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Lose Belly Fat In 3 Days With An Easy Egg Diet


Published on 4 years ago

How to get rid of belly fat fast and for good? There is an easy egg diet that will get you in shape in less than a week. Let's see how to reduce belly fat in just 3 days using eggs.

We have found a perfect way to become slimmer, more energetic, and overall healthier. No horrifying medical procedures or starving for days on end! Just one simple ingredient - and the process of weight loss will jump into action. You will see the result in no more than 3 days! Are you ready for the miracle?

5 shocking facts about obesity 0:28
What you shouldn't do if you want to lose weight 1:55
Avoid the following products to get rid of belly fat 3:43
Why an egg is such an incredible product 5:21
3-day egg diet 6:21
Health benefits of drinking green tea 8:00

Keep this way for 3 days and see what will happen! Share the results you have achieved in the comments below the video, but let's agree - no cheating while you are following this diet!

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Comments :


BRIGHT SIDE . 4 years ago

4:41 that's what I need right now. But too much sugar is really bad for you guys 👇 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5aYq0ASSHU&t=48s

🌼 Maria Yvette 🌼

🌼 Maria Yvette 🌼 . 12 hours ago

6:26 😀

DanielJR Peters

DanielJR Peters . 14 hours ago

Tried it. Doesn't work.

zarina jamgyrchieva

zarina jamgyrchieva . 23 hours ago

Those kind diet - unaffordable for some nations ! Because of poverty.

Kazmi Syed

Kazmi Syed . 2 days ago

Hey everyone! I am gonna start this diet from tomorrow hope I will lose around 5 kgs


World-Wonderer . 6 days ago

Over 6 min of talking before you actually explained the diet.


Fish. . 6 days ago

7:50 Are they okay? They sound like they're having a fight on who should speak- 😂

Tammam 1638

Tammam 1638 . 6 days ago

i thought that was the green tea diet

Deborah Adeola

Deborah Adeola . 6 days ago

But I don't like Tomatoes. what should I do

Carlo Angelo Marcelo

Carlo Angelo Marcelo . 1 week ago

Takes too long to get to the point!

yours aaheli

yours aaheli . 2 weeks ago

Pov: U came here to look comment section that how many had been loosing weight with this video 🤣


AAA . 2 weeks ago

3:37 bruhh look up at yk wut 😏📸


Snowfursings . 2 weeks ago

Don’t have tomatoes so imma eat a carrot

that guy joe

that guy joe . 2 weeks ago

I live in namibia we dont have green tea

that guy joe

that guy joe . 2 weeks ago

I live in namibia we dont have green tea

Paula Butts

Paula Butts . 3 weeks ago

Wow didn't no eggs would work😎

Moo moo Playz

Moo moo Playz . 3 weeks ago

1:04 though-


*~Lxvinq~* . 3 weeks ago

Thank you for this I will start the diet now 💗

Sohel Shaikh

Sohel Shaikh . 3 weeks ago

my cat lost 1lb after following the diet 😂😂

Emil Mendez

Emil Mendez . 4 weeks ago

says no less than 1200 calories, proceeds to instruct 700-1000 calories a day

Tom Health

Tom Health . 4 weeks ago

Results happen over time, not overnight. Work hard, stay consistent and be patient. 💪

Malachi Reilly

Malachi Reilly . 4 weeks ago

Hi, have you considered this kind of diet plan called the Okibetonic Secrets? My cooworker says it helps people lost lots of weight. Is that possible? I also heard a lot of excellent review relating to this diet plan. Thoughts?


nigl2807 . 1 month ago

Who drinks green tea WITH sugar???

steven jabs

steven jabs . 1 month ago

Ok thanks for this info

Patel tabassum27

Patel tabassum27 . 1 month ago

Video starts at 5:20

john beach

john beach . 1 month ago


Gethel Fitness & Health

Gethel Fitness & Health . 1 month ago

I have lost 2 kg in 3 days, by taking masala oats in breakfast and dinner. Oats are very useful in weight loss A life without health is like a concert without music. Take care of your health and life will take care of you...!!

Anthony Ray Whitten

Anthony Ray Whitten . 1 month ago

A lot of this isn't true. Hilarious


Mint🌿 . 1 month ago

I'll just starve myself for 3 days so I'll be guaranteed to loose even an inch of this flabby tummy.

100k sub challenge

100k sub challenge . 1 month ago

98% watching are asian

Kenyonyoozi Cynthia

Kenyonyoozi Cynthia . 2 months ago

i neeed that😁😁😁

Orion Tech Tips

Orion Tech Tips . 2 months ago

So if you’re telling me not to eat under 1200 cal how come all 3 Days are under 1200 cal?

Samir Cho

Samir Cho . 2 months ago

What about the 1day lose weight vedio!

Daily Forex and PTZ

Daily Forex and PTZ . 2 months ago

too much bla bla disgusting

John Afan

John Afan . 2 months ago

Nutrition deficit is shouting

Monica Cherrier

Monica Cherrier . 2 months ago

Ok …like eggs but , l think this video is more about green tea, l am going to drink more green tea.


Kazimodo . 2 months ago

How long egg diet ? it will not effected to our body if we continue for long term?



Hi guys I used this product it's amazing really its works you too can use it

Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree . 2 months ago

Is it okay for a feeding mother?

abdul wajid

abdul wajid . 2 months ago

What diet plan after 3 days?

Ian Dominic Guzman

Ian Dominic Guzman . 2 months ago


Carmen Aponte

Carmen Aponte . 2 months ago

The boiled egg diet

I don’t give a S*** Anymore!

I don’t give a S*** Anymore! . 2 months ago

Tomatoes have lectins…no way!

Defeated Program

Defeated Program . 2 months ago

But what if I don't even like tea?


CUT THE FAT . 2 months ago

As a dietician this was surprisingly accurate.

Raven Black

Raven Black . 2 months ago

Dude I've tried everything. I jog everyday or do aerobics. I diet try to eat no bread and less sugar. I've tried starving but I can't do that. Nothing works. Its very disheartening 😔

The boltonian explorer

The boltonian explorer . 2 months ago

carnt have fish im elergic what else could i eat

T Tlt

T Tlt . 2 months ago

If you lose to much weight to fast you will end up with gallbladder disease n end up in surgery with it being removed


Smile. . 2 months ago

Me, whos allergic to eggs: aight ima head out

Syed Jahangir

Syed Jahangir . 2 months ago

Fir lunch it's boil egg white or what?

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