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Published on 11 months ago

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a health practitioner, please make sure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients used in this video, this channel doesn't take any responsibility for any harm, side effects or illness caused by the content related to this video, please be sure to check with your medical practitioner if you have any medically related questions.

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Sandra Vaughn

Sandra Vaughn . 7 months ago

1st week lost 14 lbs. this is the second week and weigh in is on Sunday morning. Have also done light exercise to help myself.

Doe Brown

Doe Brown . 1 hour ago


Fun Times

Fun Times . 3 hours ago


Ethan Townsend

Ethan Townsend . 5 hours ago

Why not show your body in this video about belly fat loss?


Unique . 6 hours ago

I'm gonna try this. I've been having a lot of bloating lately and I know a lot had to do with the foods I've been eating and the weight gain. I'll let you know how it went. 🤞🏾

Amalia Suazo

Amalia Suazo . 8 hours ago

I got exited at first until I saw every single fruit that I hate I don’t l so why I hate pineapple and ginger so much

Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell . 21 hours ago

I thought why not. And instead of cutting up all the stuff, why not cut off a leg. And now I weigh 20kg lighter. All crap. The only way to loose weight is summed up in 4 words. EAT LESS DO MORE. Don’t bother with smoothies full of natural sugar. It’s still sugar, fruit smoothies are a great way add weight.

Sojourner Shrink

Sojourner Shrink . 1 day ago

Ty 🌿

Starrie Gamer

Starrie Gamer . 1 day ago

The lemon juice should be added when we are about to drink or we can mix into the smoothie and put inside the refrigerator? Please answer me mam🥺🥺

mohammed shah

mohammed shah . 1 day ago

1 pineapple can use for how many cup of juice?


aimeebethine . 2 days ago

I’m going to give this a try will report back… I’ve gained a little weight and really want to get to 145lbs… I’m currently at 165, I workout 5-6 days a week but for some reason I’ve been a junkie lately. I know it’s due to the scale and seeing my weight go up. It’s upsetting when you know you’ve been working so hard since June of this year to get a leaner body and you see that all your results have stopped. No movement can be upsetting and cause us to make bad decisions. So back to eating healthier and trying this out. I’m hoping I will have good results. One question does anyone know how long it will last until the fridge raider? I would like to make a lot at one time. Having it ready when busy would be a lifesaver. Thanks

Karmen Jane

Karmen Jane . 2 days ago

Is there a keto friendly version of this drink?

Emily Nicholas

Emily Nicholas . 2 days ago

Sorry I'm confused, just correct me if I'm wrong. 1 full cucumber, 1 full ginger, 2 lemons-juiced, 1 full pineapple. Have twice dailey, 1st breakfast with empty belly 2nd at night.. so we can eat dinner or is dinner an empty belly too?. Also how many potions is this.. can it last a fee days or is all that for 1 day??..


Sonilkaa . 2 days ago

Hi how many days can we keep this drink in the fridge till we make a new juice again? Please let me know

Mureed Nassif

Mureed Nassif . 2 days ago

Healthy mind in a healthy body ☺️. All you need is a balanced diet, instead of keto. For example finish breaky at 8:30 am, 11:30 a cup of coffee, 2:30 lunch, 4:30pm a piece of fruit. 7:30pm dinner. Then 8:30 dessert, or popcorn 🍿 with favourite TV show. Plenty of water, no sugary drinks, no chocolates, packets of chips & eating out once a week. Or 5 day intervels. For example Saturday, then thursday, then skip one week & again Saturday & thursday, ECT. Minimum twice a week exercise & most importantly speak to your doctor & specialist. Also eat mainly wholegrain bread 🍞, instead of White 🍞. 1 coffee & 1 tea a day only, with 1 tea spoon of sugar. Also movies once a month. Guaranteed results from effects of diabetes, high blood pressure , heart attack & stroke. Because prevention is definitely better than cure. This diet I highlighted, is more suitable for people living with type 2 diabetes, because they have to eat regularly & avoid eating large portions, when hungry. It's totally up to you. You can make diabetes your best friend or worst nightmare. Just look up the long term effects such as stroke, bypass surgery, obesity, high blood pressure, gangerine, blindness, heart attacks, annurysim, imputance, fatigue & thirst. & Many other health hazards. You can diffuse the bomb, before it blows up. Just look up all these conditions, & don't burry your head in the sand 🤗👍. Oh & never cure depression, heartbreak & bore-dome with food, it's the worst thing you can do. It's better to go for a drive to the gym or bike ride, beach or picnic. The best way to cure bore-dome is to do something constructive like cleaning, washing the car, gardening, reading & sleeping. You'll never feel thirsty or tired. Your body will love you for it. Because the basic functions you used to do that you take for granted, you'll difinetly miss after a stroke. Also the most important thing that diabetics need to understand is that after a stroke, when your kidney functioning is at 11%, you have to undergo dialysis & your are restricted to 600ml fluids a day, because most fluids go to your legs & leak through the skin. The good thing is at this stage it's not hard to reverse your diabetes & bring kidney functioning to 70%. But it's better to control your diabetes 20 years earlier, & avoid all these complications, & put your extra 💸 towards your mortgage &; supporting people in need, & God Will help you.😄😄😄😄😄😄.

nanditha moolinti

nanditha moolinti . 2 days ago

Can't we make juice with out cucumber 🥒 because I'm allergic to it 🙄

Tahamina Akter

Tahamina Akter . 2 days ago

Impossibile lol

Kiefer Gaming

Kiefer Gaming . 3 days ago

Why won’t this moron just pick up the chopped pieces with their hands?

shejal khanchi

shejal khanchi . 3 days ago

How is the taste 😵😲😵😝

Md. Atahar Ali Khan

Md. Atahar Ali Khan . 3 days ago

i want to know: when eat This at night before or after take dinner??

Arkamitra Mukherjee

Arkamitra Mukherjee . 3 days ago

Is there any substitute for pineapple?

Judy Saw

Judy Saw . 3 days ago

So much work to make this, maybe coz I’ve a small blender and had to sieve all the pulp 😅 then I got too thirsty and drank a glass, it’s in the afternoon and after lunch, hope it still works!

Tehmeena Hamid

Tehmeena Hamid . 3 days ago

@lifewithrozy are there any side effects of immediate weight loss

prakashi ravi

prakashi ravi . 3 days ago

Hey Mis what about that lemon extract?🤔

Jessica Roberts

Jessica Roberts . 3 days ago

I just lost 12 lbs in 4 days from monofruit fasting, it’s an even higher level of detoxification

debbie h

debbie h . 3 days ago

If using lemon juice how much juice you put in the drink?

Ashish Arora

Ashish Arora . 3 days ago


Me n My

Me n My . 3 days ago

Replacement of Pineapple plZ becoz they r not avlb in Pakistan nowadays days thanks 🙏

Utitofon Harry

Utitofon Harry . 3 days ago

If you are a Nigerian know that some weight loss recipe was not prepared with you in mind.... Use what is working for Nigerians in Nigeria on a Nigerian diet.

Treasure Troves

Treasure Troves . 3 days ago

What can I use instead of pineapple? Is it really necessary?

Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma . 4 days ago

Never try it sudden loss of weight also put strain on your health and immunity…

Mahnoor Rahim

Mahnoor Rahim . 4 days ago

I cannot find fresh pineapple in my country. What should I f

Anshu Yadav

Anshu Yadav . 4 days ago

Kya apne in Tariko Se kisi ka weight loss karya hai 15kg. 15days mein phle weight loss Karwa ke proof ke Sath btaoo aise Logan Ko Gumrah mat kro

Beauty of Pearl

Beauty of Pearl . 4 days ago

Going to give this a try but will anyone care to explain how it should or could be used in conjunction with body fortress whey protein powder? As Im a mom of 4, and after about my 3rd pregnancy, my stomach still makes me looks preggo I'm so sick of people asking me like ugh but anyway I would like to loose and tighten my stomach, it's also to the point where I should get my stomach checked out because who knows it could very well be the ovarian cyst I've always had, but instead it's in my stomach now idk or maybe it's just disectics recti where my abs has spread drastically due to child birth.. but on top of all of that I also want to add weight so I can keep my thighs and booty lol but only to tone it all...I don't want to just loose weight but also build muscle..so I want to make sure the whey protein and this drink shown are compatible together...


*anak_malaysia* . 5 days ago

Can save at freezer?

Swathi Reddy

Swathi Reddy . 5 days ago

Can we skip pineapple

Syed Ali Abbas Naqvi

Syed Ali Abbas Naqvi . 5 days ago

@LifeWithRozy Can i use canned pineapple if fresh isn't available??


moAm . 5 days ago

How many days we store this in refrigerator

kokila 185

kokila 185 . 5 days ago

Instead of lemon what we can use sister

Tam Ed

Tam Ed . 5 days ago

Can you share your routine around this drink? Did you have morning, noon, night? Did you have meals as well or was this a juice detox for a straight two weeks?

Rahul Renult

Rahul Renult . 5 days ago

Its peoples mentality that' how they can burn fat wothout actual excersises' you are exploiting...and thats not good

Rahul Renult

Rahul Renult . 5 days ago

There is nothing that prooduces fat lose without actually burning them with excersises.if you are taking something inside,that will amout the actual calorie input and will cause fat deposition.CUT THE CRAP!!!


Aeroldoth3 . 5 days ago

No explanation for why the lemon juice is added after the blend.


AAOYD2012 . 5 days ago

I followed the recipe entirely but mine is not nearly as green. Is there a reason why?

yalmai ejaz

yalmai ejaz . 5 days ago

Can I replace pineapple with other fruit??


K-Rod . 5 days ago

Have to do this .. wow very simple thanks for sharing

manish kumar

manish kumar . 6 days ago

Mere sister ke weight 65kg the Bhut parsan rahte jisse weight gain ho rhe the tb mujha fb me Ek mam se contact hue Wo mujha weight loss ke mere ko Ayarvadik juice btaiye tb mane apne sister ko try krwaiya 1month me 4kg weight loss hue 3month continue use ke 14kg weight loss hue bhut ache results mile ye Ayarvadik juice or tea se

Be crazique

Be crazique . 6 days ago

Does it work

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