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Chlöe Have Mercy (AMA Live Performance)


Published on 2 weeks ago

Official live performance of “Have Mercy” by Chlöe at the AMA's

Listen & Download “Have Mercy” out now: https://chloe.lnk.to/HaveMercy

Amazon Music - https://chloe.lnk.to/HaveMercy/amazonmusic
Apple Music - https://chloe.lnk.to/HaveMercy/applemusic
Audiomack - https://chloe.lnk.to/HaveMercy/audiomack
Deezer - https://chloe.lnk.to/HaveMercy/deezer
iTunes - https://chloe.lnk.to/HaveMercy/itunes
SoundCloud - https://chloe.lnk.to/HaveMercy/soundcloud
Spotify - https://chloe.lnk.to/HaveMercy/spotify
Tidal - https://chloe.lnk.to/HaveMercy/tidal
YouTube Music - https://chloe.lnk.to/HaveMercy/youtubemusic

Merch available now - https://shop.chloebailey.net

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Comments :

Nancee W

Nancee W . 29 minutes ago

Did anyone else think maybe she worked with Beyonces choreography cause these moves are something Beyonce has done.

To Be Honest

To Be Honest . 2 hours ago

what garbage

Jasmine Stough

Jasmine Stough . 6 hours ago

The way she threw her hands at the end she already knew she killed that performance love you Chloe❤️❤️❤️❤️


Lew . 8 hours ago

Personally This is Just my Opinion I Don't like The Lyrics, Her Voice is Pretty I just think she's using it in the wrong way.

ari kirori

ari kirori . 9 hours ago

Wow 💖 it

Sierra Kinchen

Sierra Kinchen . 10 hours ago


DJWY Exotics

DJWY Exotics . 11 hours ago

She was trashhhyyyyy

April Stafford

April Stafford . 15 hours ago

Clean performance I miss the extra!!!!

Soulful Savage

Soulful Savage . 15 hours ago

“I don’t need no ass shotssss” then slayed the dance 🔥 Energy!!

Christian Capuyan

Christian Capuyan . 22 hours ago

Choi is really an extraordinary performer.

King Higgins

King Higgins . 23 hours ago

Love from portmore 🇯🇲

madame paka

madame paka . 1 day ago

it was the stepping for me😍🔥🔥🔥

Sista Gyrl

Sista Gyrl . 1 day ago

Lil Beyonce


Clyde DEATH THE KID . 1 day ago



Mcamf2013 . 1 day ago

This gone be the typa tour u go to ready to sweat. I'm not patiently waiting.


nokizzyky . 2 days ago

beyoncé created a monster

L e

L e . 2 days ago

Ok. Vocals badass, 2.42 onwards absolute 🔥🔥🔥💫🤫 🌟

Eunice Squire

Eunice Squire . 2 days ago

Wow 😲🤗😍😘❤️

Funsize __ mee

Funsize __ mee . 2 days ago

God have mercy on us, Thank You Jesus for your undeniable power

Nenad Bogdanovic

Nenad Bogdanovic . 2 days ago

Beyonce vibes


lockito123 . 2 days ago

She’s amazing but this song is so off and odd.

4Ever Crystal

4Ever Crystal . 2 days ago

She did that🔥

Roxy NYC

Roxy NYC . 2 days ago

Y u going hard for a trash song lol

Soulful Army

Soulful Army . 2 days ago

Her voice...

Marcella Fair

Marcella Fair . 2 days ago

She ready!!!

Karizma 00

Karizma 00 . 2 days ago



qush . 2 days ago

i need to watch this atleast 5 times everyday

MikkyLan Pemi

MikkyLan Pemi . 2 days ago

Amazing form & energy!

julia burroughs-steele

julia burroughs-steele . 2 days ago

Beautiful performance!!! I adored her VMA’s performance much more (her energy was so raw and undeniably her! Never understood how ppl thought she was dOiNg tOo MuCh)but don’t ever get it twisted she NEVER disappoints 😮‍💨🔥✨

Henrique Tenório

Henrique Tenório . 2 days ago

Alguém brasileiro louco por essa mulher ❤️


Grogu . 2 days ago

Not as hot as the VMA performance,but still enjoyable non the less

harteb lot

harteb lot . 2 days ago

I need to know the chant @ 2:43 😩😩

Goya Jenngheng

Goya Jenngheng . 2 days ago

👏 the demoralization continues!!!

Juanderful M

Juanderful M . 3 days ago


Kylie Chan

Kylie Chan . 3 days ago

Our queen . You slayed it , you killed it , you gave it all. All of your backup dancers just like follow leader. You are a great dancer, singer , actress , rapper and even choreographer wow

lady Missy

lady Missy . 3 days ago

The prostitution in the music biz is crazeeeee!! Damn, I'm tired of our young ladies being tricked out, especially with the amount of talent we possess. That $ in exchange for their souls is powerful. SAD!!😞

Account Good

Account Good . 3 days ago

I hope u can take this stuffing😏

wet punani

wet punani . 3 days ago

Her and Normani gotta do a song together😩

Leigh John

Leigh John . 3 days ago

Chloe ate...PERIOD!

Anna Banana

Anna Banana . 3 days ago

I love how every performance Chloe does with this song is different. Like can we please give it up for the talent. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams . 3 days ago

what an icon ✨💙

Account Good

Account Good . 3 days ago

I ll see you soon

Maxine Smith

Maxine Smith . 3 days ago

Beyoncé impersonator (same outfits, same moves, same choreography, same producers, same sound) just check her outfits her music sound before meeting Beyoncé and you will see.

Ana Gabriela

Ana Gabriela . 3 days ago

ATE 😩🔥🔥🔥


Monochrome . 3 days ago

Its giving "eyes wide shut"


Dheonte . 4 days ago

It’s the note at 2:35 on that “Take it, Take it there” 😍

Oliveira junior

Oliveira junior . 4 days ago

simply fantastic, girl!

Dédée Hamid

Dédée Hamid . 4 days ago


Vusumzi Sokhamo

Vusumzi Sokhamo . 4 days ago

I can’t get over this performance.

Frank Onumah

Frank Onumah . 4 days ago

Wait that background image is give that king already beyonce shatter wale check it out , this performance was amazing.

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