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LET'S ROCK!!!! 'YEEEAAHH!' | Aliens (1986) [DIRECTORS CUT]
Colonel-Commissar Rourke

Colonel-Commissar Rourke

Published on 4 years ago

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Balraj Takhar

Balraj Takhar . 2 months ago

I want these sounds in a Aliens PS5 game. Surely someone has the love of the franchise and imagination to make this happen. Apart from Alien Isolation nothing has come to match the atmosphere and fear of the first two films.

Assumption is the mother Of all fuck-ups

Assumption is the mother Of all fuck-ups . 2 months ago

Best fucking line ever!

Jack Mehoff

Jack Mehoff . 3 months ago

This is the best thing that happened in the 1986. Nay, the entire 80’s.


dornravlin . 3 months ago

This is how i want to go out better to burn out then to fade away

Sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride . 3 months ago

0:00 When you enable "infinite ammo" and "infinite health"


SWEET BOY . 3 months ago

The thumbnail!! 😂

Hodor AHS

Hodor AHS . 3 months ago

Let's rock!

Ivy The Ranger

Ivy The Ranger . 3 months ago

Hicks keeping his short shotgun for close encounters Smartguns only hitting aliens


Assimir . 3 months ago

Aliens: Elite Fire team in a nutshell


Impulset0 . 3 months ago

16 people were mistaken for a man.

Haukur Jónasson

Haukur Jónasson . 3 months ago

vietnam experience

Dirk Stevens

Dirk Stevens . 3 months ago


QBaT Mobile

QBaT Mobile . 4 months ago

Vasquez is the toughest space marine ever.


odinson810 . 4 months ago

Colonial marines!

Clarence Jeong

Clarence Jeong . 5 months ago

Too futuristic...... Hope it'd been produced all-1987, released 1988.2


Radrook2 . 6 months ago

He needs to be told to lay down a suppressing fire with the incinerators and fall back by squads?

Chauncey Kelly

Chauncey Kelly . 6 months ago

James Cameron's greatest masterpiece! This film aged extremely well 34 years later


nistramo . 6 months ago

Classic....absolutely classic!!! When all else fails and it's about to go down....LETS ROCK!!!!!

Elestro Music Games Fun

Elestro Music Games Fun . 7 months ago

Cameron has always been great at female characters


gsxerwhite . 8 months ago

Fuckin Vasquez 😕

Who Me?

Who Me? . 8 months ago

It's never happened before or since but when I saw Aliens in 1986 when the movie finally started (too many damn trailers) the audience melted the way, when the end credits started rolling up I suddenly became aware of the audience and the movie theater. The movie was so intense that's all I was aware of.

Gorilla Jones

Gorilla Jones . 8 months ago

You just too bad Vazquez!

Kalam Abrasapuentes

Kalam Abrasapuentes . 8 months ago

This is legendary

Dalen Lewin

Dalen Lewin . 9 months ago

This movie has some of the most spine chilling musical scores and action scores in all of movie history, and the composer was only given two weeks to compose all of them. One wonders how much more frightening this movie could’ve been if the composer was given the proper amount of time.

Not your friend pal

Not your friend pal . 9 months ago

That opening would make a great dubstep intro 🤣


GallantMaple . 9 months ago

How do I get the first 5 seconds of this looped as my alarm clock?

Alexis Alfar

Alexis Alfar . 10 months ago

This is feminism

Marium Raja

Marium Raja . 10 months ago

Probably the best scene made in movies.. I love it ... Letttts rock

Chichai Wahkap

Chichai Wahkap . 11 months ago

go man do something you have to save them out there when they are in danger not just sitting there


mrsheabutter . 12 months ago

"Let's Rock!!!!" - the original emotion of Super Saiyan!!!!


mrsheabutter . 12 months ago

One of the best movies of all time!!! Vasquez was a beast and she knew how to vibe with men, unlike today's unruly feminist!!!!

Bassy Simpalah

Bassy Simpalah . 12 months ago

If u don't love this film, you're fukn nuts


califinn . 1 year ago

Vasquez had the right mindset, screw safety, they're in a fight for their lives, get it on.


J R . 1 year ago

*Spoiler Alert* 2020 If Vasquez didn't disobey orders they would've all been dead. They basically held the aliens at bay so they could escape. Too bad Drake got too gungho and bit the bullet

Imnackered Sirnackered

Imnackered Sirnackered . 1 year ago

They wrote a badass female character in this not at the expense of other badass male characters. She didn't say "I am a female. So lets Rock!!" or say to the men " I woman can do this" No she was a Tom boy who was a lad to the other members of the team and she would flex with that other blonde fella on many occasions. Back in the day writers wrote badass female characters on the basis that they wanted a cool female character and not because of feminisms or some agenda to promote woman as stronger or more capable than men. She reminds me of my sister who is a Butch lesbian but shes among the coolest people on earth, shes chill, she's masculine and she can hang around men without putting the male gender down and so it feels natural.

Leiam Whittaker

Leiam Whittaker . 1 year ago

0:00 me when I have lots of alcohol and cocaine

gizzykat kat

gizzykat kat . 1 year ago

I fucking love her. "LET'S ROCK!"

Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson . 1 year ago


Jordan Paul

Jordan Paul . 1 year ago

Truly fucking bad ass

Rogue Nerd

Rogue Nerd . 1 year ago

When you’re about to take out a hornets nest.

Private Idaho

Private Idaho . 1 year ago

Ripley was the natural leader but I liked that Hicks was smart enough to know that he didn't want to be charge.

CCP Troll Hunter

CCP Troll Hunter . 1 year ago

Watching this scene after all these years.... still gives me chills!!!!!

chuck spadina

chuck spadina . 1 year ago

This movie probably has the 2 most badass women in any movie

The Agent Code

The Agent Code . 1 year ago

November 3rd 2020. Let’s rock!!!

Charles Saint

Charles Saint . 1 year ago


Joaquin McCurty

Joaquin McCurty . 1 year ago



bclinguist . 1 year ago

To be fair, they underestimated their opponent and maneuvered onto the ground that favored said opponent. As much as I wish they would have succeeded, they gave the Alien too many advantages. Also, the fact that the Alien can only reproduce with other species leads me to believe this is a bio-weapon, not a species.

Nickel The Wise

Nickel The Wise . 1 year ago



5133937 . 1 year ago

It’s a brilliant touch how James Cameron decided the Lieutenant would not actually lead his platoon into battle in person, but rather direct the grunts remotely from the safety of the APC. That’s definitely some fan service from the director to modern day grunts who sometimes find themselves with a book smart but not street/jungle smart lieutenant leading them.

Peggy Maza

Peggy Maza . 1 year ago

The best movie ever!

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