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Indian Low Carb Diet For Weight Loss


Published on 3 years ago

Indian low carb diet for weight loss. This is one of the best diet to lose weight in a healthy way. Here is a list of food to include in an Indian low carb diet for weight loss.
The list of foods to avoid in the Indian low carb diet. Examples of food dishes and menu to use in Indian low carb diet for weight loss. what to eat and what not to eat . Low carb diet information.

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Comments :


dietburrp . 3 years ago

To Read this video in English check - https://www.dietburrp.com/indian-low-carb-diet-for-weight-loss/ This video is on a general Low carb diet. This is NOT a keto diet. All low carb diets are not KETO. If you are looking for Keto diet, check this - https://www.dietburrp.com/indian-version-of-ketogenic-diet/

Rohit Bansal

Rohit Bansal . 1 week ago

Is mein kuch btaya ya ni. Ya faltu ki publicity or link hi diye hue ha.



Very useful information mam thanks

Ansh Jat

Ansh Jat . 2 months ago

Feeding mother ke liye diet plan bataeye mam

Indu Bala

Indu Bala . 3 months ago

Kya nariyal pani pi sakte han suger patients..??ghutne kharab han chal fr nahin sakte..baith k rk ghanta ker leti hun.exercise theek ha kya ..

Rita Suri

Rita Suri . 3 months ago

Mam which diet plan is good for type 2 diabetes.I am 65yrs and over weight.Please let me know as l have to reduce very badly.

mohammad faizan

mohammad faizan . 3 months ago

Very good suggestions and very well explained...

Ringki Narzary

Ringki Narzary . 3 months ago

Mam I want diet plan because my triglycerides level is high plzzz suggests

Aditya Raj 8/A

Aditya Raj 8/A . 5 months ago

Best advice

Wibranium Gaming

Wibranium Gaming . 5 months ago

Thanks so much mam Your are the best decision

Kuppuswamy Balakrishnan

Kuppuswamy Balakrishnan . 5 months ago

Either you speak English or Hindi any one you speak don't mix


DOCTOR FLY GIRL . 6 months ago

Mam I tried all type of diets no diet is effecting me rather iam dng workout even iam nt lossing my weight if so help me with this mam Thank you ☺️


MANISHA SHAH . 6 months ago

mam please tell me in weightloss diet can I eat curds and tur dal both in lunch time?


Khush . 7 months ago

You are wrong in satiety point. Its fat that gives satiety not protien

Muhammad Hamid

Muhammad Hamid . 7 months ago

1:23 was the pal when foreigners quit watching this video :D

Pam Nanda

Pam Nanda . 7 months ago

Mam brown bread is healthy or not ???? I cn include in this diet ???

yesme done

yesme done . 7 months ago

Also detailed explanation was expected regarding disadvantages an rebounce of the same which may cause various body disease 🙄🙄🙄

leena bansal

leena bansal . 8 months ago

Very Well explained How much carbs we should take in a day to loose weight?

shaibal Ranjan Barik

shaibal Ranjan Barik . 8 months ago

In short, u covered all

Poonam Karkera

Poonam Karkera . 8 months ago

I have bought ebook but haven’t received money has been deducted

Abhay Reddy

Abhay Reddy . 8 months ago

avoid Ghee and butter but take the other bad oils you mentioned? you are nuts.

Sophia Mary

Sophia Mary . 9 months ago

Hi mam as I'm working women I can't do exercise ,walking and after coming home if I want to doin evening I get more stress....and I will stop weight loss journey ....so only option is I can dance for 30 min to my favourite song ....does it consider as exercise

Nitesh Patil

Nitesh Patil . 9 months ago

Mam i want to face fat increse. Pliz मुझे diet batey

Priya Tare

Priya Tare . 10 months ago

Very nice and useful information about diet, carbs and nutrition so have one small katori of white rice but that too cooked in a open vessel and not in cooker and draining out the strach Is is correct Please guide

Ayush Bijlani

Ayush Bijlani . 10 months ago

I m 13 year old girl and I have to lose weight slowly not fast which diet plan and workout I do

Trade Pandey

Trade Pandey . 10 months ago

I have wasted so much time on many YouTube videos,, now stick with just water fasting-14 days - this is best diet plan

1010 Taiabaa Sultana

1010 Taiabaa Sultana . 10 months ago

Thanks mam

nully abood

nully abood . 10 months ago

Please can you speak in english

sakhi jain

sakhi jain . 10 months ago

I want to weight loss helpme

Romana Mobin

Romana Mobin . 11 months ago

Can l use Soyabin oil in cooking 🍳 for weight loss....

edgar fernandes

edgar fernandes . 12 months ago

Very nicely explained. 👌

Yash Shingare

Yash Shingare . 12 months ago

Superb informative video mam 🙏🏻👍🏻... Mam can I include jowar roti in diet plan ?

Adv. Prasad Pawar

Adv. Prasad Pawar . 1 year ago

Want to loos fat and not mussel. Will this kind of diet helpful?

Raj Mobdreams

Raj Mobdreams . 1 year ago

Pls upload free books

Mayur Patil

Mayur Patil . 1 year ago

Ghee has good fat broo


FR33 WILLY 9D . 1 year ago

Wow I love this, you are an angel 💚

Rahul Pardhe

Rahul Pardhe . 1 year ago

Dear mam, how to loss of belly fat

AbhiKanolkar's Studio

AbhiKanolkar's Studio . 1 year ago

Perfect, This is what I was looking for 👍

Medha Mukherjee

Medha Mukherjee . 1 year ago

Maine keto kia hai 8 weeks k liye I got good results

Airish Spring Alazas

Airish Spring Alazas . 1 year ago

Can I eat eggplant or aloo curry with japati while I'm on a diet?

shaik.Razeena begum

shaik.Razeena begum . 1 year ago

Mam Pls tell me ur number I want personal diet iam razeena,in a.p

Bhavika Babani

Bhavika Babani . 1 year ago

Is this Diet also suitable for Endomorfs?

Purps T

Purps T . 1 year ago

Thank you so much. Got ideas. Please make one low carb diet for vegan. Can a women have 100 grams of tofu everyday ?.

Ekta Dharmani

Ekta Dharmani . 1 year ago

Ap sbse best dietition ho thnku mam

Rakhi Sahay

Rakhi Sahay . 1 year ago

Thanks for the diet plan and please tell how much weight can we loose with this low carb diet plan. And please tell can we loose weight with intake of rotis

Mohammed Tahir

Mohammed Tahir . 1 year ago

Mam Can I take skim milk powder..


peaa . 1 year ago

I just don't understand the concept of ghee. Some youtubers who also claim to be dietician, they always promote the use of desi ghee...in almost all meals daily. Doesn't it cause hyperlipidaemia ? Would you please elaborate? Can we replace cooking oil with ghee ?


koushik . 1 year ago

Hi I'm 14 and can I follow this diet

Aswathy Krishnan

Aswathy Krishnan . 1 year ago

Please post the video in English or in Hindi .


JASMEET KAUR . 1 year ago

mam plss tell agar diet aur workout ke bad patle ho gaye hai to chodh dene se phir se mote ho jayenge ya permanent slim plss tell mam bhut preshan hu bhut search kiya youtube pe plss bta do 😣😣😣

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