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How I Beat Breath Of The Wild BLINDFOLDED (Great Plateau)


Published on 2 weeks ago

This is the story and gameplay of how I ended up beating Breath of the Wild's Great Plateau BLINDFOLDED--without seeing the game at all.

HUGE thanks to CrystalSaver who helped IMMENSELY with this run, check out their other blindfolded runs here: https://www.youtube.com/user/FrozenMelody

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▶TWITCH: https://twitch.tv/pointcrow
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Artwork/Emotes by Lycel, SSSucrose, AbbyBagel
Editted by: https://youtube.com/insecureball, https://twitter.com/Connnor01, and PointCrow!

#pointcrow #breathofthewild #blindfolded

Comments :


PointCrow . 2 weeks ago

NEW MERCH CHECK IT OUT AT https://www.pointcrow.shop :o

Princess Hitler

Princess Hitler . 6 hours ago

No shot Eric will ever beat the rest of this game.


Lylahbeeee . 9 hours ago

Zelda must be soo disappointed just watching link rn.

Alper Cetiner

Alper Cetiner . 13 hours ago

I want to play BotW in GTA5 map.


Donschnulione . 18 hours ago

like 2.5 years ago i watched this man do "twitch plays Pointcrow plays botw" and severely helped him beat it. now he has 860.000 subs more than back then. quite insane honestly lol

Big Tango

Big Tango . 1 day ago

This blind folded speed run stuff is always hard to believe


Werewolf_witch . 1 day ago

links sped up jumping made me think of a monkey doing a funky dance


Zeldon . 2 days ago

Plot twist he couldn't see anyway this whole time..thats how he can remember

Ronja Räubertochter

Ronja Räubertochter . 2 days ago

He: Remembering all those shapes and colors, Me: can not even remember my phone number

I’m A Sloth Deal With It

I’m A Sloth Deal With It . 2 days ago

Ngl kinda wanna see him speed run scarlet nexus

Megan Matheney

Megan Matheney . 3 days ago

This is the first time I've seen someone describe how I visualize time also, as a line that makes a shape like a circle or hill. Same with any number line or sequence really.


Andovia212 . 3 days ago

My mom took ten hours to beat the Plateau WITHOUT a blindfold and you managed to do this in under two. Mad props and another amazing video!!


Wallywutsizface . 3 days ago

You sound like you have Synesthesia, based on your color visualizations of numbers


¡Ra1b0o¡ . 3 days ago

Anyone realise that genshin impact and link have sort of similar mechanisms like gliding running shooting and hitting? Or are those just used in almost every type of those games?


Juept . 3 days ago

Wicked memory tips in there! Also mad impressive, keep it up!


edoppelle . 3 days ago

There is a real blind man playing Zelda, too. He uploaded his whole Play Through of Ocarina of Time. Also, he has an IT Job. Amazing dude. Also, he is not a "I see a little bit" blind person. He is not even looking at the monitor and is only using it because of the sounds.

Blu Cpiny

Blu Cpiny . 4 days ago

All that's left to do now is beat the whole game blindfolded...

Сегодня я запятая

Сегодня я запятая . 4 days ago

11:47 o my goood that moment got me very hard...

Claudia Melgaard

Claudia Melgaard . 4 days ago

The fact that you memorized every single step, is fucking impressive! <3

Dr. LumpyPants

Dr. LumpyPants . 4 days ago

This is cool and probably took a long time. Good job bro, but when people were asking for this I bet they meant just by audio cues and not memorizing the number of jumps


fieaux . 4 days ago

very impressive and you absolutely need more views :-) super amazed by your system and you executing it practically flawlessly. even when making mistakes, you corrected them so cleverly. i’ve never seen anyone play breath of the wild quite the way you do. Nice work!


Starichu . 4 days ago

The real question is why aren’t you wearing that spectacular unicorn mask in the thumbnail?

Tristan Chamlou

Tristan Chamlou . 5 days ago

if botw was a side scroller game


maritxuhh . 5 days ago

You have color synesthesia! That's how I memorize stuff too.

Oskar Popović Svendsen

Oskar Popović Svendsen . 5 days ago

amazing, but now do it blindfolded, without sound on master mode edit: and beat the whole game 100% with a stick and without taking damage

Sir Cheese

Sir Cheese . 5 days ago


Moonbin J

Moonbin J . 5 days ago

Yep yep this video deserves a sub

Alyxandra Mixer

Alyxandra Mixer . 5 days ago

Watching this made me realize just how differently people can think. When he started to get into colors, and shapes being numbers?? Nonononono, that would fry my brain! You know what I am really good at though? Following patterns, and memorizing specific numbers. If I were to start treating these lists like I would a crochet pattern, that's when it would start to make sense to me. I don't know what that means in terms of "You're a (blank) type learner." but still interesting to me nonetheless.


EatanOrange21 . 6 days ago

Chat: Asking Poincrow random questions PointCrow: *wearing a blindfold*

D4 3th4n8tor

D4 3th4n8tor . 6 days ago

You did this blind folded?! That’s amazing how you memorized all of that! I can’t even remember why I walked into a room sometimes. Congrats!!


TheMetaGamerYT . 6 days ago

Now blind and deaf! Or maybe the entire game!!!

Funtime Jake Plush

Funtime Jake Plush . 6 days ago

11:14 re *P* ember

Carlvens 365

Carlvens 365 . 6 days ago

bruh you MEMORIZED EVERYTHING?? i thought you were listening to what to do with ur headphones

Caitlyn Atkins

Caitlyn Atkins . 6 days ago

you mean... you're supposed to cross over a pit by cutting down a tree to get to the shrine...? I have played the game 3 times and climbed around every time

Brian Jordan

Brian Jordan . 6 days ago

now just hop on over to hyrule caste, sneak past all the guardians, kill the lynal, 4 blithe and Gannon, than you win


Pika . 6 days ago

Point crow is one of my favorite youtuber for botw hands down

Big Sussy Baka ;)

Big Sussy Baka ;) . 7 days ago

Now do it blind and deaf.

Robin Rdl

Robin Rdl . 7 days ago

This man is just different

Benjamin Lambert

Benjamin Lambert . 7 days ago


John Camp Humphryes

John Camp Humphryes . 7 days ago

He would do so much better if he just used his eyes


BowTieMaster117 . 7 days ago

This just goes to show how well and thought out sound design is in this game

doliio volay

doliio volay . 1 week ago

weird ngl.


emolawnflamingo . 1 week ago

Pointcrow describing his color and shape association to remember all the movements...that's literally synesthesia. He's literally describing both the Ordinal Linguistic Personification and Grapheme-Color types of synesthia (both of which I also have). I just think it's insane because I myself never realised I have synesthesia until I saw Anthony Padilla's video interviewing people with it, and suddenly here's PointCrow describing the exact same types of synesthesia I have and also not realizing it.


The…Teletubbies… . 1 week ago

So. I was thinking. I want to do a painting of Legends of Zelda BOTW. Either the four blights in the no light mod or the four divine beasts in the no light mod. Which one?


Aud . 1 week ago

he smort

MLG Samantha

MLG Samantha . 1 week ago

Does Eric have synesthesia?

Ruth Becerra Jiménez

Ruth Becerra Jiménez . 1 week ago



SuperCatPrincess8888 . 1 week ago

Today we learned PointCrow has Synesthesia?

Madison Bailey

Madison Bailey . 1 week ago

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Ricardo David Molina Rodriguez

Ricardo David Molina Rodriguez . 1 week ago

wow how did you do that you are amizi

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