Avocado on Everything

Avocado on Everything

Published on 2 years ago

I'm trying to follow the Atkins diet and in this video I'm showing you a full day of low carb eating and my low carb meals. On Atkins 40, you eat up to 40 grams of net carbs per day. I also made a sugar free whipped dalgona coffee from tiktok and included the little recipe that I use.

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Steak tacos recipe:
(I make it a bit differently, instead of diced tomatoes & green chilies, I add a bit of salsa and it works great).

Hope you enjoyed the video!

00:00 Intro
00:30 Breakfast
02:51 Lunch
04:55 Coffee Recipe
06:16 Dinner
08:09 Dessert
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Comments :


TAZ TAP . 4 months ago

Please help! I did Atkins in 2010-2014 and was my healthiest and skinniest, but I am having problems with going on the website that is not user friendly starting it again. I really need to start with the 20 G. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you πŸ™πŸΏ

Araweelo Spirit

Araweelo Spirit . 7 months ago

Erm the coffee isn’t supposed to be had with a straw. The idea is that every sip should be a combo of the milk and the frothy bit to make a toffee like coffee


Mary . 9 months ago

Do you count calories or amount of food. You look beautiful with a nice glow of skin


83prettyblack . 11 months ago

If I may ask,how much have you lost?

Rachelle R

Rachelle R . 1 year ago

I can't wait to eat 1pm??

Kim Delk

Kim Delk . 1 year ago

Meals Look good for low carb!!

Local Jax ASMR

Local Jax ASMR . 1 year ago

I think its time I try atkins....

Atkins Nutritionals

Atkins Nutritionals . 1 year ago

Love that you're doing Atkins 40 and using our app to track your macros!


T . 1 year ago

What butter did you use when grilling the chicken?


THE GOSPEL VLOGS . 2 years ago

Everything looks so yummy! like it

desmomoto desmomoto

desmomoto desmomoto . 2 years ago

Coffee = garbage drug causes anxiety.

Aimee Louise

Aimee Louise . 2 years ago

I experimented using sweetener instead of sugar for whipped coffee and it actually comes out so well!

em thrives

em thrives . 2 years ago

Wow, I love your meals! They all look so delicious and healthy (: I have yet to try whipped coffee! I don't eat "low carb" specifically but I can totally see myself eating like this. I also need to make more TJ grocery trip runs! I forget how many great things they have

madilyn miller

madilyn miller . 2 years ago

these look sooo yummy!!!


TOWANDA the STYLIST . 2 years ago

Everything looks so yummy! Thank you for these healthy options! I am definitely going to try this out

Kait Colleen

Kait Colleen . 2 years ago


Sera Shares

Sera Shares . 2 years ago

This makes me want to have salad more often πŸ₯— I don’t have them at all really, heh. Thanks for sharing what you made πŸ‘

Jessica Di Mario

Jessica Di Mario . 2 years ago

Everything looked super good and delicious! 😍 I really want to try this Dalgona coffee since everyone is talking about it! Can’t wait for the quarantine to be over so I can start a proper diet, now it’s not easy to go out and find all the right foods with all this mess πŸ˜…

Katrina S

Katrina S . 2 years ago

wow you've inspired me to get back on the healthy food eating lifestyle LOL I've reallyyyyy fallen off the tracks during all this - takeout every weekend has creeped into Thursday and sometimes other days too LMAO that salad looks yummmyyyyy!!! oooo!!! I'm excited to see you make the whipped coffee, and NO SUGAR yaaassss. can you tell I'm commenting real time? lol. it really turns whipped THAT easily? wow, impressive. and you just put milk in first? do you use ice at all? sorry so many questions hahaha those steak tacos omg it's only 9:30 am and I'm drooling. LOVED THIS VIDEO

Cate Barbosa

Cate Barbosa . 2 years ago

Girl you are super pretty! Everything looks so yummy! Need to do some of these! New subscriber and hopefully we can support each other channels x

Chelsea K. Rogers

Chelsea K. Rogers . 2 years ago

You’re so pretty!πŸ’— Everything looks delicious! I’m definitely going to try these recipes out!πŸ₯° just subbed too! ☺️

Nicolette Muro

Nicolette Muro . 2 years ago

Loved these meal ideas!! The salad looks so good omg I want one now!! I still have to try whipped coffee but I'm not a coffee drinker so I haven't yet! Atkins bars are my favorite and I have them all the time :) I should definitely try out a green protein like that!! I love smoothies too :) Great video <3

Hey, it's Kimberlee!

Hey, it's Kimberlee! . 2 years ago

Girlll Trader Joe’s needs to sponsor you! Lol so many fun meal ideas. I love having salads in warmer weather and you’ve inspired me to get creative. Looks like this diet is super balanced, I’m glad you found something that works for you and doesn’t feel constricting!

Kathy M

Kathy M . 2 years ago

Those tacos look so good ! I don't eat low carb, but I am always looking for new meal ideas. I seriously can't watch the news anymore... so much stress. Hope you are staying safe.

Shea Jordan

Shea Jordan . 2 years ago

I think my favorite part was when your adorable white cat made an appearance! But anyways, great video, you're doing awesome with uploading so much! I also have been curious to try the dalgona coffee myself because I wanna know what it tastes like. Those steak tacos also looked AWESOME, so I'll have to try those!

Tim R

Tim R . 2 years ago

your looking so beautiful for corientene, stay safe and healthy πŸ˜€ great videos

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