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What Every Man Should Know About HCG


Published on 6 years ago

Nelson Vergel from ExcelMale.com interviews Allison Woodworth about her clinical experience with the use of HCG in men on testosterone replacement therapy to help them prevent or reverse testicular and fertility loss. The Prime Body clinic network restores your body’s hormones to their optimal levels and helps you attain your weight loss goals. Our therapy has proven extremely effective in improving our patients’ health, energy levels, and helping them feel “back to normal” The Prime Body staff has specialized training to ensure that the care you receive is the best and most up-to-date anywhere; it is their passion! This knowledge, combined with our meticulous protocols, is the reason that most patients experience such great benefits and NO unpleasant side effects from Prime Body therapy. You’ll meet with a Prime Body physician (offices available in over 22 cities with more coming all over the USA) during your initial visit. After that you’ll only need to come in for visits about twice a year. Email us at [email protected] or visit www.PrimeBody.com for a free consultation.

Comments :

Dominic Reed

Dominic Reed . 1 month ago

It is now December 2021 and as of yesterday the FDA Nazis decided to cancel hCG and any kind of gonanotropin and is now working on any kind of TRT hormone replacement or HRT hormone replacement or even hard to compound treatments

Guillaume Lambert

Guillaume Lambert . 2 months ago

If a healthy men not on TRT and with no fertility or testosterone issues were to hop on hcg for diet purpose would that permanently suppress the body natural production of LH and FSH ? does it have a similar effect like steroid ? or is it dosage dependant?

Gusto J

Gusto J . 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing. I read HCG is no longer being prescribed as of March 2021. Although, these do the same thing, do you recommend using Gonadorelin & is there any difference between the two? What the cost for HCG? Lastly, can HCG bring out cancer in someone’s body?

Johnny Pinkleton

Johnny Pinkleton . 2 months ago

Im 33 years old. Can a short hcg regimen be used yo bring my balls back to normal size? My testosterone level is 269


Cody . 2 months ago

Love how she says Sperm really emphasizes it

Greg Sheehan

Greg Sheehan . 3 months ago

Does HCG use help with erections ?

Randy Castillo

Randy Castillo . 3 months ago

Looking at her seems to make my HCG dose for trt work better

Thomas Lin

Thomas Lin . 4 months ago

…This Is recorded on a blue screen… they’re not actually in a doctors office. Very misleading


Andrew . 4 months ago

This video contains a lot of great information. However the dry mouth sounds were definitely a distraction. Either way, thanks for the info.

James Kendrick

James Kendrick . 5 months ago

Bevis.. she said sperm

Mike Albanese

Mike Albanese . 6 months ago

I hope the cameraman got a different profession.


Hushai . 6 months ago

She clearly knows her stuff about testicles......hot lady.

Barnabás Kocsi

Barnabás Kocsi . 6 months ago

Love her feminine energy

Samuel Trinidad

Samuel Trinidad . 6 months ago

She looks like a chic from “the white chicks”


Nut . 7 months ago

Can I cycle HcG whilst on TRT to just maintain? If so what would be a minimalist schedule? I.e could I do 1 month of 3 x 250IU HCG a week then take 2 months off and then go again in a month? It's quite expensive where I am, I don't want to spend more money on HCG than my test itself lol

Valentino Rowe

Valentino Rowe . 8 months ago

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Vadislav Bakurin

Vadislav Bakurin . 8 months ago

What is Okibetonic Secrets? Does it work? I hear many people burn their weight with this popular lose weight methods.

Dennis Newton

Dennis Newton . 8 months ago

Will i be ok with my 23G in my leg above my knee and below my hip. I noticed my needles are a bit longer

Claudio Dominguez

Claudio Dominguez . 8 months ago

Green screen.

Andrew Kenseth

Andrew Kenseth . 8 months ago

I’m currently going doctor to doctor locally trying to find one who will prescribe HCG. It is so frustrating dealing with these con artist in the hormone business. They literally don’t care what you’re trying to do with fertility and want to prescribe and take your money for Testosterone. I am about to give up with local doctors. It’s sad, I have the best health insurance you can find and cannot find a doctor who takes insurance who’s worth the time or money..

Yves Patrick Mardice

Yves Patrick Mardice . 8 months ago

Do men who had a vasectomy really “need” HCG?

Jewel Paul

Jewel Paul . 8 months ago

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Xiomara Borjas

Xiomara Borjas . 8 months ago

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Norene Dixon

Norene Dixon . 8 months ago

This video is great! It helps me remember of the time when my wife used Okibetonic Secrets to lose 17 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Most people want to lose fat, however we also need to stay nutritious, and that's what Okibetonic Secrets gifted.

Jim Wilkey

Jim Wilkey . 8 months ago

Looks like he’s been double dosing the TRT a bit too much!

David Lingner

David Lingner . 9 months ago

What if you don't care about being fertile? You're an older man and your family has grown up?

Tamia Hanson

Tamia Hanson . 9 months ago

Anyone tried the Okibetonic Secrets? I have heard many unbelivable things about it and my mate lost tons of weight with Okibetonic Secrets (google search it).

Valerie Cantrell

Valerie Cantrell . 9 months ago

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M A . 9 months ago

Dude, shave your head....or at lest use the clipper to cut it as close as possible. Looking like a chinese monk. Great video!!👍

Konstantinos K

Konstantinos K . 10 months ago

and how often do u have to repeat the treatment ? twice or year ? or more frequent

Town Skalla

Town Skalla . 11 months ago

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Carl McCall

Carl McCall . 11 months ago

Omg so hot

Richard's World Traveler

Richard's World Traveler . 1 year ago

I bet she knows how to increase a man's libido.

John Madsen

John Madsen . 1 year ago

Now to prevent that Morty hair?


Str8 . 1 year ago

Proof that beauty and intelligence can be found at the same time in women. She answered every single answer professionally, fluently, with not a single hint of doubt. Mesmerizing.


Roscoe . 1 year ago

I love hcg when off cycle.


Jaang29 . 1 year ago

I was prescribed HCG and Xyosted, but my testciles have " grown", a lot. How come the testciles are growing ? I thought the stopped growing after puberty. Thank you. 1 ML Xyosted weekly, and 1 ML HCG three times per week, is my prescription. Thank you.

Cliff Cheung

Cliff Cheung . 1 year ago

I need a prostate exam doctor

Marion Splatt

Marion Splatt . 1 year ago

Does Custokebon Secrets really work? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im uncertain if it is good enough to lost tons of fat.

Music Suniye

Music Suniye . 1 year ago

Nelson was confused whether to look at her or the camera

Teodoro Gottleber

Teodoro Gottleber . 1 year ago

Hi, have you considered this kind of diet plan called the Custokebon Secrets? My sister says it helps people lost a ton of weight. Is that possible? I also heard many good review relating to this diet plan. Thoughts?


Adam . 1 year ago

While on trt do you need to cycle hcg or can you take it without any breaks?

Joshua D'Altilia

Joshua D'Altilia . 2 years ago

Her reddish hair goes well with her pretty face, I've often liked a red headed lady

Joshua D'Altilia

Joshua D'Altilia . 2 years ago

Wow this woman is damn fine looking, these topics about testosterone involve in hot women doing talks about it plus I'm on trt and it's helped me to remain as a fully functioning man so there for it's helped me remain my fascination and appreciation of the feminine beauty of a woman

Stephen A

Stephen A . 2 years ago

So is the idea of administering HcG 2-3 times a week due to the half life ? My doc gives me one shot of HcG and one shot of testosterone a week. Is this misguided ?

David Hydock

David Hydock . 2 years ago

I just learned about perhaps a better product human menopausal Gonadotropin which is both Luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone

martin enriquez

martin enriquez . 2 years ago

She is a man!!!!!!

rakesh pant

rakesh pant . 2 years ago

Injecting accentrix inside eye fr retinal disease

ambarish kumar

ambarish kumar . 2 years ago

I'm listening very intently to the doctor.

Nicholas Mackey

Nicholas Mackey . 2 years ago

Hiza my shiza, okey dokey...

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