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BURN FAT FAST From Home | No Equipment


Published on 1 year ago

Follow Along With Chris Heria as He Shows You How To BURN FAT FAST From Home Without the need of any equipment. Join in this workout and start getting in the best shape of your life.

Find out How to start working out the best way for beginners with Chris Heria and the Heria Pro App. & for more workouts by Chris Heria visit heriapro.com and download the HERIA Pro App in the App Store!

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http://thenx.com/blog/events/ (currently updating)


Comments :

Hyrum Gile

Hyrum Gile . 5 hours ago



yofavcuzzo . 12 hours ago


Saud Aj

Saud Aj . 14 hours ago

You would look really good without any of these body inks man. Anyway thanks for the advice.

Forpubg Lee

Forpubg Lee . 1 day ago

I dont even have enough energy to do one time. How to do 3rounds?

Forpubg Lee

Forpubg Lee . 1 day ago

How long Chris has been doing workout? his body is perfect

Enrique Aguirre

Enrique Aguirre . 1 day ago

He gives us good tips to lose fat and Wight I’m doing all that n trust me it works good 💯👆🏼

marius garvey

marius garvey . 2 days ago

i cant do a push up/;

Gday Luv

Gday Luv . 2 days ago

Hey guys I’m only new to the workout seen. So I just did the workout and my arms feel strained is this normal

Joshua Kyle

Joshua Kyle . 5 days ago


Joshua Kyle

Joshua Kyle . 5 days ago


Night Bolt

Night Bolt . 5 days ago


Take Kumo

Take Kumo . 6 days ago

Started working out to lose some weight today, I feel like this video will help me alot since alot of the comments said it's fast and effective. I'll just write what happens every day. Day 1 - I could barely do any of the excercises, so I did 100 squats, 40 situps and 10 pushups, trying to train my body before doing these hard ones

Da gamer from Wakanda

Da gamer from Wakanda . 6 days ago

Day 1: Was struggling really badly, can't keep up with him, managed to barely do 3 pushups, only did 1 round today, drenched

Erica Mendoza

Erica Mendoza . 6 days ago

He actually not joking when he says fast trust me.


Gabe . 6 days ago

So how many calories do you actually burn I want to know

the Kardashians

the Kardashians . 7 days ago

Start today update tomorrow


Ryzee . 1 week ago

Wow i got bas just from you thanks


AH DO . 1 week ago

That's brilliant How many workout per week?

Richard Pederiane

Richard Pederiane . 1 week ago

Guys, I'm very skinny and very weak, so I can only do 1 round. Is it okay? Sorry to disappoint you guys :(


ItsSmeeAgain . 2 weeks ago

If you are someone who is trying to loose some quick weight than your reading the rights comment. I know a way you could potentially loose 8kg (17.6lbs) in three days. It’s a protein only diet. You eat 150 grams of protein for breakfast. (NOTE: YOU CANNOT HAVE SAUCE OR ANYTHING WITH CARBS FIR THREE DAYS STRAIGHT, ITS A VERY MENTAL DIET BUT YOU WILL RECEIVE RESULTS) After 150 grams for breakfast you have 50 grams of protein 2:30 hours later. 2:30 hours after the 50 grams of protein you have another 150 grams for lunch. 2:30 hours after lunch you have 50 grams. 2:30 hours later you have 150 grams for dinner. Every 2:30 hours your awake after dinner you have 50 grams of protein. If you wake up in the middle of the night EAT PROTEIN because it will keep your metabolism burning causing you to LOOSE WEIGHT IN YOUR SLEEP. Do this for three days straight. No carbohydrates. Once you finish day 3 stick with eating protein but add vegetables with it and small amounts of carbs like a slice of whole meal bread. Good luck to you, best wishes AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺


t0xq . 2 weeks ago

5 suggestions for anyone trying to lose fat fast. Only eat when your hungry, not just out of Bordness, don’t eat in front of a electronic, you will lose track of what you ate and still feel hungry, you can’t just workout once every few days and expect big changes, being consistent with your workouts, keep track of your weight every 2 weeks, if you are truly grinding and see that you have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks it will motivate you to do more

Sohail Ahmud

Sohail Ahmud . 2 weeks ago

Me watching this at 2 am and he is saying to have enough sleep👁👄👁

MarMar Squad

MarMar Squad . 2 weeks ago

Log Day 1: (Did this at 2am which He literally said that sleep was important but all day I had thought about exercising but just never did so the guilt got to me and I started exercising at 2am, anyways...) I CAN NOT do a push up at all so I settled with knee push ups (still could not do a proper push up) have some joint problems but hopefully this will help OVERALL - Felt good, 1 round Day 2: Was planning on exercising at 10pm but had to skip since my friend told me to do that anymore 😭😂 OVERALL - Skipped Day 3: I could not, the only time I can exercise is literally 10pm goes that's when people aren't in the living (can't do it in my room since the living room IS my room) so Imma just not tell my friend that I exercised late =w= I felt like I could go for longer and more rounds but I was lazy OVERALL - 1 round Day 4: Was kinda lazy 😬😬 so I didn't exercise 😂 OVERALL: Skipped Day 5: Yayy finally exercised while the sun was out :D AM PROUD AND I DID 2 ROUNDS!! After I finished my first round I was already dying (coughing like crazy) but I figurer I could do one more so I did :DD 2nd time tho I did my exercise not toooo well I was so tired 😩 but I still went through it and finished it. I will try again and try to do 2 rounds or more OVERALL: 2 ROUNDS Day 6:omggg I hurt my left shoulder doing up down planks 😭😭 I think I was doing it too fast OVERALL: 1 Round Day 7: Went around outside all day so was feeling tired and skipped OVERALL: Skipped

Ursula Mendez Degado

Ursula Mendez Degado . 2 weeks ago

I am scared that doing this workout as a girl i will have too much muscles and have the body of a boy...

:D • 28 years ago

:D • 28 years ago . 2 weeks ago

Just stumbled upon this workout, imma try it today. I mean im 16, at 75 kg and lost like 5kg in a month ( i think thats 11 pounds not sure) . Even tho i got to a healthy bmi i still look really fat. Like alot of side fat so imma just keep going. Hopefully i can get to like 65 kg.

If I Key

If I Key . 2 weeks ago

Since everyone is doing this, ill do it 2 Day 1: 142 pounds I had to stop a couple times, very hard for me, I also only had coffee today, and its already 10pm. Day 2: Day 3: Day 4: Day 5: Day 6: Day 7: Day 8: Day 9: Day 10: Day 11: Day 12:

Francis Ryan

Francis Ryan . 3 weeks ago

2:50- start of workout day 1-can only do 2 rounds can't properly execute low plank to high plank had to put my knees in the floor to execute to finish also had to incline push up had to rest 10 min inbetween rounds (weight 85kg)btw day 2 - only did one round felt weak day 3 - skipped was busy day 4 - nvmd i had free time yesterday but i just didnt do it so to make up for it i did 4 rounds today none of them were perfect execution

Souhardyo Chatterjee

Souhardyo Chatterjee . 3 weeks ago

Can I still follow this if I'm not fat?

Justine Villarico

Justine Villarico . 3 weeks ago

*wants to lose fat *watches this *learns the basics *nah ill do this later

Fairy HEX

Fairy HEX . 3 weeks ago

Im starting today and id like to say that, this is hard. its not easy. im very overweight, and im not proud of it. I'm commiting this time. there is no more running away. life never changes if you remain still.

mrswhugy J

mrswhugy J . 3 weeks ago

This is a good workout but not really HIIT… in hiit you are supposed to give it EVERYTHING for a short burst like 60 seconds and then rest until your heart rate goes back to normal

Fearless let’s gooooooopoppooooooooooooooo

Fearless let’s gooooooopoppooooooooooooooo . 4 weeks ago

He is a good trainer for me

Iron Man

Iron Man . 4 weeks ago

So how do i lose 100 pounds in like a month or less. My HS reunion is coming up and I think i maybe fat ( 250 ) how do i cut it down to 150 ! I have a lot of money, do you have any courses i could register that show fast results


iSaucyy . 4 weeks ago


Sphinx -

Sphinx - . 4 weeks ago

How long you should rest before starting the next round?


Cumi . 4 weeks ago


Lazer Shock

Lazer Shock . 4 weeks ago



Kira1995 . 4 weeks ago

I always have a thumbs up for hight protein, low carb and plenty of water, you can still eat amazing tasty food which causes you to not want junk, potato and pasta is my weakness but you can push through it Cheese is also better for snacking so you don't end up wanting junk food, as its a good fat Keep going everyone you'll get there!!


Jun . 4 weeks ago


mrswhugy J

mrswhugy J . 1 month ago

Gonna start today, wish me luck

cătălin SV

cătălin SV . 1 month ago

ty for posting this! every day i click on THIS video 2-3 times and i do this workout

Qader Danish

Qader Danish . 1 month ago

Love u mate u dnt kno how much this means to me

Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore . 1 month ago

So In the app for the burning fat I don’t have a bar to do the high knee raises what can I do


GmeOver罪 . 1 month ago

I will be back


linkvertiser . 1 month ago

how much does an hour worth of only the hiit workout burn

I beat my meat

I beat my meat . 1 month ago

This dude looks like a jacked crypto from Apex legends.

Shree Stha

Shree Stha . 1 month ago

Dangg! Did a workout after 3 months and feel so goood!! This workout is no joke man. Hats off bro!

Braxton Studer

Braxton Studer . 1 month ago

i can not do that cus i can not do a push up

Braxton Studer

Braxton Studer . 1 month ago

i am to fat so i can not ebil to do it

Sorry Armie

Sorry Armie . 1 month ago

Initially read your name as Chris Hernia 😳

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