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How Much Cardio Should You Do To Lose Belly Fat? (4 Step Plan)
Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy Ethier

Published on 2 years ago

Wondering how much cardio is needed to burn belly fat? Well, you’re in the right place. We’re going to talk all about cardio, and more specifically how you can use it to get rid of belly fat. The truth is, most people seeking burn belly fat approach their cardio routines the wrong way and fail to account for the various metabolic adaptations we experience. The good news though is by Implementing the right cardio plan, you will be able to break through any plateaus you encounter to the point where you’re able to lose belly fat. Before that, let’s first take a look at the problems we face when it comes to cardio and belly fat loss.

One of the major limitations with cardio for fat loss is that as we lose weight and improve our fitness levels, our body compensates by trying to burn less calories throughout the day. That’s obviously bad news if you want to burn belly fat. And is also why your cardio plan needs to be designed and actually progressed overtime such that it accounts for this. But, at the same time, you don’t want to do too much too soon.

So, how exactly do we account for those factors? Well, we can do so with a 4-step plan that when combined with a calorie deficit from your diet, will help you lean down and eventually get rid of belly fat. The first thing we need to do here is establish a small amount of cardio to get you in the habit of moving and adhering to a cardio plan that we can then progress. What I’d recommend is just 10 minutes of incline walking every single day. You can swap this for light cycling or any low intensity, low impact cardio modality.

In step 2, we want to then very gradually start increasing the duration and/or difficulty of our cardio sessions. But again, the key here though is that you’re simply increasing your cardio very gradually overtime to enable you to break through any plateaus you encounter so you lose belly fat successfully. That said, the extent to which you do so though will vary individually and depend on your lifestyle.

As you apply the above 3 steps, you need to ensure that you’re not then compensating outside of these cardio sessions. So, to avoid this possible compensation from impeding your belly fat loss, you need to control and monitor 3 variables. First, your step count. Second, you need to be adhering to a regular weightlifting routine. And lastly, you need to monitor and control your calorie intake and ensure that you’re still adhering to a calorie deficit.

Now the last step here has to do with maintaining your new physique. Find a routine or hobby that you can now stick to that'll enable you to maintain your new bodyweight and physique with ease.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve covered on how much cardio is needed to burn belly fat:

Step 1 (Baseline): Start at a low baseline level of cardio.

Step 2 (Increase): In gradual increments, increase the duration/difficulty of your weekly cardio sessions every time you reach a plateau.

Step 3 (Control): Control all other variables and keep them consistent (weights routine, daily steps, calorie intake) to avoid compensating for your cardio sessions.

Step 4 (Maintain): After you’ve successfully stripped off the belly fat, find a routine that’ll enable you to maintain your new bodyweight and physique.

Just keep in mind that you need to be pairing your cardio routine with a regular weightlifting routine and a solid nutrition plan, as these will both help speed up the process and ensure that you don’t just end up “skinny fat” by the end of your fat loss journey. And for a step by step plan that shows you exactly how to do this by optimizing your workouts, nutrition, and cardio plan for you such that you can lean down as efficiently as possible with science, just like countless of our members have done with their Built With Science programs, then simply take the analysis quiz below to discover which specific program is best for your body and where it’s currently at:
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*The scientific contents of this video have been proof-read and verified by published researcher Dr. K Rayani, PhD in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

Filmed by: Bruno Martin Del Campo





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aroundandround . 10 hours ago

0:43 So he’s saying moobs go before belly fat, so that’s something positive.

Filip Mazic

Filip Mazic . 11 hours ago

I like how Jeremy mentioned establishing an easy baseline level for cardio. When you really think of how our ancestors lived, we were moving around all day but didn't have a need to run and do HIIT. Those were for fight or flight and emergency situations. So of course we plateu, our bodies go into self preservation mode with overly intense cardio. Well that's my bro science theory at least.


ItzBreanna! . 2 days ago


Luis Aparicio

Luis Aparicio . 2 days ago



Sacrimony . 3 days ago

Definitely the best video I've seen on the subject!

Christopher DeSanto

Christopher DeSanto . 4 days ago

Too much talking KISS

4946 4946

4946 4946 . 5 days ago

I have absolutly zero bodyfat training a lot and are very fit and strong BUT i have a realy unatractive belly all fat goes there. Have tried all sorts of training and diets, seems like it does not matter If i starve or eat 10,000 calories a Day My weight wont change. Any ideas?

Roscoe Barker

Roscoe Barker . 5 days ago

This helps alot. Explains why I am losing weight all around my body BUT NOT the ABDOMINAL section. Evan with : 1- calorie deficit diet, 2- HIIT Cardio (30 minutes morning and 10 minutes afternoon), 3 - ABB excersize three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday),4- Resistance training (Monday-Friday) and 5-lots of water during the day. I've got good Stamina so Cardio ain't a problem, but now I'm skinny fat.


THE ANG-MAN . 7 days ago


Blaine Blaine

Blaine Blaine . 7 days ago

I was around 380 pounds, maybe higher. I bought myself a treadmill sept 20th 2021. and have been on it everyday since, I started just walking on it for an hr a day until around the 2m mark, taking rest days if I need to or feel fatigue. I wasnt strict on my diet for maybe the first month in a half, but I have been focused on my portions all the way through from when I started. I only started eating clean about 2 months ago and its now 1/17/2022. I now run for 30 mins a day burning 300 calories and putting in 2 miles a day, and do over 100 push ups every other day. Have lost 90+ pounds, its been 3 months and 29 days. Consistency is key, it gets easier after a while. I believe in whoever's getting ready to start. Best thing to do is get yourself a treadmill on craigslist if you dont have the funds to buy something expensive.

Wm Johns

Wm Johns . 1 week ago

One variable that I have used exercising on my treadmill to maintain fat burning is as I lose weight, I add weight to my backpack to compensate for my lost weight. If I initially lose 10 lbs, I add 10 lbs to my backpack or a weighted vest, lose another 5 lbs, add 5 lbs etc. the above works best if slow walk on a steep incline.


yourturningpoint777 . 1 week ago

This is your best video. This spoke to me on a personal level. I’m at that level now when I need to increase my Neat level. One big tip was incorporating weight lifting 3 times a week to help beat my Plateau in weight loss.

Gündoğdu Akın

Gündoğdu Akın . 2 weeks ago

Excellent video, very educating. But there is something I don’t understand, I really struggle with understanding the TDEE activity levels. I lift 3 days a week, i take 7000 steps everyday (some of it on the treadmill), a couple of stairs maybe, should I do cardio on top of that? What activity level does that put me on? I have no problem with progressing with my lifts but I really struggle with losing fat and if I do too much it really interferes with my sleep.

Plox Plox

Plox Plox . 2 weeks ago

I am 5’5 225lb struggle with craving a lot of unhealthy foods how much calories you think I should eat a day and how much treadmill time should I do how many carbs should I eat a day and stuff like that

Plox Plox

Plox Plox . 2 weeks ago

Ok Guys I need help I’m 5’5 and 225lb I struggle with craving a lot of unhealthy foods how much calories you think I should eat a day and how much treadmill time should I do how many carbs should I eat a day and stuff like that

Imnotcleverenough Forthisnameshit

Imnotcleverenough Forthisnameshit . 2 weeks ago

Oof I walk on the treadmill for an hour starting at incline 12 gradually working my way down. Four across four down every 15 minutes. Just started going that hard this week. Been at the gym every work day for about 2 months or so started out at 15 minutes on the treadmill everyday then weights. I decided to focus more on cardio and fat burning cause that priority for me.


M HGN . 2 weeks ago

Think of fat as fuel/petrol and yourself as car the quickest way to to empty the tank is foot to floor for long as possible, intensity X duration works every time go hard go long and thats how i stay in single digits fat% and still can eat pizza once a week.

Arthur Campolina

Arthur Campolina . 2 weeks ago

Mate your content is pretty instructive. I wish there were subtitles in Portuguese so that I could share it with my missus and friends. Keep it up! 🔥

Christoper Frias

Christoper Frias . 2 weeks ago

I really love the shape of my face as of the moment because I gained enough weight from being skinny alongside of gaining weight, I also gained belly fats which I hate the most. I just wanna ask, how would I be able to loss my belly fats without lossing my beloved weight? Any advice?

Michael Ortega

Michael Ortega . 2 weeks ago

30-45 minutes 4-7 times a week of intense interval cardio and keep at around 1500 calorie diet is my goal to lose 80 lbs in general. I am at 255lbs now. My goal weight is 170-180lbs.

Pathik Desai

Pathik Desai . 2 weeks ago

Love this video thanks for credible information ✌🏾

I Screenshot NFTs

I Screenshot NFTs . 2 weeks ago

Videos starts at 4:45

VodkaVictory 45

VodkaVictory 45 . 2 weeks ago

You. Cannot. Target. Fat.

[Dark Autumn 3D]

[Dark Autumn 3D] . 3 weeks ago

5:47 DUDE! Banana-Man works out at your gym??? Wowww!!! I'm a huge fan of that guy!


GamerClips . 3 weeks ago

I run 1.5 miles in 11min every day before I lift. I then lift for 60 min ontop of that and then do abs every other day. I’ve definitely plateaued at 200 down from 261. Belly fat is so damn stubborn all I have left are love handles and they’re impossible to get rid of lol

Shabaz Shaikh

Shabaz Shaikh . 3 weeks ago

Hey buddy! Is performing 6 reps of 30 sec each of planks effective for losing belly fat alongwith moderate Warm-up of 10 mins? (5 min run at 10kmph + 3 min Jumping Jacks + 2 min Rotational resistance) Weight : 75kg, Height : 5'8"

Love for K-Drama K-pop

Love for K-Drama K-pop . 3 weeks ago

Need motivation, this one of it.

Patrick Earl

Patrick Earl . 3 weeks ago

Just get to the point! Damn

Mamoosh Oran

Mamoosh Oran . 3 weeks ago

So I have lost weight by eating less but with no exercise but I still havent lost my love handles. Can you tell me what am I should do ?

Rahul Jadhav

Rahul Jadhav . 3 weeks ago

Awesome content !


Fayad . 3 weeks ago

Is something wrong with his chests?


nicole . 3 weeks ago

0:38 the circles are killing me but i cant stop looking

Ash Pragasam

Ash Pragasam . 3 weeks ago

5:47 lol is that a banana on his head?


おいしいパスター . 3 weeks ago

What are your thoughts on HIIT?


Teamgeist . 3 weeks ago

I got really irritated when I saw him wearing nike element 55 on an treadmill.

Liboriohates OREOS

Liboriohates OREOS . 4 weeks ago

Who else is in their bed and saying they'll do this later

Daniel Dorigiola

Daniel Dorigiola . 4 weeks ago

If you are doing 40 min of cardio a day where does that leave room for weight training? Would you just stick to 10-15min and also do weight training for 45min?

Shivang Kubal

Shivang Kubal . 4 weeks ago


Shivang Kubal

Shivang Kubal . 4 weeks ago


Michael Lujan

Michael Lujan . 4 weeks ago

This is incredibly insightful!

Aditya Bansode

Aditya Bansode . 4 weeks ago

Thanks, I recently lost 11 kgs and now i am becoming very lazy. This answered my many questions


Richard . 4 weeks ago

Thanks !

Maryam Zokaie

Maryam Zokaie . 4 weeks ago

Thank you so much for the video. I am looking for motivation to get up and get into a routine. You made it seem so much easier to do so. Will start with 10 minutes on the Ellipitical from tomorrow!

Jeff Hopkins

Jeff Hopkins . 4 weeks ago

Bro u made it make sense

Lázaro Pérez Cruz

Lázaro Pérez Cruz . 4 weeks ago

So what’s the summary? TOo much information for my brain

Mathew Johson

Mathew Johson . 4 weeks ago

Why do they talk so much in these video

Areeb Kazmi

Areeb Kazmi . 4 weeks ago

Don't u think cycling is harmful for sexual health...

Gurtej Sekhon

Gurtej Sekhon . 4 weeks ago

Lately I do an hour of weight lifting and an hour of cardio after early in the morning. It also helps that I work as a package handler at a FedEx warehouse and I feel that I burn a lot of calories already from that as well. It’s helped me lose 8 pounds so far this month and I hope to keep losing more. This video helped a lot!

Eddie Venuto

Eddie Venuto . 1 month ago

I know a lot about lifting weights I just do I've been lifting weights for 4 years. I know for a fact if you eat healthy and you exercise three to four times a week you will lose the fat off the belly I already know that. That's the science that's the biology behind all that a fact is a fact and that's what that is. I mean if you cut all the fat off and eat clean it will go away cuz you're not eating any fat. But if you eat burgers and fries all the time that's a problem. What happens is with someone gets obese their belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger because that's where the fat is stored in the body. But if you eliminate all that need healthy fats and do everything you're supposed to do and the weight room and and working out and dieting it will take care of itself your belly will be flat that's a fact


kawaiiwaste . 1 month ago

so much unneccesary info smh just get to the point

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