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Clean & Delicious

Clean & Delicious

Published on 4 years ago

Here is a short list of some of the tips that I found the most helpful when transitioning into healthier eating habits. I hope these 15 simple steps help to make healthy eating a bit easier and a lot more enjoyable for you.
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Thanks for watching! I hope you have a healthy and delicious day! - xo Dani

Comments :

Armando Martinez

Armando Martinez . 3 days ago


Jacqueline Murdoch

Jacqueline Murdoch . 5 days ago

Can you speak about portion control? Also, women "past a certain age"...losing weight is a nightmare for many women over 45. What are some tips for those of us already eating whole and healthy?


megan . 2 weeks ago

I really needed to see this video today - thank you!


skylar . 2 weeks ago

i am getting my life together :


yourhousewife . 2 weeks ago

As someone who years ago was very aware and always ate supper healthy, I've really been "hating myself " for not being able to stick to a "diet" lately. Your simple tip of trying to see what you can add to make food more healthy was such a burden lifted and opened my mind. Even the thought of my breakfast for myself and kids just became exciting! Thank you!

Tseohnni Ross

Tseohnni Ross . 2 weeks ago

This video is underrated

Beau B. Reeroj

Beau B. Reeroj . 3 weeks ago

The first thing I always do in each video is scrolling down to see if there is any kind person having made the summary.

Paula Keenan

Paula Keenan . 4 weeks ago

Thanks so much for sharing.

Active Life Food

Active Life Food . 4 weeks ago


dragons* 88

dragons* 88 . 1 month ago

I'm curious about what i could eat while I'm trying to deal Covid 19 ? I can't have anything creamy, as it causes too much flem for me.



Thank you 🙏

Bianca Rodrigues

Bianca Rodrigues . 1 month ago

Thank you for many years of great advice Dani, You are so awesome!


sjtench89 . 1 month ago

Can't have aspartame makes my chest hurt And the fact that practical anything has it in it Also does your recipes have printed outs or ways you can save I don't always have internet connection

Brandon Behrmann

Brandon Behrmann . 1 month ago

This was SO helpful. Thank you!

Elizandro Morales

Elizandro Morales . 1 month ago

Good 😊


spurthi CHADHARAM . 1 month ago

Thank you educative, I think we can shall may vphv understand the importance and meaning of eating healthy and hygienic as 1. Eating on time, 2. Eating food that really suits our requirements and increases efficiency and balance in thoughts action, 3. Eating slowly with fingers and not palm, 4. Eating carefully so that it does not fall or properly gulped and digested, 5. Observe your hair thoughts nerves teeth and saliva while eating and observe if all areas are properly supplied with nutrition as it decides the way we supply energy talk to required destinations, 6. Eating on empty or more acidic stomach especially oily and highly processed food, so we need more oily food to balance acids that results in oily or helpless or self defeating mood and bent behaviours, 7. Eating more sugar or salty food so that imbalance in thoughts, 8. Observe the bowls and material strength and properties in which they are cooked and look out for any thought errors if proper material is not used for appropriate situations etc., 9. And finally how we spend energy while doing each and every work........................eye carefully each thought, any distortion in vision like for example having difficulty in recognizing faces places or moving on in life, imbalances in creativity or practicality etc., So last but not the least every small aspect of eating matters, and each and every difficulty in thoughts can shall may vphv be addressed followed up and corrected for healthy happy safe and easy living at any cost........................

Sivadrita Debnath

Sivadrita Debnath . 1 month ago

Go watch how to make healthy snaks with yo.gungun https://youtu.be/po9DWQR7dX4


fitforfreelance . 1 month ago

Love a good beginners guide


morrillc . 1 month ago

I really enjoyed your videos!! Thanks!!

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow . 1 month ago

Watching this in the midnight. This is when I get all the productive thoughts which I usually ignore in the following morning

Asarra M

Asarra M . 1 month ago

i love this video i feel safe here lol

Mikki Hintikka

Mikki Hintikka . 1 month ago

sugar containing fruits and berrier are a lie. fructose isnt anyway better than white sugar. dont be fooled by berrier industries. If you want vitamins eat them in pills. way healthier

Valentina Zhogan

Valentina Zhogan . 1 month ago

I’m at the end of my “rope”. I am 5’3 211 lbs and out of control in my eating. I’m going to try this way of eating.

Bulu Nag

Bulu Nag . 1 month ago

This video i watch because I want to learn spoken English

Wanda Ryals

Wanda Ryals . 1 month ago

Excellent advice. Much better to learn your clean and delicious than to learn a new lifestyle after a horrific illness and orders from a dr!

Elfie From Angel City

Elfie From Angel City . 1 month ago

I am loving this advice. And the seasonal thing makes sense to me. Buuuut I'm Californian, and pretty much everything is in season here all year round. I know...we're pretty spoiled in that department.

Kyle Lareaux

Kyle Lareaux . 1 month ago

Let’s do this. We can do it!! It’s time to be better.

Elizabeth Lann

Elizabeth Lann . 1 month ago

I think this is incredible information,

Vaishali Anoop

Vaishali Anoop . 1 month ago

This help in India

Gethel Fitness & Health

Gethel Fitness & Health . 1 month ago

A healthy body is one that is in good physical, emotional and mental health. Our health is more valuable than anything else we have. It is a secret of a happy man🌷

Buddhaneo Siddhananda

Buddhaneo Siddhananda . 2 months ago

Life is a journey... live it...

Buddhaneo Siddhananda

Buddhaneo Siddhananda . 2 months ago

Only trust a healthy person to give good health advice...


Dan . 2 months ago

110 year old man ate honey garlic cinnamon dark chocolate Excel Well LLC


BigManMarcus1993 . 2 months ago

Oh special acasains like Christmas eat most sugar up to 119 grams sugar 1 year very healthy 2red bulls Jarvis full packet strawberry ice cream cake chocolate


BigManMarcus1993 . 2 months ago

Eat get up 9:00 eat banana and milk and at 13:00 eat full fish water than dinner jacket potato’s brockly water again 5 waters is enough ✌️

information & enjoy

information & enjoy . 2 months ago


susu ibrahim

susu ibrahim . 2 months ago

All you said is 💯 that I heard from Arabic Drs. But unfortunately these things our drs in US doesn't tell us about. I decide to be healthy and I will do it.


Adorbzxfairy . 2 months ago

Ah yes


Adorbzxfairy . 2 months ago

thats healthy for sure! Have u ever tried eating winkys? There Very healthy

Penny Wilcox

Penny Wilcox . 2 months ago

I'll probably need to give you some background so you can answer my questions better. I am 71 years old and was married for 53 years until last November when my husband passed away. I was his caregiver for probably five years before he passed. So I had purpose taking care of him which I thoroughly enjoyed! My concern is I want to avoid doctors and medicine as much as possible. To date I have not taken any medication or needed to. So I would like to avoid that if I could. My big problem is I've never been a healthy eater. I've always eaten processed foods pizza, cookies just about any processed food. My biggest addiction was diet Pepsi, that I've drank for 50 years, and Cheetos. I started looking into eating healthier and on September 21 of this year I stopped drinking the diet pop and Cheeto's, cold turkey. So, my problem is I don't know how to eat healthy. I don't know how to pick the fruits and vegetables, or cook them. So when I go to get a zucchini I don't know what to look for. Or how do I cook it! Plus, I don't want to waste food so I don't know how much I can buy. Unless I go to the store every single day and buy just what I'm going to eat but that could be a problem. I do not want to fall backwards I've been in that lifestyle all my life and it doesn't work. And with this Covid stuff it's hard to get anybody to sit down and talk about things. So I am totally on my own, but I'm trying! If you could give me any suggestions as far as how to cook vegetables or such I would really appreciate it ! I used to freeze a lot of my food in half cup increments. But they weren't really healthy foods. Augratin potatoes spaghetti, mashed potatoes chili etc.

Yinkere Kememoepigha

Yinkere Kememoepigha . 2 months ago

Whilst I’m in recovery from a primary breast cancer diagnosis, I stand with the 31. Today is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Aka Secondary Breast Cancer of which there is no cure. 31 people die each day of this terminal disease which needs so much funding and research. We are losing too many young & amazing women (& men) every day but thank God for Doc Harvey, A herbal practitioner who cured me completely and other patients from this deadly cancer even when people think there’s no cure I can tell you that’s a very big lie as there’s a cure. #makesecondscount #stage4needsmore #OurVoicesMatter

Pink Vampire

Pink Vampire . 2 months ago

Currently living on Nescafé and the few snacks I find around the house 👍🏻. I’m loosing a lot of weight unhealthily, I’m easily tired and drained, always sleepy. I definitely don’t eat 3 meals a day because Ive recently been losing appetite, it would be a “good eating day” if I sat to have lunch. I’m 17 by the way, and I don’t believe I have mental health issues, so I don’t really know why this is happening to me.

Sasi Bharani

Sasi Bharani . 2 months ago

Check my🏠😍 phone and🌹 the👍💯 same time as well you🌹 will have🏠⌚ you will never forget you want me and🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 I was in my life is not a good time with my life is not a good time with my life and you want your mom to go out for a👏👏👍 good morning mam good morning mam good morning mam good morning mam good morning mam good morning mam good morning mam good morning mam👀 I have⌚

CB.Author Lydia Green

CB.Author Lydia Green . 2 months ago

I have been following you for a few years now, I am working on clean eating and I have been reading labels for a very long time, I stopped eating fast foods a very long I mean years ago and stopped drinking soda many years ago. Well I am weighing in on being either plant based or vegan and I am working on it one step at a time; so for now I am working on healthy breakfast such as the overnight oats your new video absolutely love it, I make chia pudding also I from time to time use Just Egg which is plant based. I am still working on my clean/vegan/plant based breakfast. Lunch I have made black bean taco's no meat, Mediterranean salad, still working on more and last I am working on dinner ideas this is so hard, but I will not give up. By the way your over night oats had me so full when I ate at 8 and I was still full at 1 pm maybe because I kept drinking water.

SaLWa AhMaD AbBaSi

SaLWa AhMaD AbBaSi . 2 months ago

Thank you soo much for this video, it was really helpful , amazing and definitely enjoyable .. much love to youu and god bless 🤍✨✨ You just got another subscriber my friend .. Take care ✨🤍


Tehya . 2 months ago

This is so great!! Such a healthy approach to healthy eating! Much love!! ☺️🌸💕


САША . 2 months ago

про пал влад а4


35syndro . 2 months ago

I'm in the hospital now. I have to get with a better lifestyle on my eating habits. Came across this video. And you really hit it home for me.

Tajai Calip

Tajai Calip . 2 months ago

After I eat red meat because I do not eat red meat regularly. I fast by eating fruits, vegetables, and healthier platters. My only issue is when I am fasting from red meat. I do not like to see or hear anything during that week because I love eating. Lol.

Alex Brasher

Alex Brasher . 2 months ago

Love this! Really helped. Subscribed!

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