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How Many Calories Should I Eat A Day To Lose Weight?


Published on 5 years ago

This video explains how to figure out the number of calories you should be eating daily to lose weight. The number of calories you consume is an important factor in weight loss and weight gain.

Online Calorie Calculator: https://authoritynutrition.com/how-many-calories-per-day/

Calorie Counters: https://authoritynutrition.com/5-best-calorie-counters/

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STUDY 1: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18688113

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AHMED-RVP OFFICIAL . 1 month ago

I eat less than 500clories per day and im not losing that match

Cooper Howell

Cooper Howell . 4 months ago

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Burnerz MB

Burnerz MB . 4 months ago

I85 97

Kaitlynn Ortwein

Kaitlynn Ortwein . 5 months ago

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June Lam

June Lam . 5 months ago

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Kellan Walsh

Kellan Walsh . 5 months ago

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IF Nutrition

IF Nutrition . 7 months ago

if you are in a calorie deficit you are good. The problem is people work it out and eat to it if they don't lose weight they just stop rather looking at tracking discrepancies or just dropping a few more calories off to get the weight loss process going!

Reggi Gavan

Reggi Gavan . 9 months ago

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Angel Cohen

Angel Cohen . 10 months ago

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David Plymel

David Plymel . 10 months ago

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Carlosboii123 . 11 months ago

I got 2,400 for Benjamin’s thing no way I loose weight if I eat so much

Šárka Švadlenková

Šárka Švadlenková . 2 years ago

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Dirk Young

Dirk Young . 2 years ago

What is Fenoboci Diet Plan and how does it work? I hear most people lost their weight with this popular weight loss diet plan.


rotaryfork . 4 years ago

Your body is smarter than you think. Reference to the biggest loser study and the overfeeding studies your body will adjust its metabolic rate up or down if you eat less than or more than your hunger. Your body will then quickly return to its set point once you return to eating until full. To lose weight stop spiking your insulin, I bought a glucose meter, eat until you are full, but fast when not hungry. Losing weight this way results in no loose skin and a permanent set point change!


Imran . 5 years ago

Can you do a video on what you eat on a normal day to maintain your wonderful physique?

Evgen Patotskiy

Evgen Patotskiy . 5 years ago

just use WooPep diet :)))


QueenWeezy™ . 5 years ago

A lot of these calorie calculators saying different stuff on every website

Christine Grunert

Christine Grunert . 5 years ago

Lol, an orange is mostly 100-160 kcal! 🍊

velly jatt

velly jatt . 5 years ago

what about your artilcle on calories and calories out?? you are twlling here to day totally oppposite to your article.

Hype Queen

Hype Queen . 5 years ago

Such amazing videos. It's a shame about the comments you guys get. Your content is incredible. Please keep it coming!

John Law's father

John Law's father . 5 years ago

*The best weight loss/ weight control and healthy eating advice there is*: Eat just enough in order to straighten your back and if you feel the need for more, eat until 1/3 of your stomach is full. The other 2/3 is divided between fluids (water) you may take in and air.


IDALIA . 5 years ago

which one of the calorie counters would you recommend?

Petar Petrović

Petar Petrović . 5 years ago

So much nonsense. It doesn't matters how much you eat, but what you eat and how often. You can starve and gain fat tissue or you can be full most of the day and lose mass. The other thing is there is nobody who actually just wants to lose weight, but just to look better, which is not the same thing at all. Believe me, you don't want to look like children from africa or jews from concentration camps, but what you want is to look like athletes who eat like 10 eggs for each breakfast...

Larry Zutavern

Larry Zutavern . 5 years ago

Hey Declan were you born a ahole or did you have to work at it.

Declan McArdle

Declan McArdle . 5 years ago

Why bother with pounds? The 4.3% of the world who use that are fat Yanks who wouldn't get off their arse unless it was to go get another twinkie!

Jonathan Mendoza

Jonathan Mendoza . 5 years ago

This video was really informative and helpful. Thanks for the info! :)

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