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Relative Risks Of Acetaminophen, ADHD, And Autism
Healthcare Triage

Healthcare Triage

Published on 5 months ago

You’ve probably heard before that acetaminophen during pregnancy is associated with symptoms of ADHD and Autism in offspring. Well, we’ve got another study on that association. In today’s episode, we examine that study and revisit why we need to be cautious with observational data.

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Aaron Carroll -- Writer
Meredith Danko – Social Media
Tiffany Doherty -- Writer and Script Editor
John Green -- Executive Producer
Stan Muller -- Director, Producer
Mark Olsen – Art Director, Producer

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Comments :

Squizitzi! That’sItalianforyummy

Squizitzi! That’sItalianforyummy . 3 weeks ago


double AA

double AA . 1 month ago

4% is still a huge increase and Big pharma should be responsible

HippityHoppity ILikeMyPrivacy

HippityHoppity ILikeMyPrivacy . 4 months ago

I could also just see undiagnosed older adults especially women not knowing they’re autistic, but still being hyper sensitive and using over the counter drugs more often than their neurotypical counterparts as a result

Teresa Kathryn

Teresa Kathryn . 4 months ago

I understand exactly what you going through, I'm writing from Canada! I used Dr isibor natural herbal calming remedies and body cleanser for my autistic daughter with ADHD. It works! no side effects my daughter behaves normal now..

Arnaud Ménard

Arnaud Ménard . 5 months ago

It wasn't exactly the video I expected... I thought it would be about acetaminophen being a risk TO spectrum children, not OF them.

~AM Student~

~AM Student~ . 5 months ago

I wonder if there are studies of how many genetic parents with ADHD and Autismus Spectrum in their families, and a separate group of those without, where in both groups the new mothers take that medicine, and then see if there is any difference...


DiabloMinero . 5 months ago

I have autism, and I'm opposed to attempts to prevent people like me from existing. It's just hurtful, ya know? But I think I can make an exception for something that gets people to take less Tylenol, because Tylenol is trash. The therapeutic index is abysmal, and it interacts with just about everything. If Tylenol were invented today, it would be prescription-only, and with good reason.

Deborah Montgomery

Deborah Montgomery . 5 months ago

I just think it’s possible to try other non-drug pain relief techniques to make it through pregnancy. I also don’t agree with smoking pot, drinking alcohol, or taking allergy medicine while pregnant. The truth is, it’s not aiding in development nor is it nutritious.

ezra limm

ezra limm . 5 months ago

The highest association to autism is the use of 4chan, specifically /b/.


Kai . 5 months ago

Chronic pain and chronic illness is thought to be remarkably common in neurodivergent individuals. The genetic links in families to the adhd & autism neurotypes are also being investigated. AFAB individuals are historically under diagnosed or misdiagnosed. I would on those 3 points alone hazard a guess that those dealing with undiagnosed and untreated autism a/or adhd were also experiencing elevated or new symptoms during pregnancy that may have required using acetaminophen more than other pregnant people, in higher doses or more often. It's easy to misrepresent your data when you already know what result you want. If only they'd put more energy into improving our quality of life instead of trying to cure and eradicate us.

Whitterkins McGee

Whitterkins McGee . 5 months ago

The shark ice cream example is great

Michael Danby

Michael Danby . 5 months ago

Being from Australia I had no idea what drug you where referring to found out that it's Panadol (paracetamol) please keep this in mind next time kinda like the metric system vs the imperial

Paolo Amoy

Paolo Amoy . 5 months ago

Hello I really appreciate you doing these videos from an unbiased perspective. Thank you for continuing to educate us

jj Carvin

jj Carvin . 5 months ago

i wonder how much feeding a baby that probably should be on boob milk rice i dont think he is six months yet and being fed rice because my sister a complete idiot

Lord Publius

Lord Publius . 5 months ago

Somehow, I doubt the active ingredient in Tylenol might have caused me to become an Autist when I was still in my mother's womb.


dingus153 . 5 months ago

I always forget that the USA calls some drugs completely different things, for the non-americans this is paracetamol

Guest Informant

Guest Informant . 5 months ago

Isn't this comment important: _my mom didn't take pain meds during her pregnancy because of fetus contamination fears and all i got was severe health anxiety and contamination obsessions lol_ important. It seems that, amongst other things, nearly all conversation about Risk there's a hidden assumption of Zero Background Risk, but that's almost never the case. Rather you are exchanging one risk for another. Discussions about Risk should be comparative shouldn't they?


NZ . 5 months ago

Corona origins? Playhttps://youtu.be/JpX71ZtaqRI .


roxy . 5 months ago

If the mothers had unrecognized neurodivergence they may have been more likely to experience pain and discomfort related to sensory differences and the stress of living in a world that constantly bombards their nervous system with overwhelming experiences .

Sean Lamb

Sean Lamb . 5 months ago

#icecreamshark should be trending

Cassandra Karpinski

Cassandra Karpinski . 5 months ago

Or it could just be coincidence. I have asperger's (asd) and adhd. But my brother does not (yes very strange that the girl gets both and the boy gets neither). But we also suspect that my father has undiagnosed autism and he has add. So it is more likely i inherited them from him than from my mum taking a couple of tylenol whilst preggers.


therabbithat . 5 months ago

Mothers who are stressed get more headaches Traumatized people get more headaches ND people tend to have more stress and a higher likelihood of trauma Genetics seems more likely to be related to brain development of baby than Tylenol Stress in pregnancy seems more likely to be related to brain development of baby than Tylenol there was no attempt in the study to make sure that they were studying Tylenol and not genetics or stress (or other causes of headaches) I guess it's not easy to control for that stuff, we know that a lot of afab people have undiagnosed autism or ADHD, and, where I am from at least, it costs 3000 dollars to get assessed for both (1500 each), so there was no way they could reliably screen

Swartz Jackson

Swartz Jackson . 5 months ago

How many babies and young kids lifes were wiped out and others maimed by autism and other deseases in Africa and India by vaccs facilitated by bill gates foundation from the late 1960's?!

Solitary Reaper

Solitary Reaper . 5 months ago

He unironically said pregnant people lmao


狐夢美 . 5 months ago

I hate that people take neurodivergencies and say "x,y,z caused it!" like there's a cure. Some days I wish I could be "cured" of my ADHD but that's only because I don't like being treated like something is wrong with me when it's not. If anything, people need to stop looking at us like there's something wrong with us and just look at us like we're different. Sure we have special needs but just like people make concessions for and help physically disabled people, they should do the same for neurodivergent people. I have special needs just like them. Fucking treat me like it and work with me instead of trying to squish me in a box of neurotypical people and expecting me meet that standard. Maybe I'll actually flourish for once instead of thinking I'm useless and worthless because I'm not "normal".


KualityE . 5 months ago

As a parent of 2 autistic children I truly appreciate when ppl like you explain the facts about the research. There is so much misconception around autism fueled by bad interpretations and trust in poor research

Phylicia Gordon

Phylicia Gordon . 5 months ago

I'm glad this is being looked at but it's unnecessary to label having ADHD or Autism as an "adverse outcome". Brains are different from person to person just like anything else and while yes, a person with ADHD or Autism (or both) has differences that con be challenging, it does not make them bad.

Jay Rathod

Jay Rathod . 5 months ago

Curb it.


Abra . 5 months ago

Definitely worried about a study like this being overly sensationalized. People see the headline and i imagine parents having a gut reaction of fear that their child "becoming abnormal." Pretty sure ADHD and Autism are just trigger words to these audiences. I appreciate the clear/concise confrontation of the information to moderate that reaction. Thank you as always!

Leo Kim

Leo Kim . 5 months ago

Emily Oster is not a doctor. Unless you mean she has a PhD in economics but that's not the impression that viewers will have when you call her "doctor."


16poetisa . 5 months ago

NTs should focus less on preventing the "negative outcomes" of ADHD and autism and more on making the world better for NDs

Ie Dineen

Ie Dineen . 5 months ago

Oop! Re: autistic traits in male offspring. We’ve only recently started to notice the difference in how autism presents in male children vs female children, so a lot of studies show more boys with autistic traits than girls. I’m looking forward to future studies that help us learn more about how autism presents in women and girls, and studies about autism done after we take autistic girls into consideration.


saucerjess . 5 months ago


Nathan Ong

Nathan Ong . 5 months ago

Man, these stories are hitting Medical Clickbait Bingo! Glad you're diving into the science!

jj Carvin

jj Carvin . 5 months ago

ADHD never existed and as somebody on the autistic spectrum i am able to say that the so called ADHD gets controlled with sugar in my case it meant my blood sugar went to low i used to climb on walls other children needed sports TYT also proved the ADD/ADHD never existed and dave koller helped prove it because they never made a test for it they used some parts of the autism test to sort of pretend like one got made in fact it all went by mini quizzes and why this one girl went on kati mortons channel and was all like you easily get aderll by saying you cant focus for more then like five mins like me and its super fantastic kati morton ate it up as though ADD/ADHD existed because of that one idiot and the reason they took away ADD/ADHD medications and switched it to a placebo that might contain horrible chemicals

Lewis Rainwater

Lewis Rainwater . 5 months ago

The amount of work that went into that intro.


TMKF 26 . 5 months ago

In addition to all the great points raised, I'd add that there's probably big confounding variables among in the groups who didn't take any Tylenol at all. Like when looking at pregnant people who completely abstain from such a common medication (and I'm impressed that they even found enough such people to study), you are basically studying a minority of the general population and all sorts of other factors from allergies to pain meds, unique health seeking/avoidant behaviours, poverty/lack of funds, personal beliefs against conventional pharmaceuticals and "western" medicine, are very likely to be over represented. And any of these easily could easily make it less likely for their kids to get an adhd or autism diagnosis or for them to report it accurately. You get the same thing with any observational study looking at differences in a very common outcome between two groups when one group/behaviour represents a nuanced/varied minority relative to the whole population (See studies quoting small changes in common outcomes among anyone from vegans, people who don't use cell phones, eating/not eating chocolate, TV watching etc etc).


octet33 . 5 months ago

See also: anecdotal evidence (IDK if there's formal data behind it, but I'd hope someone's working on it) that Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (a vastly underdiagnosed genetic condition causing chronic pain often treated with acetaminophen, amongst a litany of other issues) is correlated with both ADHD and autism. Like, I'd estimate that a good half of my corner of the Twitter neurodivergent community has EDS. Not quality evidence, but I'd say it warrants some attempt at rigorous data collection before assuming that acetaminophen is causal. Patient communities literally already have a plausible hypothesis for what this 3rd factor is. Doctors and scientists really need to do a better job respecting patient expertise. See also: even if acetaminophen does cause ADHD and autism, torturing pregnant women with denial of pain management to prevent what may well be normal human variation has some ethical issues. In much of the neurodivergent community, it's seen as equivalent to banning vegan meat substitutes for making kids gay.


lorenabpv . 5 months ago

my mom didn't take pain meds during her pregnancy because of fetus contamination fears and all i got was severe health anxiety and contamination obsessions lol


lorenabpv . 5 months ago

this is a side issue here, but i'm so effing tired of "research" just putting all neurodivergences in the same place. like yes, there is overlap between them, but as someone with adhd i really hate when people act like it's the same as autism. it isn't and i would like my challenges to be acknowledged on their own (no shade to asd friends, i feel ya). like imagine there was a study saying pregnant folks who take tylenol could have babies with tinnitus or tooth decay. both things can cause you earaches and suck a lot, but they are not the same thing, are they? ps: i know i'm being a bit dramatic, but autism stereotypes kept me from being diagnosed with adhd + my mental illness for years. adults were like "she's too shy to talk and has panic attacks over deadlines in third grade but she isn't autistic, so let's ignore this"

Catherine Dore

Catherine Dore . 5 months ago

Hm, I'm pretty sure my ADHD and Autism weren't from my mom taking Tylenol during pregnancy. It probably had more to do with the fact that my father has ADHD and Autism...

Guy Boo

Guy Boo . 5 months ago

Why is everyone ignoring the *true* danger? Not one study has been done on the clear link between autism and dihydrogen monoxide.

Asit Kumar Gupta

Asit Kumar Gupta . 5 months ago

Wow. Could this explain why Metadoxine is being studied in Autism and ADHD


Shanoninoni8 . 5 months ago

Literally just thinking about the last 4 months and whether I took Tylenol or not... even though I completely understand everything Dr Aaron said! I'm rolling my eyes at myself...


SlimThrull . 5 months ago

The media not being nuanced? You don't say!


Tom . 5 months ago

Honestly most of my friends have ADHD or autism, not even sure it's fair to neccisarily call then "negative outcomes"


AuroraOurania . 5 months ago

I have autism and ADHD and this episode makes me more than a little uncomfortable with the pathologisation of something that is an inherent part of who I am. Attempts to eliminate neurodiversity are borderline eugenics, and I think any research with that as the stated or implied goal should be treated as such, no different than if there was as study trying to prevent people from being gay or trans (both of which I also am).


Devotedpupa . 5 months ago

While I’m as always thankful for the careful analysis and pushback against clickbaity headlines… are we not gonna question the way people with autism and ADHD are being portrayed here as less than human? Just like with antivax nonsense? I think that merits careful examination too.

The Internaut

The Internaut . 5 months ago

Ya know what us autistic people think of just studying any causal link? It make us feel like we are things worth rooting out and getting rid of. Low key~ F*ck that^ we are great and way better in so many ways than neurotypical people. Sorry I love your stuff but it isn't worth studying more it should be sclilenced cuz it doenst matter. Autism is not a shark attack 😑

Jack Tingle

Jack Tingle . 5 months ago

Sigh. In thermodynamic performance analysis, we are always (snort, yeah, right) careful to distinguish between a percentage "point" of effect vs a percent change in the effect.

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