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Quando Rondo's Top Five Ways To Tie A Bandana


Published on 2 years ago

"I put this on my head ten times a day. If they said you can only have a bandana or jewelry, I'd choose the bandana." That's #QuandoRondo paying tribute to his favorite accessory, his navy blue bandana. His love for the item makes sense — it's a versatile accompaniment to any outfit and one you can adapt depending on your mood or activity. To prove this the Georgia rapper talked The FADER through some of his favorite bandana uses in the latest episode of Top Five. Whether it's covering up when you're riding a dirt bike, relaxing in your PJs, or looking to add extra drip to your stage fit, Quando's got your back.

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Comments :


RobertPorter1469 . 1 month ago

Rondo tha 🐐


montbenjamim . 2 months ago

HE Crip

La. Peesh

La. Peesh . 4 months ago

Lol no litterally he know hes a crip buh n no gang

Ghost face

Ghost face . 4 months ago

Yo quavo honda y u kill king john


vTopShotta064 . 4 months ago



iLoveJesuschrist . 5 months ago

Jesus was crucified , bore our sins in his body, he rose from the dead in 3 days, trust in him and gain eternal life. Without him we are lost.......


WUYANG GROUP . 5 months ago

spercial tastes/////////


RosaSavage . 6 months ago

Wowwww I love how obvious it is that he’s a crip


RazibooYT . 6 months ago

Fuck you / you killed king von

Stunna Tone

Stunna Tone . 6 months ago

How i do it the qpac way exactly?

Irie ThePeaceKing

Irie ThePeaceKing . 6 months ago

Quando - i aint no crip also Quando :


Seftee . 7 months ago

How did he tie the last one

D 2x’s

D 2x’s . 7 months ago

“I’m not in no gang or nun” cap 🧢🤣

Jeremiah Pierre Louis

Jeremiah Pierre Louis . 9 months ago

tHey needa make a video on How taH tie daH QPac tutorial


TRIPPIE REDD FAN 1400 . 9 months ago

Why do I love how he be moving and talking this weird

Ezra 555

Ezra 555 . 9 months ago

he smart 😂, “i like the color blue because it make me stand out, i’m not in no gang”

Crip Cheese

Crip Cheese . 10 months ago

How he do the a pac one with the knots that’s clean

jordan ti

jordan ti . 10 months ago

he sound like kevin hart

Atk mobb Timmy

Atk mobb Timmy . 10 months ago

They just got bored and said fuck it let do a video


Luxury_Pierre . 10 months ago

How does he tie it for qpac

my teacher told me to “come”

my teacher told me to “come” . 10 months ago

the like depends on the internet i mean ffs

Strictly Aye

Strictly Aye . 11 months ago

Can I Know Who At Your Company Was Like "How Bout We Get Quando To Talk About The Way He Wears Bandanas" ???

Sir. Cartier

Sir. Cartier . 11 months ago

killer of von.

Crashcoast 915

Crashcoast 915 . 11 months ago

0:32 CAP

jf collado

jf collado . 12 months ago

How do u do qpac?

BaNd GoD Crack

BaNd GoD Crack . 12 months ago

You fell down when von got on that ass lol #LLKV


ebaryt . 12 months ago

I’m not on no gang or nothin had me dieing


mike . 12 months ago

Shure blue is yo favorite color why els u wear blue hu😏😏🤨🤨


esva835 . 12 months ago


Snapshk Boreskep

Snapshk Boreskep . 12 months ago

Quando a smart dude for sayin he not a crip. Being smart bout it.

Smiley frm dahood

Smiley frm dahood . 12 months ago

" i'm not in no gang or nothin" lmaoooo cap


Montana . 12 months ago

Smoking on this rondo paco

Payton Watson

Payton Watson . 1 year ago

So who wants to split the 8 mill

Yo Momma

Yo Momma . 1 year ago

He finna die no cap lil durk on his ass

AngeloTrujillo 1998

AngeloTrujillo 1998 . 1 year ago

Y u look like dababy?

Lord Rothschild

Lord Rothschild . 1 year ago

Which Rapper Will Unfortunately Get Murdered Or Pass Next ??? Your votes matter.. https://youtu.be/Ssqq2O0I0dg Lil Durk 🥣 Durkio TrapBoy Freddy 🤘 CJ Kasino 🎰 6ix9ine 🌈 Lil Reese ✡️ Quando Rondo 😬 Young Dolph 🐬 FBG Wooski ✡️ NBA Youngboy ⛹🏿 Chief Keef 🌞 Pe$o Pe$o 💧 GoYayo 🦩 Snoop Dogg 🐕‍🦺 Lil Pump/Pimp 🥤 Or.. Whom Do You Think??? 🤔 ☠️ Vote Or Die ☠️


TO BI . 1 year ago

This guy is a crip

yewtrshx *_*

yewtrshx *_* . 1 year ago

Here before they take him 🙏🏽🤦🏽‍♂️


wickedcrow. . 1 year ago

Wait you’re not in a gang 😶

Tamara Harrison

Tamara Harrison . 1 year ago



slimests123 . 1 year ago

This is quando rondo and i'm gonna get killed soon over some bullshit

Jaylen WRLD

Jaylen WRLD . 1 year ago

Lemme get this straight Quando not in a gang but his fav color blue he only wears blue he talm bout some loccd out and double c's And c walKin?

Teddy helman

Teddy helman . 1 year ago

top 5 ways to call an anbulane insted of caring king von teling him to breathe


2ULD GANG . 1 year ago

i like to fold beanies, and then put the bandana over the fold and it looks cool

Leon James

Leon James . 1 year ago

Waste of my time stupid jerk ...no help atall

Tj El libre

Tj El libre . 1 year ago

check this out https://youtu.be/_q2oLF6iXZA


Michael . 1 year ago

What the....who the......? What happened


Yarber— . 1 year ago

Noice love it

Julian Different

Julian Different . 1 year ago

Qu how you do the Q-Pac


theFantystic . 1 year ago

Could you make an tutorial with red?

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