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Different Types Of Students On The First Day Of School Part 2 Pam A Cake Shorts
ms_pam_a_cake official

ms_pam_a_cake official

Published on 3 months ago

Comments :

Princess_lillian yt

Princess_lillian yt . 8 hours ago

I would be the shy one then 2 minutes later I’m bad af cussing and all😩😩😩✨✨✨✨👌👌👌👌😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Sero Hanta / {Pxnk•3•Charm}

Sero Hanta / {Pxnk•3•Charm} . 1 day ago

Im the second and fourth one almost every day. And the last one was me the first week.

xxlana_gxx Gallagher

xxlana_gxx Gallagher . 2 days ago

I’m the shy one ofc😂

Bff _Zoomer shorts

Bff _Zoomer shorts . 2 days ago

I am the shy one and I am in third grade

Katherine Bates

Katherine Bates . 2 days ago

I love your lunch videos can you make more?🐾🐕

Stacey Kirkley

Stacey Kirkley . 3 days ago

Just here for friends-is me.🤣

Destiny B

Destiny B . 4 days ago

I would be the shy one

Audrey Hundt

Audrey Hundt . 4 days ago

The Percy Jackson books are GREAT

That cartoon simp

That cartoon simp . 5 days ago

Im the shy One, unprepared and rather be anywhere else

A bird with internet connection

A bird with internet connection . 5 days ago

I'm the quite kid only have 3 friends but that's ok cus there good ones lol


axstheticflower . 5 days ago

I’m the overconfident one. I love starting New Years of education! Meeting new classmates, new teachers, and even harder challenging work! It’s super exciting!

Khushi V Sharma

Khushi V Sharma . 6 days ago

"Would rather to be anywhere else" Ohkie- that's me

Kayla Thornton

Kayla Thornton . 1 week ago

I'm the shy one that's definitely me

Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis . 1 week ago

I'm the shy one but when I meat my friend I never be shy again

Paulina Skora

Paulina Skora . 1 week ago

Everyone is new on a new school year

baayer younes

baayer younes . 1 week ago

I'm the shy one

Kheryll Zara

Kheryll Zara . 1 week ago


Building Bricks Flashlights, And Other DIY Ideas

Building Bricks Flashlights, And Other DIY Ideas . 2 weeks ago

lol I would be a transfer student because I go to school in Seattle lol: St. John catholic school to be pacific

Moon cake roblox ♡ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Moon cake roblox ♡ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ . 2 weeks ago

I’m in 4rth grade and we just finished reading the first Percy Jackson book we’re reading book 2 and we’re going to watch the movie soon lol

alpha marine

alpha marine . 2 weeks ago

Honestly, I was the shy one every year.

Not a clue

Not a clue . 2 weeks ago

Dang she said Percy Jackson man the movies are the best


•Amber• . 2 weeks ago

I’m a mix of the shy one and the rather be anywhere else one


FriendlyAvocado . 2 weeks ago

Seriously the transfer student is just all “My old school… blah blah blah”


RAtONe . 2 weeks ago

I’m the “just here for the friends”

the snake

the snake . 2 weeks ago

On the first day of school I forgot my computer I was wearing the same shirt the unprepared one was coincidence I think not

Sarah Medford

Sarah Medford . 2 weeks ago

You should do more of these

Bella Boo

Bella Boo . 2 weeks ago

Hey I came to a new school from Seattle!


leviathonluke . 2 weeks ago

UH I may or may not love Greek mythology


Zman#38 . 2 weeks ago

We are reading Percy jacksob

-𝕚𝕥𝕤 𝔸𝕪𝕒-

-𝕚𝕥𝕤 𝔸𝕪𝕒- . 2 weeks ago

Im the shy one

Light_ Ray_Fox

Light_ Ray_Fox . 2 weeks ago

I'm the one thats shy and would rather be someone else, the years rn r horrible id rather be home

Jessica Corcoran

Jessica Corcoran . 2 weeks ago

I fel4 bsd for the unprepared one. Partially the child's fault, but that the parent didn't get the school supplies yet, that's heartbreaking snd clearly shows a procrastination trend in the family

Kayleigh Rowe

Kayleigh Rowe . 2 weeks ago

I'm the shy one idk why but I am


Ava-the-cado . 2 weeks ago

You forgot to add something The shy one who is overwhelmingly smart

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton . 2 weeks ago

I’m a combination of the “Shy one” and the “Just here to make friends”

William Dude

William Dude . 2 weeks ago

Percy Jackson is a really good book!

celestias wife

celestias wife . 2 weeks ago

I’m in Seattle-

. 2 weeks ago

When I was a kid I was just like jake

Dani Cahill

Dani Cahill . 3 weeks ago

One question where is your school


Angel🦋 . 3 weeks ago

Who else is the shy one but not anymore LOL


Sisi•Jackson . 3 weeks ago

Im the shy kid

Gena alkammo

Gena alkammo . 3 weeks ago

Me: being shy and friends one lol


Ash . 3 weeks ago

Im the want to be anywhere else

foxGabey fg

foxGabey fg . 3 weeks ago

and stops embarrassing yourself

foxGabey fg

foxGabey fg . 3 weeks ago

You make annoying videos

Pinki Nixao

Pinki Nixao . 3 weeks ago

I'm the shy student.. But then I warm up


EmmaBdaboss . 3 weeks ago

3rd gurl rude

Alda Cantu

Alda Cantu . 3 weeks ago

The transfer student reminds me of that one girl from the magic school bus pol

yeah yuhhh

yeah yuhhh . 3 weeks ago


Greyson The Bean

Greyson The Bean . 3 weeks ago

“I can name all the presidents in order” EXCUSE ME TEACH ME I DTILL CSNT DO IT

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