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How To Start A Low Carb Diet
Diet Doctor

Diet Doctor

Published on 4 months ago

What do you need to know to get the best results on a low-carb diet? Which foods to eat and which foods to avoid. In today's video, I'll share the low-carb foods to focus on, along with the number one mistake that may be slowing down your progress.

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00:00 Introduction
00:38 Number 1: What is a low-carb diet?
01:51 Number 2: What to eat on a low-carb diet
03:24 Number 3: What are the befits of a low-carb diet?
05:00 Main mistake when following a low-carb diet
06:04 How to get started

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Comments :

jack the god

jack the god . 4 days ago

Prayers for all those who don’t have choices of food πŸ™

Sharmila Singh

Sharmila Singh . 1 week ago

Can i eat oatmeal on low carb diet

Muhamad Balaki

Muhamad Balaki . 2 weeks ago

I have lost 5 kg in just 29 days. Thank you πŸ™πŸ»

Europa 17

Europa 17 . 2 weeks ago

I keep it simple. No potatoes, rice or pasta. No sugary stuff. I eat steel cut oats a few days a week with a packet of stevia, toasted almonds, and unsweetened almond milk. If I want a treat I have a small amount of Keto krax, no sugar dark chocolate with almonds. I walk an hour a day 5 to six days a week. Blood sugar was 14 two months ago, is now 6.3.

bruce mcdonald

bruce mcdonald . 3 weeks ago

Tofu? No.


fitforfreelance . 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the tips!

Gregarious Antithesis

Gregarious Antithesis . 1 month ago

Why cant you folks get this simple thing right. You dont need low carb you need low glycemic load vegetables which dont spike insulin. This is the single most important thing for weight loss no matter what your diet strategy and yet i don’t see anyone putting it that simply.

Neko Dwarf

Neko Dwarf . 2 months ago

Hello and thankyou Doc. What kind of cheese are to avoid?πŸ™πŸ€—Japan.

Ayemik Senoj

Ayemik Senoj . 2 months ago

Ok, I hope you, Dr. or someone else will answer this: What about low carb bread and pasta options like La Banderita low carb street tacos they are 0 carbs, 20 calories and 0 sugar. Or zero sugar soda? Nasoya pasta zero spaghetti, almond milk reduced sugar, Healthy Life bread products (30-40 calories per slice & 4-5 net carbs and grams of sugar) , or Kroger brand Carbmaster breads and yogurt ( both are usually 7 grams or less net carbs and the yogurt is 60-70 calories & 3-5 grams sugar, while the bread is 30-40 calories a slice & around the same for sugar? I really want help with this. All the other things I can or have pretty much given up, but I'm trying to find adequate substitutes. I've done keto & IF in the past and it did work, but I wasn't able to keep up with it. An basically missing out on some level of filler for starch/bread products was the biggest reason.

Marte Lind Bergsli

Marte Lind Bergsli . 2 months ago

Great info! I need to start a low card diet for loosing weight while building muscles.

Denis Morissette

Denis Morissette . 2 months ago

Low-carb diet last Tuesday: I lost 8 pounds in 6 days. Today I ate only one meal and did not feel like eating the rest of the day. I had one lemon a day for Vitamin C.

Steve Mascella

Steve Mascella . 2 months ago

I "eased" into Keto, slowly eliminating high carb foods or substituting them with low carbs bars, this helped me avoid the dreaded keto flu that many people get when they try to make the switch overnight. It took me 40 days to lose my first 10lbs, but five months later I'm down 65lbs and off all Rx's! Oh! And I'm feeling better than ever and have no cravings for my old Faves! Good luck all!

kitty blaq

kitty blaq . 3 months ago

Thank you doc, this video was straight to the point! 🌈πŸ₯°

Muhammad Omer

Muhammad Omer . 3 months ago

He sounds scary He should play a bad guy in Movies

F Jones

F Jones . 3 months ago

You're awesome! Thanks for your insightful video. ❀

Hanadi Sabbagh

Hanadi Sabbagh . 3 months ago

Dr when I start losing weight since month 11 I lose then I up

Elsa Gonzalez

Elsa Gonzalez . 3 months ago

I love how you present the LCD. I was just asking myself what foods should I have at home that are healthy. I need to do some clean up. Thku so much. BlessingsπŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ˜ŽπŸ΅


Sreehari . 3 months ago


F Jones

F Jones . 3 months ago

Excellent educational information your video will support me to stay on my low carb eating and intermittent 1 meal per day. Loss 47lbs, 120 now 130 must reboot my mind, so I will not regain 174lbs. This is easy when you stay focused on your health. Thanks

April Kemper

April Kemper . 3 months ago

Some folks are not going to want to hear this but the reality is. Many with weight problems would see more/faster weight lost if they could remove these "keto" approved bars from their diet until they reach the weight goals. Great Job diet doctor for speaking up about these foods


Sunflower . 3 months ago

I used to do bodybuilding and this diet is sort of similar to what I was told to eat if I wanted to get the β€˜cut’ look.


Fat2FitGabby . 3 months ago

I'm obese at 384 lbs, sedentary and I've been insulin resistant not type 2 diabetic for 10 years now. Can I reverse my insulin resistance and lose fat just by eating 50g of healthy net carbs everyday or do I have to do keto?

Michelle Zdiri

Michelle Zdiri . 4 months ago

Ham, beef, crab sticks?

Suraj Saroj

Suraj Saroj . 4 months ago

Heath and Fitness

Daisy J

Daisy J . 4 months ago

I lost 33 lbs in 6 months and I have maintained that weight loss for 8 months now! #grateful


Debbie . 4 months ago

50g of NET carbs ? The inflammation in my body would return if I had that many carbs in my diet

Cyclone Sister

Cyclone Sister . 4 months ago

Thank you very much for this! It's greatly appreciated!!

Arshi Syed

Arshi Syed . 4 months ago

Is SCD/GAPS homemade yogurt keto? Someone please help πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

pixsie doll

pixsie doll . 4 months ago

Change playback speed to 1.25. You're welcome

Bruce Maher

Bruce Maher . 4 months ago

I watch a lot of videos that talk about Low Carb,which a better for your health....Please just say junk food is high Carb ....I think people will understand better....Low Carb,High Carb.. Thankyou for this..


Julioo . 4 months ago

Does eating almond flour desserts on the weekends make me gain weight?

Nancy Robbins

Nancy Robbins . 4 months ago

Wonderful information. Very informative

Jessie P

Jessie P . 4 months ago

I have lost 40 pounds in six months following a low carb (keto) lifestyle. The information and guidance from Diet Doctor has been so helpful. It is empowering to have knowledge and insight throughout the process. Thank you!

alive palm

alive palm . 4 months ago

Doc, My functional doc I am seeing for Hashimotos advised to not eat cheese, peanuts, pistachios as it feeds leaky gut. And I am on keto as carbs make me tired and for not increasing my bell fat at menopause. I feel deprived because of no cheese, but was told that even erythritol is made from gmo corn and should not be taken. Stevia and monk fruit are ok per my functional doc. Please provide your insights on these foods. Does keto help heal Candida and leaky gut?

Armando Miraglia

Armando Miraglia . 4 months ago

I think one of the biggest advantage is the result that one naturally transitions to eating less often

Boon Doggle

Boon Doggle . 4 months ago

I know that one thing that Dr. Sarah Hallberg mentioned in an interview is that she’s seen in her trials is that people often hit a year-two weight stall for some reason, but that their health markers continue to improve, and that the weight often starts to come off again in year three if people stick with. I’m not sure why that is but I’m pretty sure that she mentioned that she’s observed that in her clinical trials.


jajael . 4 months ago

Dropped fifty lbs on low carb diet between Jan of 2020 and Aug of 2020, and have kept it off, thanks in big part to Diet Dr and it's many YT video guests. You people are great!


M A . 4 months ago

Thank You so much Dr. Eenfeldt since finding your website a few years ago I've been able to take control of my Health. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™πŸ™


R L . 4 months ago

Also avoid vegetable (seed) oil at all cost.

Like a complete unknown / Like a rolling stone

Like a complete unknown / Like a rolling stone . 4 months ago

Is this the son of Jaws in early James Bond movies

Peace Now

Peace Now . 4 months ago

Thank you so much for this video. It was very beneficial. Keep up the Great Work! Much appreciated!

Stephanie Lin

Stephanie Lin . 4 months ago

Yes, we are doing this to reverse our pre-diabetes.

Ola Larsson

Ola Larsson . 4 months ago

Thanks for sharing! Stay safe.

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