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How Many Calories Should You Eat To Lose Fat? (GET THIS RIGHT!)
Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy Ethier

Published on 11 months ago

The fact that you clicked into this video tells me that you know the importance of calories for fat loss, regardless of how “clean” your diet may be. And you likely also understand that in order for fat loss to occur, you need to be eating in a caloric deficit to force your body to start burning its stored fat. Now, a fat loss diet sounds simple in theory, but in practice people often screw up their calorie intake for weight loss. In today’s video, I’ll clear up the confusion for you. I’ll show you how to pinpoint exactly how many calories your specific body needs a day to lose weight–while maximizing your fat loss and minimizing negative side effects (e.g. muscle loss).

The first step is to get a general estimate of your calorie intake for weight loss. Now, even the most “accurate” of calorie intake equations out there are all estimates. They all require some fine tuning based on how you progress, which is what we’ll do in step 2. To avoid overcomplicating things, what I’d recommend is take your bodyweight in lbs, and multiply that by anywhere from 10-13. If you’re a younger, leaner, and/or more active individual then go with the higher end of this range. If you’re an older, less lean, and/or less active individual then go with the lower end of this range.

The next step is to determine what an appropriate rate of weight loss would be based on your specific body. This is important for us to get right because if we eat in an overly aggressive caloric deficit and lose weight too quickly, not only is this unsustainable for most of us in the long run, but it also puts us at a greater risk for muscle loss. Maintaining your muscle mass as you diet needs to be your priority. We can do this by sticking to a weight loss of no more than 0.5-1% of bodyweight loss per week. That said, the more body fat you have to lose, the faster you can lose fat without risking muscle loss. So what you can do is to take your current estimated body fat percentage, and divide that by 20. The number you get will be a more accurate % rate of weight loss that you’ll want to aim for per week.

Once you have the number of calories for fat loss down, it’s time to implement and fine tune it with step 3. Start adhering to and monitoring your daily calorie intake as well as tracking your morning bodyweight. After about 4 weeks of tracking, analyze the data. We can often dismiss Week 1 since most people will lose quite a bit of water weight during this initial period of dieting. But in the following weeks, we’ll want to look more closely at the numbers. Look at how your weight has changed relative to your calorie intake. Science aside, if your recommended rate of weight loss is 2lbs per week, yet you just personally find this too aggressive, then slow it down. Stick with a rate of weight loss that’s sustainable. That’s ultimately what’s most important for long term success.

There’s one all too common mistake that people make with their fat loss diet you’ll want to avoid, which is attempting to eat back the calories you burn from exercise in general. Fitness trackers, cardio machines, and even us as humans are terrible at estimating the calories we burn through exercise and almost always overestimate it by at least 20%. And secondly, the 3 step method mentioned above already accounts for the calories you burn from physical activity and throughout the day. If you do end up losing weight too quickly because of your additional exercise, then you would just adjust this by eating more as we discussed earlier.

So, to wrap everything up, here’s a step by step example of how you could start calculating – and implementing – how many calories you need to lose weight:

1. Determine what your estimated calorie intake should be to lose fat based on the simple equation outlined in step 1.
2. Then, determine what your optimal rate of weight loss should be based on the simple equation outlined in step 2.
3. Finally, implement this while monitoring how your weight progresses throughout the weeks and if needed, adjust your calorie intake so that your actual rate of weight loss is closer to your target.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it! This does however assume that you’re tracking accurately in the first place and being consistent with your activity levels, so don’t overlook these other variables as well. And for a step-by-step program that shows you how to easily set up, track, and monitor each of these important variables while equipping you with a science-based nutrition and training program designed to transform your body as efficiently as possible, then simply take the analysis quiz to discover which science-based program would be best for you:


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Comments :

Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy Ethier . 11 months ago

Keep in mind that what makes up those calories you consume everyday and the manner in which you consume them will affect your fat loss efforts, performance, recovery, etc. Calories aren’t everything. I’m planning on making a separate video on that topic specifically, but let me know what else you’re struggling with at the moment! Hope this helps!


corismsyn . 1 week ago

I'm 155lbs and 37 years old. Not super active aside from gym workouts, work is a desk job. So I should be eating 1,550 calories? That sounds too low.

Vladislava Kaar

Vladislava Kaar . 1 week ago


Robby X

Robby X . 2 weeks ago

Did Jeremy say how many calories he needs for maintaince just curious ?


Flraven79 . 2 weeks ago

I used the calculation and i got 3000 calories but I never eat 3000 I usually eat 2200 but I still gain weight what am i doing differently?

LunaJz -

LunaJz - . 3 weeks ago

I'm yet in a calorie deficit but can't loose weight. What am I doing wrong? (Height 156cm, weight 70kg, calories 1300). Apparently I'm eating too few calories by doing the math in this video. I play sports too. I can't understand what I'm doing wrong :')

Richard Higgins

Richard Higgins . 3 weeks ago

Hey Jeremy, I used this calculator and it had my rate of weight loss at 6lbs per week. I’m 6ft3, 245lbs and 23% body fat. Should I stick with the calculator or reduce my deficit?

Type Myki Official

Type Myki Official . 3 weeks ago

I am a 17 year old Football (you’ll call it soccer) player with low body fat. My calorie intake every day is from 2500 - 3000. I weight around 150 pounds. I burn everyday from 3000 to 3500 a day sometimes even 4000. Does that play a role?

Charles Lim

Charles Lim . 3 weeks ago

We exercise at gym only burn around 300-500 cal, but we do calori in intake 2k cal a day.. How we call it calori deficit??? Please enlighten me


Banana . 3 weeks ago

i have a question i'm 5'8.5 and 108 pounds, do i need to calorie deficit for abs?? I don't want to loose weight and i already have low body fat

Christina's Dream

Christina's Dream . 4 weeks ago

This is a very good video!!!

Cengizhan Aktas

Cengizhan Aktas . 4 weeks ago

I really know what I need to do now, it was straight to point and no bullshit, thanks bud.

Sir Rocket League

Sir Rocket League . 1 month ago

1500 calories 😐 Let’s go baby we startin tomorrow love y’all wish ya luck as well

eivil H

eivil H . 1 month ago

When the calories you need to eat is 200 more calories higher than what you all ready eating.

tor jakob kleven

tor jakob kleven . 1 month ago

I got 2508 calories with 209 lbs x 12. But when i calculated with the (Harris Benedict Equation) i got 3563 calories. Can anyone point me in the right direction?😊🙏🏻


Flux . 1 month ago

so say i go into a calorie deficit and i adjust my calorie intake from 2,300 to let’s say about 1,800 and since in a calorie deficit your supposed to burn more calories then you consume then that means i would have to burn more then 1,800 calories each day?


calebtherandom_ . 1 month ago

Went from a healthy 75kg lean at 14 years of age at 5ft,6 to a unhealthy 98kg fat at 17

Zane Taylor

Zane Taylor . 1 month ago

All this sounds like a foreign language. Its no wonder people stop exercising and dieting. Make it make sense.

David Foster

David Foster . 2 months ago

A lot of YouTubers mention getting a calorie deficit from calorie INTAKE alone….? No one mentions whether we can count / subtract our energy expenditure in our calorie deficit? ( I do ) I burn, on average, an estimated 3500 calories per week from my 5 workouts (WATCH), so…… Can i therefore count that expenditure towards my deficit / weigh loss goals….? TIA Jeremy !!

Richard Darkes

Richard Darkes . 2 months ago

Jeremy, does this weekly weight loss include any muscle mass gained? Is it possible you may appear to have lost nothing due to gains?

Cody Ewell

Cody Ewell . 2 months ago

Bro I can eat 2800 calories and still lose weight this sounds dumb


tdsmith27 . 2 months ago

QUESTION: 1) What is an easy way to estimate body fat % at home? And I do not have any special measuring tools. 2) Will the explanation in the video work for Woman as well?

irene natsio

irene natsio . 2 months ago

Good evening. Well done for the video. I just want to ask if a man is to eat 1800 calories, he works out and burns 300 so the calories he needs to eat go up, but in order to be in a caloric deficit eventually how many should he eat? Thank you


Chirag . 2 months ago

Thank you for the video

Kavipriya Swaminathan

Kavipriya Swaminathan . 2 months ago

Having a great diet is essential for muscle growth. That's why I got the personalized Agoge Diet. I have awesome results so far.

Leslie Wood

Leslie Wood . 2 months ago

Thank you great information.

minkraft HD

minkraft HD . 2 months ago

How many calories should i eat if i 15 and age 15 , 183 cm ??

Shawn Mount

Shawn Mount . 2 months ago

How does this coincide with bmi? if Steve at 160 lbs (as in your example) and 6'3", I'm not sure he should be losing weight.

Justin Shivers

Justin Shivers . 2 months ago

So 25%÷20 is 0.0125 that's under a pound so what should I do? I'm no good at math


Bionyc . 2 months ago

I did Body fat times 20 and got 5.4 pounds a Week so 27% × 20 = 5.4

Ryan A-67

Ryan A-67 . 2 months ago

but do you eat 3 meals per day, or 6 smaller meals per day??

Matt Busch yee

Matt Busch yee . 3 months ago

lower your insulin

Roshani Tamang

Roshani Tamang . 3 months ago

I only believe in Agoge Diet. They provide you with personalized meal plan, training plan, fitness tips, healthy recipes. Thats everything you need to transform your body and get six pack :D

Gde Ngurah Anindita

Gde Ngurah Anindita . 3 months ago

I already start to eat more calories….. but i find this video….. 😂 thanks for sharing… GBU 😇


THUNDER 1248 . 3 months ago

its impossible to stick to my limit cravings just take over


Fendersunburst . 3 months ago

Isn't it better to note your weight in the morning rather than later in the day?


Herakles . 3 months ago

Great work what a well Presented video and great content

Technical Rajeev

Technical Rajeev . 3 months ago

Having a good diet is essential for muscle growth. That's why I got the personalized Agoge diet. I have great results so far.

Oklahoma Breaux

Oklahoma Breaux . 3 months ago

What if you are gaining muscle while losing fat? Will your body weight stay the same?

Silent Assassin

Silent Assassin . 3 months ago

I was at 128kg (20 stone/282lbs) at Christmas 2020. I’m now 95kg (209lbs) but still got a lot of fat around my stomach. So hopefully this should help.

Carlos Daniel Cruz Conceição

Carlos Daniel Cruz Conceição . 3 months ago

3:01 my man out here losing 41kg/week lol

PVR’S d̸e̸l̸u̸x̸e̸ デ

PVR’S d̸e̸l̸u̸x̸e̸ デ . 3 months ago

I just eat salad 😶


ImBrazy . 3 months ago

i love it i just simply started counting my calories and be on a calorie defcit diet. Added Alot of cardio exercise and some weight training. (I do heavy lifting at work so i take that in to account as well) staying active and i lost over 60 pounds in 3 months

Ryan Deffley

Ryan Deffley . 3 months ago

Man..BWX13 would put me at a 2K cal daily deficit. 🤣 With how active I am, I could easily drop 2lbs per week with BWX17 if I really wanted to cut.


111455 . 3 months ago

lifting weights don't burn many calories, cardio isn't much better, but man o man does having more lean mass, breathing and have a pulse burn a lot of energy!


新世界Learning . 3 months ago

These are daily .?

Athru stm

Athru stm . 3 months ago

You must have a great diet if you want to build muscle fast. I recommend the Agoge Diet, it worked amazing for me.


DMP么 JISHAN . 3 months ago

In order to lose fat and build muscle you need to train well and eat well. I highly recommend the personalized Agoge Diet plan, works awesome..

Mark Upton

Mark Upton . 3 months ago

I'm 54, out if shape...smoker...180 pounds. I cut to 1800 calories a day and have lost 1.4 pounds per day for the first 3 days. I'm bumping it up to 2100 calories today.


Zoltz.- . 3 months ago

I kinda messed up because I was around 215 pounds but I lost about 50 pounds in a few months but I lost a lot of muscle. I can tell I’m weaker but that won’t stop me from my hard work. I will just consume more proteins and atleast 1000 calories a day, I usually force my self to eat less than 500 but it went bad.

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