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Kevin Rudolf Welcome To The World (Offiical Video)


Published on 12 years ago

Music video by Kevin Rudolf performing Welcome To The World. (C) 2009 Cash Money Records Inc.

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Comments :

Dantey Dyer

Dantey Dyer . 6 days ago


someone on the internet

someone on the internet . 2 weeks ago


Micol Cambriani

Micol Cambriani . 2 months ago

Mi adolescencia escuchando a kevin


KittyfromPH . 2 months ago

WM 26 💜💜💜

Swagat Santhosh Pillai

Swagat Santhosh Pillai . 2 months ago

I remember hearing this song every single day back then (in 9, 10th grades) and also having kind of a crush on those drummer girls

Edward Huntley

Edward Huntley . 2 months ago

Welcome to the World I'm in the Band Season 2 on Disney XD 2021-2022

Edward Huntley

Edward Huntley . 2 months ago

Welcome to the World I'm in the Band Season 1 on Disney XD 2019-2021


TasteeWheat . 2 months ago

This song reminds me of Myspace....


OVOXOvisions . 2 months ago

God the Kevin rudolph phase i went through was insane


YA . 3 months ago


Bruno Ubiratan

Bruno Ubiratan . 3 months ago

Music of mocrogunz v6. Players of mocrogunz Will cry when remember.

Mohamad Zulhelmi

Mohamad Zulhelmi . 3 months ago

End of 2021.?

Edward Huntley

Edward Huntley . 4 months ago

Middle School is for 10-14

Jay F

Jay F . 4 months ago

MySpace days, I remember the chick I was with and everything, and why I put the song on my page

Denzo Warmbad

Denzo Warmbad . 4 months ago

Seems like this song just pops in our minds and we come and listen.

Crystal Noel

Crystal Noel . 4 months ago

So underrated as an artist! This is lit after all these years!


J.F.H . 4 months ago

Este viejo con Facha de patineto y una canción con letra tan básica y un vídeo dirigido por su abuela entiendo porque no se hiciera famoso, con sus ridiculeces.


RockerCyborg . 5 months ago

There’s only one problem the song ends


Miller . 6 months ago

今聞いてもかっこよくて元気くれる数少ない曲最高です! 日本人いないかな🥺


•knf• . 7 months ago

The perfect blend of hip hop, rock and experimental! Love it!


•knf• . 7 months ago

This song will ALWAYS be my 'ish' haha


k . 8 months ago

I haven’t heard this since 2009 /2010

Snail Man

Snail Man . 9 months ago

I didn’t know he made other songs haha- WOW. He’s truly the one hit wonder. Only having one album in 2008.

Walid Elqjiri

Walid Elqjiri . 9 months ago


T1 U2

T1 U2 . 9 months ago

2021 year april

Khumbulani Bonani

Khumbulani Bonani . 10 months ago

12 year old me is having a ball listening to Kev' after so many years😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥

shahin صقر

shahin صقر . 10 months ago

2021 🥺🥺

Nicole C

Nicole C . 10 months ago

This song came out when I was 20 and just had my son. ❤


特命アンわさピーBs外野席 . 10 months ago

2013年 オリックスバファローズ、ホームチームスタメン前奏使用曲

Venkatakrishnan Hariharan

Venkatakrishnan Hariharan . 10 months ago

anyone in 2021 ?

420 Every_Day

420 Every_Day . 11 months ago

I remember I used to love this dude, so happy I found him again 😃

Justin Raap

Justin Raap . 11 months ago

I can't believe all these years later the word "official" is still spelled wrong in the title.

Sebastian Sanchez

Sebastian Sanchez . 11 months ago

Side Hustle Soundtrack Track 6

Erin San Juan

Erin San Juan . 11 months ago

i was in college listening to this... whoa!

ma- kun

ma- kun . 12 months ago

Welcome To The 2021


ChrisJayy . 12 months ago

Nostalgia just hit me like a fuckin bus!

Bloddy Gaga

Bloddy Gaga . 12 months ago

Tantos años y sigo Amando esta canción 😍😍😍 I..I_


Israel . 12 months ago

Ayooo 2021?

Silver Rodriguez

Silver Rodriguez . 1 year ago

2021 🔥

krishna thompson

krishna thompson . 1 year ago


hehe YEap

hehe YEap . 1 year ago

Good times. I heard someone say welcome to the world and this started playing in my head lol so now I'm here. This was like the first song I heard on MTV before school


EMINEM . 1 year ago

I just loved his voice.😍👌


Tru3tnn3r . 1 year ago

That Blonde Chick’s Hot. So is That Brunette Drummer.

Giorno Giovanna

Giorno Giovanna . 1 year ago

Not the song I was looking for, the one I'm looking for coincidentally has the same name. It's made by Takú Iwasaki That doesn't that I say that this song is bad!


dondon3421 . 1 year ago

2009-2010 era

Kajus Danilevičius

Kajus Danilevičius . 1 year ago

Yo I'm still here

Edinson 16

Edinson 16 . 1 year ago



Tevo77777 . 1 year ago

Why does he always hold a guitar if the songs don't use it?

Varun B Kumar

Varun B Kumar . 1 year ago

This sounds like one of them American High School TV Shows from like the 2008 to 2012 era like 90210

Lewis Shepherd

Lewis Shepherd . 1 year ago

Damnnn this takes me back 😂🤘🏻

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