Low Carb Down Under

Low Carb Down Under

Published on 3 years ago

Dr. Nadir Ali is an interventional cardiologist with over 25 years of experience. He is also the chairman of the Department of Cardiology at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. Before working as a cardiologist, he served as an assistant professor of medicine for eight years at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, where he also received his medical training.

Dr. Ali has championed many aspects of the science and practice of a low-carb lifestyle in the local Clear Lake area since 2013. He organises a monthly nutritional seminar in the Searcy Auditorium of the Clear Lake Hospital that receives more than 100 visitors every month from the local community. Dr Ali’s focus is on managing heart disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

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Abu Kamal

Abu Kamal . 2 days ago



HB . 2 days ago

What about stroke from high ldl

Gadru Pandey

Gadru Pandey . 7 days ago

Pagla gaye ho ka Dactar Sahib🤣 AIIMS me cheating kiya? Fibre dilutes acid preventing protein absorption 😂


CNC . 1 week ago

Meta analysis on this topic show sustained increase of LDL levels correlates to the development and progression of atherosclerosis. Not even up for debate and likely something his patients will have to deal with in the next 10 years as chronic diseases have a long latency period. Even if your a paleo maxi, the father of this diet Loren Cordain suggests says LDL levels should ideally be 50-70mg/dl. This guy is doing mental gymnastics to prove otherwise.

Manu Patel

Manu Patel . 1 week ago

Another quack in the market....

di brentley

di brentley . 1 week ago

Thats exactly what happened to my blood, low trigs high cholesterol high ldl. never felt better. Doctor was surprised with how low my triglycerides are.

Camille Simon

Camille Simon . 1 week ago

So how do I convince my doctor of this so she stops pestering about taking statins


JUSTICE 4ALL . 1 week ago

atkins diet failed Paleo diet failed Low carb diet failed What do these have in common? They are all the same diet, just rebranded after the previous fails .


peAcE . 2 weeks ago

Now that's call real research...thanks Doc


dogfacedponysoldier . 2 weeks ago

I asked my doctor to add LDL particle size test in my routine testing. I got a curt reply that "No we do not order that, it is not a useful test". Should I fire my PCP?

riki rex

riki rex . 2 weeks ago

human been after 6 M years still does not know what to eat and want to discuss medicine and medications. LOL

Bly A

Bly A . 3 weeks ago

It's interesting to find out why my ldl is on the high and my help was very high. Iam fasting no processed foods and carbs. I exercise and long walk daily and I feel so much better and have more energy


stevebroache . 3 weeks ago


Selvam Thiagarajan

Selvam Thiagarajan . 3 weeks ago

Thank you for this very informative and amusing presentation.


Jaytee . 3 weeks ago

If low carb high fat is heart healthy why is The standard American creating so much metabolic problems . They're discussing that cholesterol that's eaten is just pure cholesterol. What about the inflammatory effects that these cholesterol sources incite? Could it be that the pesticide and other chemicals that are bio accumulated in animal proteins are baggages that go along with eating cholesterol. I am also amazed how the Dr with 29 yrs experience is still asking these questions. It would be interesting to find out how long he was able to eat like he says he is.its hard to read on this video tho as there are no study references to support the allegations


Damo . 3 weeks ago

This link from a US professor is heavy going technically, but very well worth watching. Sugar is the problem, he explains the cause and mechanism but gives a simple conclusion anyone can understand. Watch "Prof. Robert Lustig - 'Sugar, metabolic syndrome, and cancer'" on youtube.

Alok Kumar

Alok Kumar . 3 weeks ago

So nice, amazing. Very useful knowledge.

Stay Pawsative

Stay Pawsative . 1 month ago

Thank you for this info !!

John Timm

John Timm . 1 month ago

Just got the results from my blood workup today, it's exactly what is stated in this presentation. Overall my cholesterol is down and my LDL is up. This is after 48hr fast. Feel much better now.

Jay Whoisit

Jay Whoisit . 1 month ago

Low carb also seems to fight viral infection as well. I have a form of herpes that flairs up every couple months. Lasts a couple days until the immune system forces it to retreat. However when I’m on a LCHF diet the virus never gets a foothold and just remains dormant.


dividad . 1 month ago

I totally agree the standard American diet is way too heavy w/ grains, plant oils, and sugars, but isn't the magic formula to be mostly on high fat/protein diet, while incorporating a moderate amount of vegetables/fruits? Veggies and fruits making up like 20% of the diet? I feel like that's the best way. From what I understand your body does need sugar, just a very very small amount.

Melvin Riga

Melvin Riga . 1 month ago

My LDL was like 152, do I need to take Statins?

Linda Knox

Linda Knox . 1 month ago

Gee, if people can make themselves healthier, don’t need to see a Doc, the Doc doesn’t get paid for an OV and can’t prescribe drugs. 🤔 loved this video!!

Muhammad Iqbal

Muhammad Iqbal . 1 month ago

Before Triglycerides was =476 After Deitiing Triglycerides Controlled =125. But Before dieting LDL was=133. After Dieting LDL Is=213 After Dieting I lost 5kg weight and LDL rised 133to 200.could you plse someone advise me what is the reason for High LDL during low carb deitie?


Otterbandana . 1 month ago

Does anyone know if studies have - or are being done - to show the impact on a Keto/low carb high fat diet on people (who are not overweight) who show plaque build up in the arteries via a coronary calcium scan? (Otherwise healthy people where this test was done and plaque build up was shown)? I’m searching and so far cannot find anything — would really appreciate learning about what is out there. Thank you!

Anita Venkataramana

Anita Venkataramana . 1 month ago

Super! Thank you very much for your talk. I’m a neurologist and we are forced to prescribe a Staten on everyone. It’s so refreshing to hear you say your speech. I agree, we are blinded from the top down and I feel like I’m the only one on the bottom that kind of makes sense.

Frankie Fernandez

Frankie Fernandez . 1 month ago

Great graphics!


Kian . 1 month ago

I am so happy to watch this video. he confirms everything Dr Berg is saying about it! Great lecture!

Qaiser Majid

Qaiser Majid . 1 month ago

Watching this video 10th time, ha ha ha..... Love you Dr Nadir.

Qaiser Majid

Qaiser Majid . 1 month ago

Thank you Dr Nadir. I was on Ketogenic Diet for the last 6 months, this month when I had my Lipid profile, exactly same happened & traditional Dr confused me by horrifying me that my LDL is too high & it is dangerous for me. Now after your lecture I am much satisfied and confident as my body is sending me all positive signals.

Bruce Prigge

Bruce Prigge . 1 month ago

Thanks! Good talk!

Meenakshi Langer

Meenakshi Langer . 2 months ago

Thanku dr its eye opener

Seitan Beats Your Meat

Seitan Beats Your Meat . 2 months ago

How is this not medical malpractice? This guy is killing people

Mark Park

Mark Park . 2 months ago

Wish I could find a Doctor like him in Arkansas.

Bill Hesford

Bill Hesford . 2 months ago

I had a traditional diet - meat, vegetables, salad, and grain-based foods. I was sick in many ways. 2 months of low carb diet and I feel better, I have lost 10 kg in weight, no more indigestion, not so sleepy. I cannot explain how much better I truly feel. I have come off blood pressure tablets for the first time in 20 years. Make of it what you want. I don't listen to "science" anymore.

Video Adventures

Video Adventures . 2 months ago

my Keto Levels are over 9000

Nora Zelaya

Nora Zelaya . 2 months ago

With an LDL of 170, an HDL of 63, weight of 128m, and normal triglycerides, showing a normal cholesterol ratio the NP wanted to give me a statin med. I said no thank you. These numbers are good for me. My liver, kidneys, thyroid, and other parameters are normal. I am a nurse that likes to do research. I have known for a while the real cholesterol deal and the overmedication of people based solely on the numbers. There is more to the human body than numbers. However, if I ever feel, I have no choices to stay healthy/stable a medication may be the right thing to do, but you have to prove to me that I really needed and it is the only way. Do not tell me your cholesterol is high and I will give you a low dose of statin. What cholesterol; what's the function?

Shridhar shettigar

Shridhar shettigar . 2 months ago

Eat only When you are fully hungry. Don't bother about LDL, HDL etc..

Shridhar shettigar

Shridhar shettigar . 2 months ago

Low carb means not no carb.. Subatitute grains like wheat and rice for green vegetables and fruits. The medical fraternity and food industry is worried because people are getting healthier with intermittent fasting and food consumption is getting reduced.

Beeman 2892

Beeman 2892 . 2 months ago

If i have a non alocoholic fatty liver, will keto remove the liver fst first before i loose fats?

Dark Matter

Dark Matter . 2 months ago

what about heart disease / atherosclerosis ?


LAKK One . 2 months ago

You are telling wrong


Trilby . 2 months ago

Real low LDL means what?

Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma . 2 months ago

Typical sales man who wants to put you on medicine permanently


iSleepDoc . 2 months ago

Wow Dr Nadir you nailed it👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I wish my fellow physicians understand this concept and start treating their patients the right way!!!

Ging Freecs

Ging Freecs . 2 months ago

so LDL cholesterol is good or bad ? im confused, because many information out there says that LDL cholesterol can make people get heart attack

Andrew Mays

Andrew Mays . 2 months ago

Lord help us!! What we need is a structured, evidence supported debate between proponents on both sides of the cholesterol debate. Personally, I long for the day that physiologists, trained in the scientific method and doing hard core research in human physiology, lecture us on the physiology of the human body RATHER THAN MEDICAL DOCTORS WHO TOOK ONE OR TWO PHYSIOLOGY COURSES IN MEDICAL SCHOOL SEVERAL YEARS AGO. I'm sorry to inform you that epidemiological studies are excellent at generating hypotheses to be tested by rigid scientific methods....the results of which are to be tested in totally independent, anonymous laboratories.....but questionnaire generated epidemiological studies CANNOT PROVE CAUSE AND EFFECT!!!!! This comment is not intended to attack anyone, but I suspect that the real culprit in the world wide obesity epidemic is overconsumption of carbohydrate laden diets....not cholesterol made in our livers or absorbed by our lymphatic systems from digested food in our digestive tracts. Furthermore, I suggest cholesterol has become the cherished red herring of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community because it's blood levels can be manipulated by various drugs cheaply produced by the pharmaceutical industry and religiously prescribed by legions of medical doctors, true believers in what they memorized in medical school, who have never done scientific research in a bona fide research laboratory. It's no wonder that thousands of people die every year in the United Staes from taking prescription medications.....many of them statins prescribed to lower cholesterol blood levels!!!

Mel Oon

Mel Oon . 2 months ago

I am fasting and have shed 14kg over 5.5 months yet my LDL has jumped from 4.4 to 5.9. Can Dr Nadir pls tell me why ? My GP said I must start cholesterol medicine to bring down LDL. Otherwise I will get heart attack or stroke.


stony2494 . 2 months ago

Dr. Brian Peskin mentioned this twenty years ago and got ridiculed. He was right. Don’t always believe studies as they can be financed by those standing to benefit from the results. Believe the science


hornet224 . 2 months ago

Timestamp 13.50: I can attest to this chart. When my statin was increased to 20mg from 10, my cholesterol dropped to <200mg/dl. This resulted in brain fog, joint inflammation (metacarpal syndrome) , leg cramps, and major loss of energy. I became a couch potato. After stopping statins against doctor's order, everything recovered except my brain where it lost the ability to remember details like places, names and navigation recognition.

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