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Avoid This College Essay Mistake
Gohar Khan

Gohar Khan

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Comments :

GioGio Brando

GioGio Brando . 1 hour ago

"I'll take the banana" "Why" "Because it's yellow"


sk4rpse . 2 hours ago

I'd take the banana, it has potassium.

Kelly Watson

Kelly Watson . 5 hours ago

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Aanyah Bhakri

Aanyah Bhakri . 10 hours ago

Him: apple or banana Me: apple Him: why Me: I just done like bananas Awkward silence Him: _So is the banana_ Me: *confusion*

Mad Plays Roblox

Mad Plays Roblox . 12 hours ago

I take the banana coz it is hot

Afrim Demaku

Afrim Demaku . 12 hours ago

I'll take the banana Why?" Because I'm a monky


BeastlybeastXD . 12 hours ago



BeastlybeastXD . 12 hours ago

I’ll take the apple Why Because it keeps a doctor

nikoloz nadiradze

nikoloz nadiradze . 12 hours ago

"I'll take the banana" "Why?" "Cuz i like the skin" 😏😏

Clearly not Obi-Wan Kenobi

Clearly not Obi-Wan Kenobi . 13 hours ago

i want the apple because an apple a day keeps the doctor away

Em 123

Em 123 . 13 hours ago

“Because I prefer bananas” “So are bananas” *intense confusion*

ravel fendy

ravel fendy . 14 hours ago

"ill take the apple" "Why cuz its not yellow" "So is the banana" "Huh"

Servam Birla

Servam Birla . 14 hours ago

I take apple because it keeps doctor away bro

Servam Birla

Servam Birla . 14 hours ago

Apple keeps doctor away bro 😂


S҉t҉a҉t҉i҉c҉ . 15 hours ago

Yeh he is writing li̶̶n̶̶e̶̶s̶̶

cRazY fOR MyseLF

cRazY fOR MyseLF . 15 hours ago

My answer is bcz it's my favorite 😝😂


Sadie . 15 hours ago

Me : I'll take the apple You : why? Me : I don't like bananas 😏

The Stranger

The Stranger . 16 hours ago

Apple its juicy


ImNoob . 16 hours ago

Because i want it and i like it . That's all . xD

Florie Cara

Florie Cara . 16 hours ago


Lana's Vlogs

Lana's Vlogs . 16 hours ago

"I'll Take the banana. " "Why? " "Because i Want It" ....... "So its the banana" Why..

Toca XD

Toca XD . 16 hours ago


Salim Samman

Salim Samman . 16 hours ago

Thank you this might help me when I go to college


M1K4N . 16 hours ago

Red's my favorite color

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne . 17 hours ago

I said the banana had more potassium


v . 17 hours ago

"I'll take the banana." "Why?" "Because i hate apples Duh."

Anna Szabó

Anna Szabó . 17 hours ago

-I'll take the apple -Why? -Because im allergic to bananas 😭🤚🏻

Kenzlee Reeves

Kenzlee Reeves . 17 hours ago

I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas


Speck_456 . 18 hours ago

"I'll take the Apple." "Why?" "I hate bannanas" "*held at g^n point* WHY!?"


VibingSnowFlakes . 18 hours ago

I'll take the apple Why? Because imma make a cake outta it So is the banana

aakriti jha

aakriti jha . 18 hours ago

I would take the apple cause I just hate fucking banana

÷𝓃ℯ𝒦𝓊 𝓃ℯ́𝓀𝓊̂ 𝓈Æ𝓃÷

÷𝓃ℯ𝒦𝓊 𝓃ℯ́𝓀𝓊̂ 𝓈Æ𝓃÷ . 19 hours ago

"I'll take the banna" Why Bc i is more nice ...

Pokemon Guardian

Pokemon Guardian . 19 hours ago

"I'll take the apple." "Why?" "Because its juicy" ~Ryuk the shinigami

Arnav Rawat

Arnav Rawat . 19 hours ago

Banana... Because I lack potassium in my body.

Curied Sushi

Curied Sushi . 19 hours ago

"I'll take the banana" "Why" Little kid: "because uhm uhh err ehhh uhm MY TOOTH ITS WOOBLY👁👄👁" "😑🤦‍♀️"

The Waltons

The Waltons . 19 hours ago

Me: banana You: why Me: I can’t eat apples 😩😂


TOP WORLD . 19 hours ago

I will take a apple because its juicy

Genalen Louise

Genalen Louise . 20 hours ago

"I will take the banana" "Why?" "Because its yellow and thats my favorite color"


Yuuki . 20 hours ago

I want the apple because I want the apple, I don't want the banana because I don't want the banana😃


{Killua_Stormz} . 20 hours ago

I’ll take the apple Why? So I can scare *GRU* FROM DESPICABLE ME 😈👹😈👹👺😈👹👺👹👹


Ultrimex . 20 hours ago

tbh, i m eating banana

10v3 ¥0u🖤

10v3 ¥0u🖤 . 21 hours ago

Him:I have a apple and a banana Everyone:oh ok Me: I have a pen I have an apple uh apple pen 🖊 🍎


zenoboy1medic . 21 hours ago


Trilochan Mishra

Trilochan Mishra . 21 hours ago

"I'll take the apple." "Why?" "Cause its red." "So is the bana-" Leaves to get a gun..💀


Clute . 21 hours ago

I’ll take the banana because it’s soft and yummy 😋 *So is the apple* But it’s crunchy

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