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A Week On The Atkins Diet DAY 1
Mike Jeavons

Mike Jeavons

Published on 1 year ago

A brand new Week On begins with one of the most famous diets... Atkins!

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Comments :

Kayleigh Peacock

Kayleigh Peacock . 4 weeks ago

Bit late im just re watching all your videos and joined your twitch

Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson . 3 months ago

I will need to tone my loose skin on this lifestyle change. sagging glutes will be a problem for me. I like walk and that is an advantage. It does get boring and you got to be creative.

Myron T Babler

Myron T Babler . 6 months ago

interesting.. a few audio problems towards the end after the cauliflower wings, a lot like Pink Floyd "your were moving, but I couldn't hear what you were saying"...

Ben RK

Ben RK . 9 months ago

It's been a while since I watched any of your stuff. I think YouTube unsubbed me for some reason. Anyway, your cat and my cat are identical. Same name, same fur color. So what I'm asking is why did you steal or clone my cat!?

Richard Millican

Richard Millican . 10 months ago

Mike, do a week on, on parsley box. It’s a ready meal company who manufacture shelf stable ready meals including breakfasts and sides! Your first order of 12 meals is just 19.99 I have loads in my camper van cos I’m one of those tin foil hat wearing prepper types! Google them

Richard Millican

Richard Millican . 10 months ago

Lovin the recycled marmite jar into a spice receptacle

N Miller

N Miller . 11 months ago

Toast the muffin halves and they might taste better. I do that with biscuits that come out too light and mushy and it improves the flavor and texture!

Akif Razzaq

Akif Razzaq . 1 year ago

Was that 115-175g protein with every meal?????? I think you may have read that wrong Mike.

Nur Heidi

Nur Heidi . 1 year ago

I lost 12 kg in 1 month with atkins phase 1 . From 65 kg to 41 kg now . Maintainance phase more struggle than P1/P2 😅 . Almost 3years with atkins 🙂

Kim Delk

Kim Delk . 1 year ago

Whats squelchy? Lmao

Lindsay Stoican

Lindsay Stoican . 1 year ago

You need to eat way more meat.

M m

M m . 1 year ago

I think what dr Atkins caused his heart attack was his diet. He got it wrong when he recommended the vegetable oils other then that it would be a good diet.

Tim N

Tim N . 1 year ago

That’s a p*ss poor effort. Atkins done correctly can be very tasty and beneficial.

Stalwart Shinobi

Stalwart Shinobi . 1 year ago

That egg was heavy! I was watching the weight as it went in 😂


Sarah . 1 year ago

A week on low fat / low carb or labelled diet foods and snacks with reviews!


ChiefenLind1793 . 1 year ago

can you do atkins + omad? (fast for 23 hours and a eating window off one hour?)


TheAngryDanishViking . 1 year ago

Here's a thing, the Atkins diet removes what is important for the body... and you just end up pseudo starving yourself.

Uma Chan

Uma Chan . 1 year ago

Well if you're going to do Atkins for a week it's possibly the best part of the whole thing. You tend not to really get the carb cravings during that time. But it gets tiresome really quickly.

C Villa

C Villa . 1 year ago

Have you heard of coach greg doucette here on youtube? He has a cookbook and people are always reviewing it. you should do a week on greg's Anabolic cookbook

The Last Phoenix

The Last Phoenix . 1 year ago

"It's good to have a moist muffin" Somehow, it sounds like a euphemism.


ThePokéCore . 1 year ago

I'd really love to see you do a week on Home Bargains / B&M Bargains .... only buying food from there and nowhere else- would be intrigued to see what you think of the quality of their refrigerated stuff especially!

Alien Frequency

Alien Frequency . 1 year ago

Why would you wear a mask in the car?

Ace The Clown

Ace The Clown . 1 year ago

"Nineteen years since Fellowship Of The Ring was released." Screw you for making me feel old even though I'm 26.


Williamg209 . 1 year ago

wheres the iMac in the background?

Sabrina Ward

Sabrina Ward . 1 year ago

One of my favourite breakfast on Atkins was a cheese, sausage and bacon omelette

Christian Luff

Christian Luff . 1 year ago

I have also found spreadable butter to be almost too slippery to be able to adhere to a knife, making the transition to spreading activity almost impossible.

Kim Rushington

Kim Rushington . 1 year ago

I would love to see a week on Low Fod-Map diet, kind of on the elimination end, a lot of IBS sufferers find it good for gut health, would be fun to watch your experience with it 😀

Becca Smith

Becca Smith . 1 year ago

I think you would probably enjoy the cauliflower again with a drizzle of yogurt. That looked yum.

Infinity Nexus Reviews

Infinity Nexus Reviews . 1 year ago

8:10 why do you keep a bottle of juice in your coffee canister?

Poor Redneck World

Poor Redneck World . 1 year ago

Hey What was the recipe for your tarragon chicken. I tried to freeze frame but it was to blurry to read. I want to know how you made it. How much ingredients???? It looked good.

Music Lady Vlogger

Music Lady Vlogger . 1 year ago

Toasting the muffins helps a little

butter cup

butter cup . 1 year ago



David . 1 year ago

There are a lot of people that will be keeping a critical eye on this week on series Mikie!

Sam Widing

Sam Widing . 1 year ago

Do a week on recommended servings


martinb101 . 1 year ago

"that was deeply, deeply unpleasant" Now we're in for a proper week on!


ECL28E . 1 year ago

Didn't they lampoon this diet in Arrested Development

Diedert Spijkerboer

Diedert Spijkerboer . 1 year ago

I can see one problem with this diet almost off the bat: too many saturated fats.

Lily Liao

Lily Liao . 1 year ago

"we'll see"

Diedert Spijkerboer

Diedert Spijkerboer . 1 year ago

Hurray, Mike not enjoying his diet is back again!! 😉

Diedert Spijkerboer

Diedert Spijkerboer . 1 year ago

I saw the sinking of the muffin, but I had to rewind to spot it.

Diedert Spijkerboer

Diedert Spijkerboer . 1 year ago

My humble advice for everyone who wants to lose weight long-term is: accept that you will have ups and down along the way. In fact, overeating occasionally is good, because it tells your body that there's no famine going on. As a result, it won't go into panic-mode, a mode which is aimed at you burning as few calories as possible, exactly what you don't want. Symptoms of this panic mode include feeling tired and hungry and not wanting to exercise. So happily overeat to stop the panic mode with a frequency of about, say, once a month and then go back to your diet when you're ready (usually in a few days). It is almost certain that the weight loss you've achieved during the weeks before far outstrips the extra calories you ate during that brief spell of binge-eating. I just had a binge weekend, eating some 1500 calories too many in two days. After that binge weekend, I happily ate 500 kCal less than my target on both Monday and Tuesday, thus compensating for most of my binge eating almost instantly.

Diedert Spijkerboer

Diedert Spijkerboer . 1 year ago

My "diet", which I intend to stick to forever is calorie counting. I set an age and gender appropriate target (male, 50y) of 2250 kCal average a day. Result: I've lost 13 kg (~28 lb) so far and am still shedding the pounds at a slow but steady rate, while being only 2 kg (~4lb) away from a healthy weight. I can't recommend it to everyone, though as it's very numbers based and not everyone has a strong feel for numbers. However, there are apps that do most of the work for you and also give you visual feedback.

Diedert Spijkerboer

Diedert Spijkerboer . 1 year ago

Imho almost every diet is a fad diet. The motivation for this is that the only to loose weight permanently is to systematically change your eating habits and almost all these diets are impossible to stick to long term. My solution is calorie counting, which I've stuck to for over a year now and intend to keep doing forever. I can't recommended it to everyone, though, as it's very numbers based and not everyone has a strong feel for numbers. However, there are apps that do most of the work for you and also give you visual feedback.

James Lappin

James Lappin . 1 year ago

Wanker that wears his mask in the car

richard stevens

richard stevens . 1 year ago

Wtf are you eating the atkins diet was bacon eggs butter fats all kinds of meats not that fairy crap that would not fiil up a ant

babayaro07 mac

babayaro07 mac . 1 year ago

go get some sun mike. videos are fantastic but u look like u need that vitamin D son!!!

Propa Nawty

Propa Nawty . 1 year ago

Get yo nob out for lockdown

Propa Nawty

Propa Nawty . 1 year ago

A week on sex toys and outfits

Chris Pollard

Chris Pollard . 1 year ago

2001 called, they want their fad diet back.

Sunny N

Sunny N . 1 year ago

I think the next "Week On" has to be Greggs!!!!!!!

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