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2 हफ़्तों में 5 Kg वज़न कैसे कम करें । How to lose weight 5 Kg in 2 weeks. Watch this Hindi video to know how to make special jeera water at home, by which you can lose weight fast. Special properties of jeera (cumin seeds) help in your weight loss 3 times faster.

If you want to lose weight quickly, watch this video and start taking this drink for weight loss. It has lemon, honey and water along with jeera in the right quantity given in the video. You will loose weight and get quick benefits.

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Comments :

Farha Naaz

Farha Naaz . 1 hour ago

Baby feed krta h kya kru

Mohit Vats

Mohit Vats . 1 day ago


Asha Robin

Asha Robin . 2 days ago

Ji agar or bhi ase video ho to me jarur dekhna chahungi

Asha Robin

Asha Robin . 2 days ago

very nice

Adnan Sheikh

Adnan Sheikh . 1 week ago

Thank you so much

ashwini Gursale

ashwini Gursale . 1 week ago

Mam iske liye honey jaruri hai kya

Poonam Bhosle

Poonam Bhosle . 1 week ago

Without honey pee sakte hai ya nahi


🐇Rabbitube . 2 weeks ago

is this drink effected side effects??

Tabreez Tabbu

Tabreez Tabbu . 2 weeks ago

breast feeding mother should not drink this??


R.GAYATHRI R . 2 weeks ago

Gap between this drink to break fast ?

Pari YB1916

Pari YB1916 . 2 weeks ago

Honey zaruri hai koi bata do pliz??? Kyunki mai eak haftai se zeera +Lemon pani p rahi hu

Sonali Jena

Sonali Jena . 2 weeks ago

I am drinking since last 15 days in the morning empty stomach, still no weight loss. Please suggest.

Pushpa Rani

Pushpa Rani . 2 weeks ago

Any side effects

Jivandnyan ALL IN ONE

Jivandnyan ALL IN ONE . 2 weeks ago

After watching this video I will start Drinking jira water definitely regularly. From exersise I loose only 5 kg in last month.hope your Idea helps me a lot. 🙏👍

Areeba hussain

Areeba hussain . 2 weeks ago

Din main pi sakhty subha late hota hY uni Jana Hota ☹️

Sarib Cute

Sarib Cute . 2 weeks ago

Breastfeeding mom kiu use ni kar sakte.kiya side effect hain plz tell me???

Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma . 3 weeks ago

Winter m work kregi?

Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma . 3 weeks ago

Mem....chest fat bhi kmm hoga?..🤧

Mateena Sharief

Mateena Sharief . 3 weeks ago

Ihello mam..! I hve diabetes...can l drink this without honey???


Shreya . 3 weeks ago

I'm 20 years old


Shreya . 3 weeks ago

My wait is 55 And my target is 45

Padum kumar Beldar

Padum kumar Beldar . 3 weeks ago

My weight is 78 and my target 52 Is this possible

Zeba Sayed

Zeba Sayed . 3 weeks ago

Wt r the reasons to avoid if breastfeeding

Hummaya Jaan

Hummaya Jaan . 3 weeks ago

Start for tomorrow hope ki weight loose ho mai abhi 73 hu

Reetu Sharma

Reetu Sharma . 3 weeks ago

I will start from tomorrow. Let's see.. Now I m 74 ... Will share the results ..

Arvind Arora

Arvind Arora . 3 weeks ago

Mam isko Per day kitni baar drink karna chahiye Please reply me with timing.

Amisha Patel

Amisha Patel . 3 weeks ago

Diabetes to ni thai ne

Awdhesh Jha

Awdhesh Jha . 3 weeks ago

Thank u so much for this advice 🙏🙏

raghavendra ms

raghavendra ms . 3 weeks ago

Thank you dear ma'am

Students Life

Students Life . 3 weeks ago

I will stary today nd check 27 nov.

Dr Wajiha

Dr Wajiha . 3 weeks ago

agar honey na ho tu b use kr ly effective hoga? @TsMadaan

Nikisha Shivhare

Nikisha Shivhare . 3 weeks ago

Can we take this at night?

Erjra Eru

Erjra Eru . 3 weeks ago

Kal se start....

Pooja vatss

Pooja vatss . 3 weeks ago

can i take jeera water with black salt?

Pooja Ahuja

Pooja Ahuja . 4 weeks ago

can i use it without lemon

Amreen Kashfee

Amreen Kashfee . 4 weeks ago

85 bagane hai kese gatega

Crafty_gifts_ decor

Crafty_gifts_ decor . 4 weeks ago

We have to jst drink that water or can eat that jeera also?

tanu verma

tanu verma . 4 weeks ago

Is this helpful for thyroid patient?

zakir mansuri

zakir mansuri . 4 weeks ago

My current weight is 116 and I'll start today I'll update after 15 day 🚴

Nagma Khan

Nagma Khan . 4 weeks ago

I'm start tomorrow thank you maam


[email protected]í¥@² . 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the additional helpful information and I'm sure I'm gonna try this.

Rashid Bhatti

Rashid Bhatti . 4 weeks ago

Mam yeh Neem garam hi peena h

Mamatha Lenkala

Mamatha Lenkala . 4 weeks ago

Can I drink this before going to bed at night without taking food ???

Shabnam Banu

Shabnam Banu . 4 weeks ago

Kya khali jeera pani bhi wet loss karega

Alisha Devgan

Alisha Devgan . 4 weeks ago

Kya hum iss drink ko dopehar me ya evening me le skte hain??

Komal kamthe

Komal kamthe . 4 weeks ago

Mujhe constipation ki problem hai ..aur fistula ka operation huva hai to kya mai ye drink use kr skti hu


ASHIWINI LOUIS . 4 weeks ago


Salma Attar

Salma Attar . 4 weeks ago

Starting from tomorrow... breakfast k kitna time pehle lena hai.. plz reply


Khushi . 4 weeks ago

Ye kab lena hai ,n ise lene k kitni der baad chai pi sakte h n kuch kha sakte h

Jayprakash Patel

Jayprakash Patel . 4 weeks ago

Or Ajwain add then

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