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Doctor Fact Checks POPULAR Weight Loss Tips | Noom Review
Doctor Mike

Doctor Mike

Published on 1 year ago

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There sure are a LOT of weight management tips across the internet, and after my research it appears finding the facts from trustworthy sources is harder than it seems. Heck, I’m a doctor and had trouble verifying a lot of this stuff, so how is someone without a medical degree supposed to find accurate and safe info? Today I’m taking a look at some popular weight loss tips around the internet to tell you what’s real and and what’s not.

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Comments :


MaCTEP YoBa . 1 hour ago

You know mate noom is the best advertising in a video I have seen since longbeachGriffy advertised his dildos in valentine's Day clip

Dylan Beck

Dylan Beck . 7 hours ago

im eating M&Ms right now

Eris. Voca

Eris. Voca . 11 hours ago

Can I add honey on my green tea and not sugar ?

Aimee Ward

Aimee Ward . 2 days ago

Wouldn't staying hungry cause your body to slow down your metabolism because it thinks it thinks it's in a famine?


moonwalker1654 . 2 days ago

Doc Mike can your drop a workout video

Help _

Help _ . 3 days ago

Hi Help Here, if U don't know about keto foods now would be a very! Good time to try these Healthy book recipes instructions: [in my photo, Then "ABOUT" right next to "CHANNELS"] That's it !~ Enjoy

Nathan Gehrke

Nathan Gehrke . 4 days ago

HIIT is a scam, steady state cardio only

Foy's Urban Farm

Foy's Urban Farm . 5 days ago

I intermittent fast, but not on purpose, just wind up eating about once a day most of the time. Feel like my body just holds onto everything because it doesnt know when it's getting fed next.

Denver Bilyeu

Denver Bilyeu . 6 days ago

Very good video, I do think the used to getting hungry advice was over simplified and not communicated well. Many of the feelings of hunger we feel are conditioned, the better advice is to be able to identify when you are actually hungry and not just wanting to eat because your salivating at noon. This is especially important in the first few weeks of being in a calorie deficit when people will not have the feeling of fullness they are used to and your body is getting used to not eating as much.

Devin Cauble

Devin Cauble . 1 week ago

Pro tip: you can cook eggs and fish in the microwave, how I lost weight without being able to cook 😂😂


Ruth . 1 week ago

I should be thankful to my mother who didn't allow me to eat randomly anything I wanted when I was a middle schooler.


wallamazoo . 1 week ago

I have this issue where I always need to tap my feet, jiggle my legs, or otherwise feel "restless" while at rest. But exercising often reduces this restlessness. I realize that this is a sign I need to get active, otherwise it drives everybody nuts feeling like they're constantly experiencing a 3.0 quake, because I've been known to start rattling homes and buildings.

Ryan McCardle

Ryan McCardle . 1 week ago

The biggest problem for some people is that there are people that eat as a lifestyle, for fun, like a habit. They dont eat to survival, nutrients, or just care of the body, to heal it.

J Wall

J Wall . 1 week ago

Is your "Know Thyself" connected with your Buddhist ideology?


Lex . 1 week ago

Watching this bc I gained back a few pounds and that ed is actin up again boi 😬 jus wanna be healthy and happy with my body smh


salmenrob3 . 1 week ago

Doctor Mike, just started watching a couple weeks ago. I have got to ask, do you make more money $$$ form Youtube or being a REAL doctor?

Georgianna Miller

Georgianna Miller . 1 week ago

I lost 30 lbs with noom!

Gaming With Jas

Gaming With Jas . 1 week ago

If you are doing cardio go for time not distance.

Blank User

Blank User . 1 week ago

Noom seems really cool but I CANNOT afford $70 AUD a month!!!

Annabelle Lopez

Annabelle Lopez . 2 weeks ago

If you are infected with Herpes I recommend that you contact DR ALAHO OLU 👤 ON YOUTUBE and get a Herpes Simplex Virus 1&2 cure made with natural herbs 🌿 🍀🍀…….

Ele LaEffe

Ele LaEffe . 2 weeks ago

Hey Doctor Mike! I just subscribed to Noom, and your channel as well :D

Genie B

Genie B . 2 weeks ago

FYI: the counselors on Noom are terrible and only respond maybe once a week.

Andrea Nel

Andrea Nel . 2 weeks ago

I know you are a doctor, but nutrition is really not in his field. Doctors do not study much in nutrition. Always, ALWAYS listen to a registered dietitian for nutrition information.

Melissa Murphy

Melissa Murphy . 2 weeks ago

Totally late comment but I wish I'd seen this video sooner. I like seeing you take down the bad advice but also recognizing what does work. Also Noom has been great for me, if I'd known about it sooner I would have been on this path faster!

Meagan Kellermann-Brown

Meagan Kellermann-Brown . 2 weeks ago

One of the tricks I've been doing lately is eating a half portion of what I used to eat and then a small bowl of fruit for desert usually strawberries, blueberries, a few grapes, maybe some raspberries and recently, pomegranate seeds. I call it filling in the corners. I end up super satisfied at the end.

Wowmage 5.56

Wowmage 5.56 . 2 weeks ago

7:10 I thought the brain releases a chemical that hinders weight loss when you feel a hundred pain. You want to avoid reaching that stage and stay satiated throughout the day no? That TikTok advice was so dumb.

Naughty Ned Flanders

Naughty Ned Flanders . 2 weeks ago


Self help

Self help . 2 weeks ago

Find healthy food, options / alternatives that you enjoy. Thanks for that. I have also created a list for myself on my channel. Thank you

chris cone

chris cone . 2 weeks ago

exercise will help build up your circulation system and in the process , with the greater blood flow help all of your body get nutrients that it lacks. ps im not a dr....just common sense

Elizabeth Tillou

Elizabeth Tillou . 2 weeks ago

Jokes on you. When I'm too lazy to cook I just don't eat.

Ace Gassman

Ace Gassman . 2 weeks ago

Be advised Noom is not a good choice for everyone. My male friends have done well on it, but myself and every female I've talked to were put on a 1200 calorie diet. That is a CRASH diet at my weight. They didn't assign me a coach even though I paid for it, and their coaches are not dietitians/nutritionists. That's just my personal experience with them. Alternatively, people may want to check out Second Nature - everyone is assigned to a peer group and gets a coach who is an actual nutritionist or dietitian. Both programs focus not just on eating healthy and exercise, but also on the mental/emotional components. Second Nature focuses on eating, exercise, sleep, stress and positive attitude - there's also no calorie counting, they just teach you how to put together healthy balanced meals. (And I also was not great at the meal prep/cooking part, it's not my favorite. But once I had a few meals I really liked under my belt prep wise, it got much easier. Lost 20 lb so far...)


KittenMatchVids . 2 weeks ago

Not appreciating the attack at 10:37 XD

Playing Random Games

Playing Random Games . 2 weeks ago

There is one thing I kinda miss about losing weight here... Excersize and eating healthy is a thing. Dieting, I wouldn't recommend. Dieting means that u follow a schedule most of the times, and that u eat specific things. But most important, of losing weight. Is your behaviour... You don't want to change your behavior, you will always fall back into ''when u eat normal''. And with ''normal'' I mean, when u got ur weight u want, you stop ''dieting'' and go back to ''normal''. Because a diet is somethang you go on, if you go on stuff, you also go off of it. Try to change behavior, and then try to learn to get healthy food into ur system. And eat in portions. What I mean with that is, you can eat a cookie, or a slice of pie. frick that! But compensate this with ur food later on the day. Losing weight, it's easy really. But remember, energy balance is everythang!


R . 2 weeks ago

I want to eat doctor mike 😮‍💨

Aline Bonifazzi

Aline Bonifazzi . 2 weeks ago

Debunks rubbish weight loss hacks, criticises crash diet. Meanwhile promotes Noom.


Jinxolotl . 2 weeks ago

I often have patient's consider that they are thirsty vs hungry- a lot of time patient's will eat when they are actually thirsty. I encourage drinking plenty of water- especially room temperature!

Tilting Planet

Tilting Planet . 2 weeks ago

My problem is my husband and I sit down to dinner, he almost always finishes before me, and then tries to give me what he was to full to eat and I grew up poor and hate wasting food so I end up saying yes :(

Ans wer

Ans wer . 2 weeks ago

You're fantastic Mike! Keep it up :-)

Aimee Ward

Aimee Ward . 2 weeks ago

Somebody suggested to me to drink at least half a cup of water before taking that first bite of a meal. It helped me lose weight for a while, but now when I do it my food just tastes better.


SixofQueens . 2 weeks ago

Meal prep. I go on a standard grocery run once a week. I buy more or less the same things every time, subbing out a few fresh fruits in salads for others (apples, oranges, pears, plums generally, though I do also have completely savory salads as well), a marinade or two for thin sliced chicken breasts to top the salads, maybe a dressing (have 4 or 5 on hand, and 2 TBSP cups to hold them), maybe pickle my red onions, maybe don't, but otherwise lots of veggies (both raw and baked, 4-5 raw, 8 baked with one of 5 different general seasoning blends, no overlapping), rice (white, brown, red and wild), some cheese, some meat, and a snack/desert mix of two kinds of nuts, 6 dried fruits and a bit of Reese's Pieces, for breakfast some tea (generally without sugar) and either a multigrain cereal with whole milk or two one-egg breakfast tacos with red onions sauteed in olive oil (I use a LOT of olive oil in general, like in the baked vegetables) on two corn tortillas with various salsas to vary the flavor. It works like a charm if you're honest with yourself on cheating, and by varying the salsas, salad dressings and other seasonings, it feels MUCH more varied than it actually is, at least as far as flavor and even texture profiles goes.


SixofQueens . 2 weeks ago

Yes, the high intensity low intensity workout. I live in an area where most outdoor running routes (those that don't hit a stop light every block or two where you have to just stop constantly) are very hilly, so on a good circular route, there are periods of high intensity (going up a hill) followed by lower (either flat or going downhill). I have found that, when adjusting to a new, more intense route, even if going up a long, steep hill that leaves me wiped out, if I can get through the next 30 seconds of level or downhill track, my breathing will return to normal and I can go on, and once that occurs without too much hassle, I start to sub in the next level of intensity, never all at once (that can lead to injury), but sub in once a week of the harder route at first, then twice, then do it every time (3-4 a week). If you have to run indoors, either on a treadmill or an elliptical (which is better in many ways as long as it's well maintained), you can apply the same principle, you'll just have to program it in.

L Jordan

L Jordan . 3 weeks ago

I eat once a day and I still can’t lose weight

Rebecca Watkins

Rebecca Watkins . 3 weeks ago

Can you get the same benefits of green tea from white tea?

Anonymous sss

Anonymous sss . 3 weeks ago

Mayne he is pretttyyyy

Jared Chamberlain

Jared Chamberlain . 3 weeks ago

had me until hiit, steady state moderate intensity cardio for long periods of time burns more fat than hiit cardio, this is common knowledge come on

William Michaeli

William Michaeli . 3 weeks ago

Green tea also has something called EGCg (Epigallocatechin gallate or epigallocatechin-3-gallate) which helps boost the cognitive functions of those with down syndrome and is also a natural myostatin inhibitor. It's a great little catechin that I don't think gets enough attention.


Diffuusio . 3 weeks ago

Green tea makes me feel ill

Yunyun .Yandere

Yunyun .Yandere . 3 weeks ago

How is it possible for me to lose size ( mostly the waist) while gaining weight. ( Just 2 kilos)

VOICEof THEpeople

VOICEof THEpeople . 3 weeks ago


Jungkook Nation ⟬⟭

Jungkook Nation ⟬⟭ . 3 weeks ago

Dr Mikee, mockingly : Getting chased by a bear.... Me : Hmm, diet and exercise at the same time, win win \o/

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