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Sarah And The Starbucks Drink Pam A Cake Shorts
ms_pam_a_cake official

ms_pam_a_cake official

Published on 4 months ago

Comments :

Brendan Hausch

Brendan Hausch . 10 hours ago

ngl she look good


MySeasideRendezvous . 17 hours ago

Coffee does NOTHING to me. If anything I go straight to the crash


J105 . 20 hours ago

I Think she got decap caf


XxAlexcookiexX . 1 day ago

Caffeine crash- 🤣🤣

ShaLynn Shipman

ShaLynn Shipman . 1 day ago

When you drink coffee and you have enough coffee and you’re always bounce not been around and round and round and around you’re Going to eventually crash


GachaLilyAfton . 1 day ago


Rebecca Shields

Rebecca Shields . 2 days ago

Awww this teacher gives off such wonderful comforting vibes!

Bj the Harry Potter fangirl

Bj the Harry Potter fangirl . 2 days ago

She was reading Harry Potter? 😲 go queen!

Evelina Gele

Evelina Gele . 3 days ago

Cool me to


Harpy . 3 days ago

Me when I see the title and what she’s reading: *sharing is caring.*

Emily Hewitt

Emily Hewitt . 3 days ago

Was it difficult growing up with downs?

Maris Radovnikovic

Maris Radovnikovic . 4 days ago

It is Harris potter

Gigi W

Gigi W . 4 days ago

Wow I am a coffee drinker, born drinking coffee and never fell asleep and drink coffee all night and sleep good. Coffee maker on all day, making coffee. Family all so coffee drinkers.


MyCraft3D . 5 days ago

i recognized the cover of harry potter and the half blood prince immediately


Dave GABRICK . 6 days ago

That would be me


IrishStrawberry . 6 days ago

*me after drinking anything with caffeine*


Chaos65 . 6 days ago

I’ve drunken so much coffee the caffeine does nothing

Julie Scheiber

Julie Scheiber . 7 days ago

Coffee makes you feel so excited

Sherry Love

Sherry Love . 1 week ago

That's was so cute!!! That poor child 🤣

Claudia Marquez

Claudia Marquez . 1 week ago

Did the teacher drink the coffee

chealse and asha

chealse and asha . 1 week ago


Mohammad Saleh

Mohammad Saleh . 1 week ago

Is it me or is this the girl from American pie 🤣

Federico Dela cruz

Federico Dela cruz . 1 week ago



S&H . 1 week ago

She has adhd


Mikasa . 1 week ago

Hello My Name is Michael Myers


Mikasa . 1 week ago

Ok That's

Tia Norris

Tia Norris . 1 week ago

I love this

Aseret Bonilla

Aseret Bonilla . 1 week ago

Omg your the best teacher


randomlegobuilds11 . 1 week ago

Coffee actually calls me down

Yeshua Utah

Yeshua Utah . 1 week ago

You remind me of the principal from my elementary school. Everyone loved her and she was super chill and friendly. And every Friday she’d play guitar for us 😊

• Toca cutie•

• Toca cutie• . 1 week ago

The teacher: is that coffee Me: yea I drink coffee every day for school ( true)

Renee Jarvis

Renee Jarvis . 2 weeks ago

Omg relatable 😂


쀵쀵귀염이 . 2 weeks ago

and this is when Sarah learned about the caffeine crash 😆

Nutella Latte

Nutella Latte . 2 weeks ago

Welcome to adulthood, Sarah!

Kinzlee Berger

Kinzlee Berger . 2 weeks ago

You are my favorite tick TikTok TikTok teacher

Kinzlee Berger

Kinzlee Berger . 2 weeks ago

You're my favorite tupac teacher

Peggy Killion

Peggy Killion . 2 weeks ago


Bella Alegrado

Bella Alegrado . 2 weeks ago

hahaha too much coffee


AnnaMae41194 . 2 weeks ago

She def doesnt have adhd if I found coffee I liked back then id have had it every afternoon

Abbi Reid

Abbi Reid . 2 weeks ago

I love you _pam _a _cake official

Leona Perry

Leona Perry . 2 weeks ago

kids are not e kids are not supposed to drink coffee

Catlin Anderson

Catlin Anderson . 2 weeks ago

I love Harry Potter

Cookie Love

Cookie Love . 2 weeks ago

Love this child.

Gabrielle graham

Gabrielle graham . 2 weeks ago

Elementary school teachers are a treasure

Pheonix Sapphire

Pheonix Sapphire . 2 weeks ago



M&Mboy77 . 2 weeks ago

Pam makes some great videos

Tyson's world

Tyson's world . 2 weeks ago

I gushing

Keith Parkinson

Keith Parkinson . 2 weeks ago

She said she had two chapters left, that is a long two chapters


C J . 2 weeks ago

You're Funny😂


Dantefinesse . 2 weeks ago

God this is cringe

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