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I Lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokémon Cards
Logan Paul

Logan Paul

Published on 2 weeks ago

Drink Prime so I can get my $3,500,000 back :)
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I’m a 26 year old manchild living in Puerto Rico. This is my life.

G.I. Joe Theme

Edited by: @HillierSmith
Shot by: Kevin Galvan

Comments :

manu AR

manu AR . 47 minutes ago

The owner of the authentication company looked like he was gonna cry.

trav v

trav v . 1 hour ago

We're going to need a follow up to this man.

Tallin Douglas

Tallin Douglas . 2 hours ago

All those dudes looked shady af

Lawrence Smith

Lawrence Smith . 3 hours ago

Bro just cus you are what ever you should at least give us some good shit I never gave up on you content I miss cracking up with the videos you made your podcast is great but come on Bro I miss you content is what you are

Ethan Leiker

Ethan Leiker . 5 hours ago

Are you interested baseball cards?

Nick Risp

Nick Risp . 6 hours ago

Adderall is a crazy drug.


americaohfour . 7 hours ago

Whattttt a scam tho 😂😂😂😂😳

AyeBee Garay

AyeBee Garay . 7 hours ago

Lmaao someone said "tax write off"

Jose Jr Gomez

Jose Jr Gomez . 8 hours ago

Nah that’s crazy

minij hooi

minij hooi . 12 hours ago

"We all got duped... agree?" Does it matter who "got duped"? You're still the one who autheticated it at the end of the day

Bob Dingo

Bob Dingo . 12 hours ago

Anyone now those prime drinks coming to Iowa’s Walmart want to try them


naymac3 . 13 hours ago

Buy more AMC and GME!!

Venla Juhola

Venla Juhola . 14 hours ago

I lost 150€ on a Playstation 4 today


D3EW D . 14 hours ago

come to brazil


Celia 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е . 14 hours ago

Why don't you make a series hunting down these scammers? Idk seems fulfilling to me


Dan . 16 hours ago

How stupid to be to pay so much money for something you don't see!!!


cbjfan80 . 17 hours ago

Karma for the table :))

Eric Young

Eric Young . 17 hours ago

You brought 3.5 in army cards. Bro they hit you with the ole banana in the tail pipe

Amy 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me

Amy 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me . 18 hours ago

Why don't you make a series hunting down these scammers? Idk seems fulfilling to me


MegaJackal21 . 18 hours ago

Well … was it at least a full collection of GI Joe cards

Martin Smetak

Martin Smetak . 18 hours ago

Brecim jak někdo muže dat tolik peněz za karty ikdyz tolik peněz má a mnohem víc to mu to nic neudělá ale i to j v pytli

Kizzy Webb

Kizzy Webb . 21 hours ago

So happy he’s uploaded again been here since 2017

Jan K

Jan K . 21 hours ago


Robert BMW smitty

Robert BMW smitty . 22 hours ago

Sure you did, insurance payout

jose Gonzalez

jose Gonzalez . 22 hours ago


Justin Clark

Justin Clark . 22 hours ago


Dylan Lksod

Dylan Lksod . 23 hours ago

i got scamed for a 40$ cart i was pissed he got sce


PinkhairBlackman . 23 hours ago

dude i swear this is staged, logan paul knew how to reseal a pokemon package, he did it on impaulsive before

Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey . 23 hours ago

$**$**$--BBCE talks about the sticker but NEVER the TAPE like BBCE doesn't know someone could buy a OLD box and repack with a wider piece of tape to cover the old tape marks like whattttttt the more I watch this and examine the video it docent add up ..... and is the tape on it even from wizards of the coast . I say time to contact them and asked the some questions about their way of boxing and tape used . since its the "ONLY' "SEALED" box to exist....?!?!?!?

Deore Ved

Deore Ved . 23 hours ago

Please make your drink available online 😊

Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey . 24 hours ago

not saying he or all them didn't get duked butt Logan is a pretty good ACTOR just saying . and just think about the BIG BLOW UP AND HYPE this brings ........ justtt saying but as a HUGE POKEMON fan and collector this sucks all around tho .

Vlog BGM No Copyright Music

Vlog BGM No Copyright Music . 1 day ago


PVP King75 Gaming

PVP King75 Gaming . 1 day ago


R Dante A

R Dante A . 1 day ago


Aaron Ruiz

Aaron Ruiz . 1 day ago

i’m late but logan ur such an idiot 🤣🤣hope that prime gets u ur money back 😂😂


Kevmachine . 1 day ago

fake, the entire thing was fake, both parties knew what they were doing.... actors.

Lord PoundCake

Lord PoundCake . 1 day ago

Lmao the scammer got scammed. I don't believe your for a second.

LegoBricks Film

LegoBricks Film . 1 day ago

I have a few first Pokemon cards but i threw It🙃 Edit:And sorry for your money


Playmaker . 1 day ago

Someone who ever spent this huge Amount of money on trading card,deserve to bi sooo scamed,i salute to that Mastermind who fooled you 2 idiots on nxt lvl.


TheJagdog . 1 day ago

Completely different from my first comment, they should’ve had howie standing there asking Logan if he was positive he wanted to open that case and risk 3…… point….. 5 million dollars. Or sell that box and choose a different box.


TheJagdog . 1 day ago

I can’t believe the authenticator approved partially off a sticker on the side of the box. I worked in a pet products warehouse where we would get pallets of brand new boxed products with similar labels and after a month of the boxes being moved around or falling on the floor and slid then picked up and put back on the pallet, the sticker label would have some ware and would have the cardboard line spaces worn on them. Same goes for the tape that keeps the boxes closed. It wouldn’t be more than a month or two and tape on the boxes were one with the boxes. Box should’ve been cracked and externally examined without moving the boxes inside around and resealed with official tape and dated and signed. Still would’ve been a full box, still would’ve had the original boxes and packs inside. Logan saw something was wrong just from the shape of the boxes when they opened the case.

opzz xsin

opzz xsin . 1 day ago

was fooled, like if he wasn't the one who makes a living to avoid exactly this kind of situations.

Ayden Blanchette

Ayden Blanchette . 1 day ago

i knew this was gonna happen from the start

Adam Warpinski

Adam Warpinski . 1 day ago

Can I get those GI Joe cards?


squarebreads . 1 day ago

like it matters, millionaire nigga

Mitch Fierro

Mitch Fierro . 1 day ago

absolutely the most hilarious Logan content hahaha

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