago

you know a game is unoptimised when it has the polygon count of an a4 sheet of paper but crashes more often than cyberpunk

Necromancer ._.

Necromancer ._. . 19 hours ago

2:45 its not allways about the money spider man ... its about.... the mets baby love tze mets alright mets lets get a home run


Fenn . 19 hours ago

4:38..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jave Boom

Jave Boom . 21 hours ago

I go into this video the first thing I see in the recommendation videos is PAIN by therussianbadger


Johntevinss . 21 hours ago

The chaos god nurgle started Covid-19

Zec Freeman

Zec Freeman . 1 day ago

Not time to bully Payday2 devs to make Badger a playable heister. Shut up and take my money.

kenneth tittle

kenneth tittle . 1 day ago



agirafols . 1 day ago

Asian servers are dead :<


Arcanist . 1 day ago

The way badger's voice pack says *come* makes me lose my mind with laughter every time I hear it

Feike H

Feike H . 1 day ago

Should I be worried you know how tight sharks are?


Stephen . 1 day ago

I Like your videos badger. They are funny and fun to watch.

Joseph Branstetter

Joseph Branstetter . 1 day ago


The general store

The general store . 1 day ago

I surrender

Jessica Ann Randall

Jessica Ann Randall . 1 day ago

My bearded dragon loves your vids


obsidianknight . 1 day ago

Why is the background untextured 2 fort?

Colt Dunlap

Colt Dunlap . 1 day ago

The glock is called glock 17/18/19 because of the patent number not the number of rounds it can hold.


Stephen . 1 day ago

Badger “swaws”. More ghost recon breakpoint. The new content to breakpoint has splinter cell and the cool night bison goggles for splinter cell and the guns. And by the way the added new classes. Love the vids hilarious. Badger maybe do a vid for ghost recon breakpoint about red wolf island or golem island.

Brody Bazzini

Brody Bazzini . 1 day ago

"It's not always about the money, Spiderman,"


WardenHerring . 1 day ago

Badger, you realize you started your addiction to firearms

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