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Half In The Bag: 2021 Movie Catch Up (part 1 Of 2)


Published on 2 weeks ago

00:00 - Intro
03:39 - Last Night in Soho
06:09 - Saint Maud
12:35 - Lamb
15:16 - Woodstock 99
19:12 - The Scary of Sixty-First
22:05 - Being the Ricardos
26:29 - Bad Trip
37:04 - I Think You Should Leave
41:55 - I Care a Lot
44:48 - The Amusement Park
48:12 - Dexter: New Blood

Comments :

Ocean Sage

Ocean Sage . 14 hours ago

I loved Saint Maud, Last Night in Soho, & I Care A Lot. It's funny Mike laughed at the elderly abuse in I Care A Lot


Imgema . 2 days ago

That Bozo story explains the Desmond character.


Rackbuhl . 2 days ago

I don't know that I've hated a movie more than "I care a lot" except maybe the diamond movie with Sandler. It was such an infuriating watch and then fucking Peter Dinklage is a mob boss and it's supposed to be kind of serious or completely serious? Ugh wish I could get that 2 hours back.


nookie077 . 2 days ago

A hug! A woke fool's definition of sexual assault.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith . 3 days ago

"Continued in part 2" is best part of this.

Josh Liam

Josh Liam . 3 days ago

Last Night in Soho is amazing visually, and even though it's not close to perfect storyline-wise I loved it.


EvanderGee . 3 days ago

Mikes faces lmaoooooo 20:05


graaf_x . 4 days ago


kara mitros

kara mitros . 4 days ago

Mike was the villain in Clifford nthe DOG!!


ukdirector85 . 5 days ago

lolz the ending


Bit2Brain . 5 days ago

50:23 - Yep.

Matthew Lemons

Matthew Lemons . 5 days ago

Curious if anyone watched “We Need To Do Something”…auto play brought it up…I kept wanting to turn it off and wanted to watch at the same time…some crazy moments and ends up an interesting plot, but kinda heavy handed social messaging and not great dialogue or acting. Want to watch it again in the right mood, see if it changes anything…nothing really happens, it’s people stuck in a bathroom with no escape, resources and, presumably, a destroyed civilization. You have to focus on the movie, not something you can really watch while doing other things. My ADHD was having trouble wanting to stay focused on it.

1 1

1 1 . 5 days ago

It's true, I was on the Bozo the clown show and I was chosen. Me and my crush, she had to put socks on my hands and we crushed it. Won a juicebox holder.

bilishu aliss

bilishu aliss . 5 days ago

I am very envious of Mike for his Packers zipup, it looks incredibly warm. To survive the frigid Wisconsin winter I have to assume Jay's installed a small fireplace into his shirt.



How do you not love Dexter?? One of the most satisfying psychological vigilante series ever!!


AngryTechGuy . 6 days ago

"I Think You Should Leave" brought me to tears! The God awful grandpa suit.

William Akers

William Akers . 6 days ago

Tim Robinson yelling "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!" is so great...

R Jebus

R Jebus . 6 days ago

Mike needs a 🫂

Neil Purcell

Neil Purcell . 6 days ago

Mike, do you have the full episode you were on? You should get in contact with Fuzzy Memories!


TONTORO TONTORO . 6 days ago

31:06 Mike Stoklasa says undertale, i clapped

The Irishman

The Irishman . 6 days ago

Can you tell me where I can find that Green Bay Packers pullover sweatshirt?!

Old man Biscuit

Old man Biscuit . 6 days ago

Nobody: MIke and Jay: Ya'll want to talk about how Hollywood loves pizza?


juhhy91 . 6 days ago

What happened in Woodstock?


kelownatechkid . 6 days ago

Surprised few ppl are mentioning Dasha lol

I Don't Get It

I Don't Get It . 7 days ago

Half in the baaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy -


Mike . 7 days ago

Say elderly abuse again

Mr. Joy

Mr. Joy . 7 days ago

6:58 for the Bozo discussion.

Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts . 7 days ago

Dexter reaction emoji made me laugh like Seth Rogen

Thomas Czerwinski

Thomas Czerwinski . 7 days ago

Wait a minute, you guys in Wisconsin call kebab in bread a "euro"?! Oh my Goood!

Alex Daniels

Alex Daniels . 1 week ago

I am shocked that Jay thought so highly of Last Night in Soho. What a miss.

mikea hiooi

mikea hiooi . 1 week ago

Wow. Rich appeared on Ellen and Mike on Bozo, and BOTH were background extras in Never Been Kissed. True Hollywood icons.


redandblue323 . 1 week ago

This episode proves that Mike Stoklasa was ever a child. I had serious doubts

Commander Shepard

Commander Shepard . 1 week ago

I love watching these. Helps me find movies I'm actually interested in.


Por0d0mulle . 1 week ago

imo I Think You Should Leave was the best thing on this list. hilarious show, 10/10

_hench_ _

_hench_ _ . 1 week ago

Jesus Christ I forgot Bozo existed. Until tonight. Why MIKE WHY

Da Big Base

Da Big Base . 1 week ago

Wasn't expecting to get Midnight Mass episode endiing deja vu from Saint Maud but was a welcome surpriise!

Alex Polewski

Alex Polewski . 1 week ago

Mike needs a hug :'( MIKE ILL COME GIVE YOU A HUG


Thelonelywanker84 . 1 week ago

Naomi rapaisse!😂😂😂


Yggdrazzil . 1 week ago

I watched I Care A Lot after this video and I'm surprised by how little they had to say about this film.


-. . 1 week ago

Havent checked in for a while, but 90 seconds in and it was familiar great.


fobef . 1 week ago

Which Bozo? Bozo the district attorney or Bozo the clown?

Andy McPandy

Andy McPandy . 1 week ago

Peter Dinkledge could be Luke Skywalker's Mini-Me

Mojo Pin

Mojo Pin . 1 week ago

Ever had a cocktail at Ruby Tuesday’s? But the bartender was new and her manager was watching her make your drink? The drink has just enough booze in it to qualify it as a cocktail. It won’t get you buzzed but you still feel like you’re drinking? That’s Eric Andre. The watered down version of stuff that somebody else makes WAYYY better.

Michael G

Michael G . 1 week ago

Lol my Dad was on Bozo in Chicago as a kid too. Probably 1965ish.

Atoms Phere

Atoms Phere . 1 week ago

Man, when he started singing in “bad trip”…that was hilarious.

Martine Douglas

Martine Douglas . 1 week ago

Mike might’ve been drawn to the Lucille Ball movie because of her role getting Star Trek rolling too.

Trav Pots

Trav Pots . 1 week ago

Good job. I kept having to pause to go watch these movies and shows


Vholst . 1 week ago

"Kevin Spacey released another video wishing someone a happy birthday before putting out a candle with his fingers, never blinking or taking his gaze away from the camera, shortly before the death of another one of his accusers."

Chantal Wagner Kornin

Chantal Wagner Kornin . 1 week ago

Hey guys you should watch the 2017 movie "Bingo", a brazilian movie the most beloved Bozo actor that was a party hard absent dad that snorted cocaine until his nose bled before recording the shows. The couldn't use the Bozo name for legal reasons

First Name Last Name

First Name Last Name . 1 week ago

33:10 bad grandpa kinda did something like that too. Something extra after the story was over.

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