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Diet Pill Horror Story
The Doctors

The Doctors

Published on 6 years ago

The Doctors talk about a 25-year-old father in the UK who lost part of his leg and had to be put into a medically induced coma after accidentally taking too many diet pills.

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Kas . 20 hours ago

No one accidentally takes 8 pills

John Smith

John Smith . 7 days ago

He doesn’t mention Pro Card Bodybuilders cycle DNP in their cutting cycle regularly pre-contest. Along with other crazy things like Insulin, Thyroid hormones, HGH SERMs, SARMs, Antiaromatase, 5a-Reductase inhibitors, Nootropics, GHRH peptides, Lexatives, lasix, other diuretics, Amphetamines (for increased muscle contractility), EPO (vascularity) , a ton of vitamins for detox, and yes DNP. Many include Benzodiazepines and SSRIs for mental disorders (depression, rage, anxiety, impulsivity, new high risk sexual behaviors) developed under these intense drug regimens. DNP has been around for quite some time and used in artificial food coloring for the color yellow, like “Mac and cheese (obviously in minute amounts). It’s nothing new. DNP is not poisonous, although it needs to be respected and monitored very carefully. One must evaluate the risk/rewards on any pharmaceutical adjunct when applied to achieve a certain esthetic appearance. If used and dosed PROPERLY, it’s supposed to raise your temperature ONLY ONE degree. Basically giving yourself a non stop fever. Which over time causes lipolysis and the is speculation it increase the sensitivity to fat burning enzymes. Other drugs do this as well, just not to the extreme as DNP does. I’ve done DNP, and weight does gradually come off, but you are constantly hot and constantly uncomfortable, sweating. In my opinion, it wasn’t worth it. But, to the body dysmorphic and esthetically obsessed; nothing is too far. Remember, there’s no such thing as poison. Almost anything can be deadly in extreme overdoses. Anything. I’ll never forget what my Pathology attending said during my residency; the poison is in the DOSE. There’s no such thing as “poison.” The absolute safest bodybuilding cycle is 200mg Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate (Tesoviron Depot) 100mg Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin). ALWAYS a 2-1 ratio. And MAYBE the occasional cycle of Oxandrolone (Anavar) Anything else, you’re playing with your life and rolling the dice. Remember EVERYTHING other than Testosterone, is synthetic Anabolic Steroids that are based on either Progesterone, Dihydrotestosterone (aka DHT), or Testosterone itself (either esterfied or free form). Testosterone itself is a “steroid” derived fromCholesterol (Chole - ”sterol”). Which is why Anorexics/Bulemics lose their Menstral Period; because they do not have sufficient amounts of cholesterol to convert into steroids, specifically Estradiol, estriol, estrone (estrogens) Progesterone, etc. The absolute worst 2 Steroids you could use is Trenbolone Acetate as is causes cardiac remodeling and LVH, which eventually shorts out the hearts electrical pathways between the hearts natural pacemakers due to the rapid and chaotic cardiac myocyte growth (the heart is a muscle too, by the way). Eventually leading to Sudden Cardiac Death, almost certainly due to Ventricular Fibrillation (aka VFIB). Frequent R on T PVCs and Q wave elongation are well documented with individuals abusing these Cardiotoxic anabolic compounds. Which are very well documented correlative factors in ventricular fibrillation aka sudden cardiac death. In rare occasions ventricular fibrillation has been reversed not only with electrical defibrillation but with the institution of dialysis in patient’s where hyperkalemia has been suspect. This is not rare because of the technology or the knowledge, but because such a condition is very time sensitive and often not able to be rendered before cardiac death occurred Theories for this abound including hyperkalemia due to the excessive potassium retention in the cardiac myocyte and sudden and dysthymic electrical depolarization of the sinus node caused by dramatic cardiac remodeling in the last ventricular wall. Of which, as a direct result of the electrical signals can no longer travel smoothly, symmetrically or equally as in normal cardiac myocardium with healthy Potassium channels in the myocyte Ultimately the real cause will never be completely known. realistically, it’s probably a combination of factors that gradually Kaskade into a deadly physiological condition that elicits ventricular fibrillation without warning .The fact remains, is this is a Documented,direct correlation two sudden cardiac death and people are dying as a result of using these compounds. it’s 100% preventable and avoidable. Before you try to say, it was just an MI (heart attack); when we crack these dead bodybuilders chests open and dissect the cardiac tissue; their arteries are almost ALWAYS squeaky clean. All 3, the RCoronary artery, LAanterior descending (aka the widow maker) , and LCircumflex. But the gross cardiac remodeling and LVH (Left Ventricular Wall Hypertrophy). Trenbolone, (Parabolan, Fina, Finaplix) Stanozolol (Winstrol), and Oxymetholone (Anadrol) are notorious for contributing to these very DEADLY cardiac side effects. But, they are also the most common due to rapid and dramatic “bodybuilder” type esthetic gains and cosmetic effects with marked increases in muscularity, decreases in body fat percentage, exponential strength increases and rapid vascularity increases and expansion; on a male’s appearance. Did I mention it’s deadly? Trenbolone was actually developed by the Germans and given to the Women’s Olympic Swim team, they won gold every year until the women started to draw attention with the prominent masculinization symptoms started to develop. It was later marketed as an actual drug called “Parabolan.” Which is now discontinued. It’s commonly given today to beef cows in pellet form called “Finaplix.” Oxymetheolone aka Anadrol is another strongly Androgenic progestin based synthetic Anabolic asteroid. It’s very harsh on liver enzymes and if taken too often, too long, and at too high of a dose; liver damage can occur. It’s the ONLY oral steroid positively associated with actual Liver Cancer (Lyle Alzado I think). In the US, Deca, Test, Anavar, and Anadrol are Schedule III controlled substances (DEA number required) all legally available to be prescribed for medical treatment. Most commonly used for Cancer and HIV patients experiencing wasting disorders. Generally speaking, I think “Prohibition” of anything never seems to work and usually does more harm than good. Criminalizing drug use is counter productive and often just contributes to the already exploding problem of broken families with incarcerated parents to fatherless children. It magnifies the socio-economic detriments of drug addiction in society. The answer certainly isn’t full OTC legalization either (California for example). The real answer is decriminalized drug use that is medically monitored (in a clinical setting with pharmaceutical grade drugs); coupled with mandatory counseling and optional job/trade/technical training. Let’s be honest, anyone with an addiction or narcotic dependency issue; is self medicating TRAUMA. That is very well documented and is undisputed. This exact model has been employed and has been VERY VERY successful, 2 countries come to mind off the top of my head; Canada and Portugal. I digress; sigh. Ugh, my old age is starting to show. If you insist on employing these powerful hormones and drugs to change your appearance cosmetically; It will still be unsafe. And, you will STILL be risking your life, but at least you’ll increase the chances of avoiding some catestrophic side effects commonly associated with the improper use and/or abuse of these drugs; or worse; death. Anyways, be careful out there boys and girls when playing Doctor with endocrinology you don’t understand. But, after ALL I’ve said, and you still are convinced to try it; please, please, educate yourself; at least, FIRST. Regards Retired Pathologist in from a Major US Metropolitan City with 47 years experience. Be safe and don’t listen to the media without verifying their claims first. They lie, and they lie a lot.

Dennis The Menace

Dennis The Menace . 1 week ago

I snort these babies, never had any problems. Now, the suppositories are a little different.

Augustus Aetius

Augustus Aetius . 1 week ago

I doubt the bottle recommended 8 pills because diet pills are recommended in 1 or even max 2 this guy went way above, don’t try to be your own expert follow what was recommended by the makers of it

Pool Kennedy

Pool Kennedy . 2 weeks ago

He is young

deitriche washington

deitriche washington . 2 weeks ago

Dude was an idiot Quick fit .Who does that?


YeulYevon . 2 weeks ago

Oh thats his fault


hello . 3 weeks ago

How's he doing now

B. Spra

B. Spra . 3 weeks ago

Technically he did lose weight

B. Spra

B. Spra . 3 weeks ago

Only 8?! Pu**y


A A . 3 weeks ago


Tierra Charnea

Tierra Charnea . 3 weeks ago

I don’t like how they both cut her off..


A AA . 3 weeks ago

He took 8 so… I mean… what happened to the folks that took it normally? Nothing? 🤷‍♂️

Versace Mel

Versace Mel . 3 weeks ago

This sounds so stupid. How can you bash any medication 💊 if he overdosed?? He took 8 pills in one day.. He’s the dummy. There’s nothing to learn. Take 8 allergy pills in one day and you’ll be lucky to see another day without being hospitalized.. He overdosed and it’s 100% his fault..


KNOWLEY1 . 4 weeks ago

It’s not medicine 🙄🙄 or a diet pill 💊. People talking about it who haven’t got a clue 😂😂

Shazana Khan

Shazana Khan . 4 weeks ago

The weight literally melted inwards on his legs. Stupid

Coco Mason

Coco Mason . 4 weeks ago

After 8 pills all at once?

Charley Vega

Charley Vega . 4 weeks ago

Well why did he take 8...you know you fucked up right. Next time take 1

Fitness Wheel Skeeter

Fitness Wheel Skeeter . 4 weeks ago

In the end he did lose the weight.

Anthony Basmadjian

Anthony Basmadjian . 4 weeks ago

Was he supposed to take 8 pills or just 1 and he was stupid?

Antonio Dejesus

Antonio Dejesus . 4 weeks ago

Long story short he did lose weight... in the form of an amputated leg


Vegan4life1 . 1 month ago

With the word die in this pill is a red flag.


THE Q . 1 month ago

What an idiot , why the fuck would u take that many pills at once. He asked for it

Taylor E

Taylor E . 1 month ago

Tylenol can kill you if you take to many. Common sense people!

Reginald Davis

Reginald Davis . 1 month ago

8 pills?!! You’re just begging for trouble!!

Lyna Claudia

Lyna Claudia . 1 month ago

I have no idea… Why though, isn’t scary having 8 pills at once? But yes we do learn something from here there’s always no shortcut for losing weight etc. Everything needs to work out slowly and eventually, you can achieve what you have been doing for a long time. Same logic to a baby has been taking soft food like porridge all day because the baby teeth haven’t grown yet and when the baby slowly growing up, the more varied types of food he/she can eat like noodles, rice, seafood, meat anything. I know it is difficult to cope with it but, if you believe in yourself you know what’s good for you. Pst, sorry for my informal English ;)

Vanessa Reyna

Vanessa Reyna . 1 month ago

“Think twice before you take these things” nah chief more like “think twice before ignoring directions”

My Crochet and YT Updates

My Crochet and YT Updates . 1 month ago

Nowadays i am listening a new medicine (Keto Guru) Can you give us some information about this medicine is it save or not

ooopsy ant so shadry TV -

ooopsy ant so shadry TV - . 1 month ago

thats fked

Akbar Muhammad

Akbar Muhammad . 1 month ago

Consult general physician before taking any medicine

Helena Lovelock

Helena Lovelock . 1 month ago


Dan B

Dan B . 2 months ago

I only take one every month

Saundi Watson

Saundi Watson . 2 months ago

The title of this video is misleading. DNP is not some OTC thermogenic. It's a banned substance, this guy had to jump through some hoops to find it to purchase. No shit ODing on a banned substance is going to cause some problems.

Ghost In The Darkness

Ghost In The Darkness . 2 months ago

These things are dangerous , I see these adds on how someone lost 100 pounds I 20 days and such , like yeah ok , but that sort of stuff leads desperate people down a dark path . No workout no diet …. Smh

ZEUS Raptis

ZEUS Raptis . 2 months ago

Pills are not Bad, people are so idiot.

Coco King

Coco King . 2 months ago

Wtf who tf do that

kodiak River

kodiak River . 2 months ago

All in moderation...

kodiak River

kodiak River . 2 months ago

8 cups of coffee kills anyone!!!!

Rango No Prato

Rango No Prato . 2 months ago



vee . 2 months ago

i take 4 types of pills everyday lol, prescribed iron pills, and growing pills.

David Temrick

David Temrick . 2 months ago

Doctor who doesn't know what a thermogenic is or why it would increase body temp if overdosed...but is perfectly fine scaring the shit out of people and then dances backwards when he remembers that this show is sponsored by companies who sell diet pills. Solid gold.

Jason Ryan

Jason Ryan . 2 months ago

Americans love pills.


DAN . 2 months ago

Honestly the guys fault nothing else read the labels instead of being stupid and straight up taking 8 pills

Poison Pumpkin

Poison Pumpkin . 2 months ago

diet pills should be perscriped only

inner peace

inner peace . 2 months ago

So 7 pills is limit.


S . 2 months ago

Eat fruits, veggies and fresh juice for a couple weeks... maybe some lean protein when needed. You will lose weight guaranteed.


Ozymandias . 2 months ago

I heard that some of those diet pills are like 1000mg. So taking 8000mg of god knows what in one hit, what did he think would happen? Idiot...


TENGU127 . 2 months ago

Yeah, I did learn something, don't take 8 fat burners in one day, holy shit! He's lucky he didn't have a stroke or heart attack and die. And I always thought taking 3 fat burning pills a day was to much.

Nancy Nyandega

Nancy Nyandega . 2 months ago

Think twice before taking 8 PILLS!!!

Captain Hands

Captain Hands . 2 months ago

He took 8 DNP pills? Jesus. Are you fucking crazy?

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