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Green Tea | Health & Fat Burning Benefits | Review By Guru Mann
Guru Mann Fitness

Guru Mann Fitness

Published on 5 years ago

Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Green tea originated in China, but its production has spread to many countries in Asia. Watch what Guru Mann has to say on Green Tea.

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Comments :

Vishwajeet Satane

Vishwajeet Satane . 2 days ago

After seeing video of guru mann sir,now I come to know exact benefits of Green tea.... Thank you so much

omega 3

omega 3 . 1 week ago

Gud evng sir I am from India jammu and kashmir I followed u please suggest me my father has very low platelet count in his body

Vinay kumar

Vinay kumar . 1 week ago

I use arjuna tea from planet Ayurveda it helps me in reliving stress and anxiety.

adil ahmed

adil ahmed . 3 weeks ago

Ye kia boldia bhai, ek video dekha maine, green tea healthy hai but jo tea bag cover hai na wo injirious to health hai yani cancer usse hota hai


SoMyA BiSaRiA . 2 months ago

My mother in law had daily green tea and from 4days she is having fever.. Reason she is having hypertension problem and bone problem.. I think daily and 3,4times in a day is stupidity. Better to have 3times in a week and after having something with a break of 1hr, also it is better to have luke warm water with half lemon and few drops of honey in morning and night for good digestion.

Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay Kumar . 2 months ago

Good video

Shabaz Shaikh

Shabaz Shaikh . 2 months ago

Hello Guru Mann, Shabaz this side, I do follow you, your videos are very informative, After watching this video i started green tea and yes i can see the benefits, but what i need is more and more benefits without any side effects, So though I need some information on Matcha tea, Can you upload a video on it too

Heena Anjum

Heena Anjum . 2 months ago

baby plan krne wali ledeez pee skti h kya green tea plz btao plz sir

Ankur Singh

Ankur Singh . 2 months ago

Can we drink green or black tea as pre workout like we drink black coffee does it give same benefits as black coffee in workout.

Ankur Singh

Ankur Singh . 2 months ago

What about the "Black Tea" then ?

Shubham Tomar

Shubham Tomar . 2 months ago

One guy made a video on YouTube that it causes cancer i mean why ppl do such things



Cancer be like - kenser 😂😂😂

Sadia Batool

Sadia Batool . 3 months ago

Sir jin k face py pigmentation hain wo p skty hain ya nhi? Plz rply


SANTHOSHKUMAR P . 3 months ago

God gifted man to Mankind. I changed my life.. I reduced my body fat.. Now im lean and natural.. All bcoz of adopting gurumaan suggestions from you tube.

Buddhist Shubham

Buddhist Shubham . 3 months ago

Namo buddhay 🧡 Jay Bhim 💙

Mastiii World

Mastiii World . 3 months ago

Khane ke kitni der baad

Div Chari

Div Chari . 3 months ago

Plz make video on sliming tea

Apurva Rani

Apurva Rani . 3 months ago

Mujhe tyoriod h Kya mein ye le sakti hu Or kon sa flavours ka le sakti hu Mera bajan 55 to 60 ke bich me h Par puri body meri fuli hui h Plz guide kre I request . 🙏🙏

Amit Bajaj

Amit Bajaj . 3 months ago

Early morning la skta ha kya?

Vision Ious

Vision Ious . 4 months ago

Healthawin Green Tea Extract is awesome for weight loss and a good oxidant and energy booster. Lipton is also a very good brand.

Monty Bhatia

Monty Bhatia . 4 months ago


asad rehman

asad rehman . 4 months ago

Bengal tea and Bengal paper is best in the world.

asad rehman

asad rehman . 4 months ago

Bengal tea and Bengal paper is best in the world.

Lakshmi N

Lakshmi N . 4 months ago

Sir problem is stomach is big tips pls

Savita Devi

Savita Devi . 4 months ago

Hello sir mujhe jhaeya h Mai aaka daet follow kr rhi hu 1 sal se lekin sar meri jhaya thik nhi ho rhe h

health and beauty hacks

health and beauty hacks . 4 months ago

Thanks bhaiya


Akhii . 4 months ago

Tea bags can cause cancer is it true or not

Tuba Afaq

Tuba Afaq . 5 months ago

I'm not fat but I'm gaining weight from side and little bit belly fat too can i drink it please reply me I'm scared what if caused me trouble or anything?? Please reply me sir.

Mimiz Corner

Mimiz Corner . 5 months ago

Health benefits of green tea#weightloss tips#super healthy hot drinks watch this video👉https://youtu.be/zTTcuAFImQE

verma 2525

verma 2525 . 5 months ago

Sir isse patle log bhi pee sakte hain

Vinod kumar

Vinod kumar . 5 months ago

Sir chini dalani padati hai isme

Zarmeen Umer

Zarmeen Umer . 5 months ago

How much ten cups in a day of green tea help in weight loss?


vaibhav . 5 months ago

Subha konsi green tea piye🤔

Sandeep Purohit

Sandeep Purohit . 5 months ago

The way he says cancer

Gaurav Pal

Gaurav Pal . 5 months ago

Can we add ginger in green tea?

Sardar Ujjwal Singh

Sardar Ujjwal Singh . 5 months ago

Pini kab aur kaise hai yeh toh btaya hee nai

Ramesh Rajora

Ramesh Rajora . 6 months ago

Sir joh khuli green tea k leaves market mein milte hai original woh peeye ...yaa fer yeh Lipton and Tetley companies ki green tea peeye ..which is more beneficial pls reply 🙏

rahul jedia

rahul jedia . 6 months ago

Thanks for suggestions

Sunny Antil

Sunny Antil . 6 months ago

गुरु 🔥❤️


MS ROMEO . 6 months ago

Bhai kya green tea runing karne me fayda hoga

Vijay Avhad

Vijay Avhad . 6 months ago

Lipton mai Konsa green tea hai?

Guddu ANS

Guddu ANS . 6 months ago

Ish ke baje se hi.. Superman death


prabhat . 6 months ago

Nice comparison with water sir 🙏🙂

Born To Follow Cricket

Born To Follow Cricket . 6 months ago

I have same box of lipton grean tea . ❤

arjun ajaykumar

arjun ajaykumar . 7 months ago

Green tea ka bag cancer causing hai kya ?? Plz bathaoo

sacha admi

sacha admi . 7 months ago

Does green tea reduce testesterone?


SOUVIK KAR . 7 months ago

Thank You for the detailed information.

amit kumar

amit kumar . 7 months ago

How many times drinks plz answer sir

Manjushri Pawar

Manjushri Pawar . 7 months ago

Mai 2 year se use kar rahi hu per mera kuch bhi weight loss nahi huwa

Aditya Sharma

Aditya Sharma . 7 months ago

Im concerned with the benefits but as a skinny guy should i prefer it as it reduces fat.? Or is there any other alternative i should ptefer.?

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