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Cordae Parables Remix FT. Eminem [Official Audio]


Published on 2 weeks ago

Cordae - “From a Birds Eye View”
Stream/Download: https://cordae.lnk.to/FromABirdsEyeView

Tickets on sale: https://www.cordaemusic.com/#tourwrapper

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Comments :

Kevin Vreeken

Kevin Vreeken . 46 minutes ago

Maybe one of the first times I like someone else's verse a little bit better

Anthony Mobberley

Anthony Mobberley . 2 hours ago

Eminem is the greatest of All Time.

James James

James James . 5 hours ago

Cordea sound like he reading a dr Seuss book. Weak ass rhymes lmao

Wayne Fletcher

Wayne Fletcher . 5 hours ago

This was on another level, y’all ate this beat up.

James James

James James . 5 hours ago

You fan boys are off the chain. This shit trash. All his shit sound exactly the same now and y’all call this fire!? Hell naw. He ain’t say shit

Jacob Hayes

Jacob Hayes . 5 hours ago

Shout out to mom's like ours ...wrapping up old books and Brett Farve memorabilia for Christmas 🎄

Angelina Guerrero

Angelina Guerrero . 6 hours ago

Shout out rae sremmurd 🥳


XxXFlyingArmBarXxX . 6 hours ago

Em sees cordaes talent. Glad the legend is putting in that work with the young generation. Pure 🔥

Khalil 2025

Khalil 2025 . 7 hours ago

Check out this parables mashup🔥🔥 https://youtu.be/2gOoKrImQsI

Cody Veatch

Cody Veatch . 8 hours ago

Honestly ive been an eminem fan for a long time. Until he did the trump freestyle. But nowadays he sounds so monotone.

Zacki Awa

Zacki Awa . 9 hours ago

Eminem is good bro he just needed to get lil more hip but his energy is here I love it

Jacob Williamson

Jacob Williamson . 9 hours ago

this is real hip hop

finlay manson

finlay manson . 10 hours ago

Unpopular opinion this man is clear of juice and x


JAy FEeeeLiNGS . 11 hours ago

I swear this dude is j Cole son or sum no cap I respect em for being himself and not tryna be like everyone else and rap about real shittttt

sainath reddy

sainath reddy . 12 hours ago

"Like Obama's Kids, I came out of Me shell (Michelle)". At this point em is just playing with us.


Day OPM . 12 hours ago

For some reason Ems verse reminds me of the new Spider-Man if you know what I’m takin bout it just feels like em completed a cycle with this verse

Troy Revier

Troy Revier . 13 hours ago

DAMN, imagine if Em & Cordae did a whole album together.

Omar Bakir

Omar Bakir . 14 hours ago

number 1 hater

true kimpo

true kimpo . 15 hours ago


Tommy Noble

Tommy Noble . 15 hours ago

Bro hold up. "Watch my moves and imma show you what an icon like" referencing Jaden Smith dancing in his video for icon. Broooooo

Tommy Noble

Tommy Noble . 15 hours ago

Pusha needs to jump on this

Monty J

Monty J . 15 hours ago

Damn he's jacking J. Cole's flow and voice

Alex W

Alex W . 15 hours ago

Didnt love ems verse


soultheinterrogator . 16 hours ago

This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 without Em on it.

Mia 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

Mia 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞 . 16 hours ago

Thank God not everyone from this Era is on the Mumble Rap wave. Cordae keep doing your shit.

Jessica Rojas

Jessica Rojas . 17 hours ago

He kind of sounds like J Cole

L casanova

L casanova . 17 hours ago

Em be doing the most lol

Jason Supra

Jason Supra . 18 hours ago

Big song, em is lyrically the goat!

Lucrid Lyrics

Lucrid Lyrics . 20 hours ago

Eminem ruined this song

K-rank 254

K-rank 254 . 21 hours ago

Big tune ✌🏽🇰🇪🔥 ✅ eminem🎯✌🏽🔥

Angela Perez

Angela Perez . 22 hours ago

I still don’t like how new em b rapping now like damn I miss his old sound

Jayden Deshazer

Jayden Deshazer . 22 hours ago

Cordae gives me j cole vibes


CONTENT DAILY . 1 day ago

Love from india , 🇮🇳 em you killed it and thanks for presenting this new dope artist!!


erniedawg . 1 day ago

Eminem is so damn good.


Manofwars . 1 day ago

I bet that nobody noticed Cordae sitting with a nephilim in the background. He featured EM who is a clone, body without a soul= nephilim. Its a visual parable of this truth to those who have an ear to hear.


FILIP G . 1 day ago

The beat😫

Nguh Prince

Nguh Prince . 1 day ago

Like Obama's kids I came outta Michelle 😂😂

Bona Fide Bug

Bona Fide Bug . 1 day ago

Mans said Murda Mook name

Young CiesaL

Young CiesaL . 1 day ago

Cordae says the N word over and over. That’s the best you could do with Em on the track!? SMH

Lobo Namacuix

Lobo Namacuix . 1 day ago

Em is the fuckn!!! Goat 🐐!!!

Northern Sky

Northern Sky . 1 day ago

Wow Em

Pup Gunna

Pup Gunna . 1 day ago


Brandon Wilcox

Brandon Wilcox . 1 day ago

Em nowadays too often sounds like a dude that wants to prove he can rap good so he raps all fast but it just fucks up the whole bounce of the song to the point the vibe is gone

Donnie Streaty I.P. Rap Artist

Donnie Streaty I.P. Rap Artist . 1 day ago

Eminem got Off period. 💯

Anonymous One

Anonymous One . 1 day ago

Big fan of Em, but his verse were pretty forgettable. although he had some 🔥wordplays jux wasn't saying anything remarkable, jux my POV... Though kudos to cordea's album🔥

Jason Warnock

Jason Warnock . 1 day ago

I'm proud of myself ..like Obamas kids I came out of Michelle.....my shell...Michelle Obama...I'm fkn done 🔥🔥🔥

Ammar Talat

Ammar Talat . 2 days ago

lime Tl U 🔥🔥

Mac Man

Mac Man . 2 days ago

Rip my cheap ass speakers

Carrefour Music - The Label

Carrefour Music - The Label . 2 days ago

I like when a rap song sounds like a story... the vibes and all of it sound like "ART" even without visuals. "MUSIC"

Diamant Neziri

Diamant Neziri . 2 days ago

Cordae, J. Cole and Eminem should make a song. Omg that would be fire

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