Lucy Lismore

Lucy Lismore

Published on 1 year ago

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Comments :

Thanuja Edirisinghe

Thanuja Edirisinghe . 3 months ago

Is it good for a teenager to go on calorie deficit..?Thank you for the valuable information❤️

Marianne Dryden

Marianne Dryden . 4 months ago

I am so happy I found you, someone that can make this simple for average joes. Love your content and have learned so much. I am

Cara Garrett

Cara Garrett . 4 months ago

My TDEE is 1817, so a 15% cut would leave about 1545....that just sounds sooo low and unsustainable to me (personally) 😞 And I stick to lean meats, veggies, fruits, etc and make lower calorie swaps, weigh my food....but 1545 just seems unattainable 😢

Scott Bachmann

Scott Bachmann . 4 months ago

I’m 58 years old so I don’t understand the “trigger warning.” What the heck?! People who would get upset over a discussion of diet and calories are probably the very people that need to be watching videos about diet and calories.

Lyd Joy

Lyd Joy . 5 months ago

Very insightful! Do you recommend tracking seasonings on food?


junior . 5 months ago

So I shouldn't workout before eating??

Killer Noah

Killer Noah . 6 months ago

I got my diet plan from Agoge Diet and lost 2kg in just 10 days. So far, so good. Can't wait to see numbers on scale after 20 more days. I am so excited about this.


InFlamE . 7 months ago

I am always suprised that people know that calorie deficit works and you can do it in such a way that it does not impede on your life (aka 15-20%) , yet people either skip it completely or go for these extreme varients because they show short term results, such as fasting or 1200< calorie deficit. And like Lucy said in the video its not substainable at all. I have a friend who been battling obesity for years, he has PT friends who keep telling him what to do, but he makes excuses that " As long as I am working out, I can have a chocolate here and an energy drink there". It never works out. Ever.

Syleena Dawn

Syleena Dawn . 7 months ago

I thought your necklace was the Serotonin symbol, but it's different!! What is your necklace symbolizing!? <3

hello karla

hello karla . 7 months ago

Can’t see the calculator.

Blk Kat

Blk Kat . 8 months ago

I’m still really confused I calculated my tdee but what do I do with it now?

Akshat Vishnoi

Akshat Vishnoi . 9 months ago

Visit website called *Agoge Diet* and get complete guide for your transformation. I got personalized meal plan for 28 days which contains ONLY food that I have chosen. They provided me with complete DIET PLAN for 30 days with TRAINING PLAN included and I finally started seeing results.

Salami Samod

Salami Samod . 1 year ago

Visiting AgogeDiet was a life-changing decision. Who would have believe that creating a diet plan is so easy.

Olessia Bourgart

Olessia Bourgart . 1 year ago

Thanks so much for this useful info Lucy!! As watching your videos I really started to get used to the idea I don't have to start baking fancy zucchini muffins in order to lose weight 🙈It's really about making small simple changes. For me, tracking calories is a nightmare and lots of stress, I've tried like 3 times and every time after a month or so I would break and stop controlling what I eat completely. So it's a relief to know there's other way - the intuitive eating. For sure it's much harder to hit the right amount of calories when you don't track exactly, but as I'm dreaming of losing weight for many years, I can wait another few months experimenting with my diet without stressing that much. Your videos and "no right or wrong" approach is exactly what I need now, as I'm trying to attempt losing fat again, and already having this anxiety about the process. Thanks for the hard work you put in making these materials! 🙏🏽♥️

Gregory Williams

Gregory Williams . 1 year ago

Was it raining when you recorded this ?? Just wondering.... awesome video

Lules Piek

Lules Piek . 1 year ago

How can you not love this person?! Lucy, you are such a sweetheart, so relatable, so soothing, trustworthy and motivating! Absolutely love your way of explaining and the topics you come up with! :) Keep going and thank you so so much!

Jamie Ashton

Jamie Ashton . 1 year ago

This video was very very helpful 👍

Ashley Baldwin

Ashley Baldwin . 1 year ago

What if the online calculators tell you to eat less than 1,200 calories? I have an injury that prevents me from moving much or working out, and all the calculators suggest about 1,100 calories a day to lose weight. But at the same time I feel like this might be too low a calorie count in order to safely lose weight, and I want to avoid going into "starvation mode". How do I reconcile this??

Brittany Lutz

Brittany Lutz . 1 year ago

Not eating back my exercise calories was key for me—I was pretty bad at estimating the amount I actually burned.

Minnie B

Minnie B . 1 year ago

Thank you, this is so helpful!! ❤️ Much love!

Dishing Up My Life

Dishing Up My Life . 1 year ago

Thank you for the motivation. Just began my calorie tracking after so many years after seeing your videos.

AlaskaWhale OceanEyes

AlaskaWhale OceanEyes . 1 year ago

I am so happy to have finally found a youtuber with actual, trustworthy fitness viedeos. I love that you don‘t tell any lies for views and explain everything clearly. Thank you♥️

Erin Huhn

Erin Huhn . 1 year ago

I really appreciate your common sense approach! Keep that good advice coming, it's so helpful!!!


Katrin . 1 year ago

will be trying this out, more or less. pls pray. wanna see results within a month.

Kylie Milosh

Kylie Milosh . 1 year ago

This is such great info. Thank you!


AA . 1 year ago

Petite ladies - don't use online TDEE calculators! They often use a basic equation which, when you lower the height, you end up with quite a low amount e.g. 1200-1400 calories. The NHS say that 1400 is the lowest you should go and below 1200 calories your body is in starvation mode. I ate around this range for a long time and it's miserable, unhealthy and unsustainable. Look up April Whitney/Smalletics, she has a great video on TDEE/calories for petite women and advises to track how much you are currently eating for a few days and then drop your calories accordingly so you don't undereat.


tashateacup . 1 year ago

Im doing the calorie tracking right now (only started 2 days ago) and I never used to pay attention to nutrition labels (australia) but it really suprised me how much excess calories are in all the snacks! So far what I have learnt is just eat more vegetables, fruit, lean meat, LESS snacks (if i can resist) or make them a healthy snack like hummus with carrots instead of a salted cracker. .. I'm trying to have 1500 calories a day (500 below what is said for me to maintain my weight) so I can go from 70kg to 65kg-ish, I've just noticed I am alot 'flabbier' everywhere. So while I'm not going to get obsessed with the tracking, like you said to not to! I do want to try consume smaller portions, without the exercise so much..

Diane B

Diane B . 1 year ago

Great video. I was doing really well but I gained some weight (The good life. I’m in a new relationship and we’ve been eating a bit more and drinking quite some wine which I normally don’t 😄😄) Want to get back on it. So back to tracking calories ( that works really well for me. I don’t feel restricted at all ) and intermittent fasting also works really really for me.

krissy_ lee24

krissy_ lee24 . 1 year ago

I honestly don't know anything about nutrition but this helps me a lot more and thank you for making this video, now i can start tracking my calorie intake. :D

Bríd McGrath

Bríd McGrath . 1 year ago

Such a great video lucy. Ur videos are really helping!!!

Akka sg

Akka sg . 1 year ago

Can u give a suggestion which calculator to use to count my calories to start a deficit

Mary Drinken

Mary Drinken . 1 year ago

Can you tell me what molecular structure your necklace is?


Acaman . 1 year ago

That's what I've been doing for like a month now. I've started exercising too for 4-5 times per week and I've lost 3kg so far! Tbh I mostly want to "tone" and not lose that much weight in particular. My body thanks me every day! Just keep listening to your body, and be consistent!

Rachel M

Rachel M . 1 year ago

I've watched probably hundreds of videos like this one, but I'm subbed and you're so pleasant and soothing, so I still clicked to watch even though I've been at this weightloss thing on and off since 2016....SO tell me why I've done the TDEE math once again and it's Finally clicked that the 30% deficit I've had success with in the past might be too agressive for the training I do now, and the reason I keep breaking down with seemingly no control over the amounts of food I eat over the weekends isn't because there's something wrong with me (although I guess you can never truly rule that out LOL). Just goes to show that you can know something in theory and still struggle to apply it in practice. Anyway, I'm done with sharing this epiphany. I guess I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do!

Emma Dedic

Emma Dedic . 1 year ago

recovering from Bulimia so must switch of...

Laia Bertran

Laia Bertran . 1 year ago

Oh Lucy... Love your videos, so down to earth, realistic and approachable. Thanks so much!

Liz Morgan

Liz Morgan . 1 year ago

Do you offer any sort of virtual one-on-one consultations? I like in the US but absolutely love your outlook and energy.


KaytOfTheBlackCoats . 1 year ago

I would recommend that people only cut out food groups if one has a serious addiction. I am a recovering sugar addict. I would eat sweets every day, never denying myself, for years. But even when I tried to make reductions, like "Okay, I am only going to have 3 cookies out of the box and that's it for today," I would still end up eating the whole box and probably buying another box too and finishing that off as well. My craving for sweets only intensified after I ate a sweet, never becoming satisfied. It was like if your hunger only got worse after eating rather than the hunger subsiding. So this addiction really fueled my constant cycle of overeating sweet treats on a daily basis. To me, you know you have a food addiction if you can't stop yourself from eating something even if you yourself want to stop. No matter how much you try to force yourself to cut back even a little, you can't seem to control yourself. I kicked my sugar addiction by stopping eating added sugar and sweeteners entirely. I did not cheat at all, because I knew from experience that even having the tiniest bite of a sweet was enough to trigger my intense cravings and make me have to start the process all over again. So this time, I went entirely cold turkey with no cheating. It's the first time I had never done that in my life. The first two months were absolutely miserable, really terrible withdrawal and overwhelmingly strong cravings. I used non-sweet foods to pacify myself when the cravings got unbearable. It's probably different for everyone, but the treats I used for me were bacon, peanuts, and Buble (unsweeted flavored carbonated water). But after those awful first two months, I stopped craving sweets entirely and felt entirely normal again. No more withdrawal. And no longer having cravings for sweets has been a game changer. It's had a huge positive impact on my life. I have so far been sugar/sweetener-free for nearly 3 years. Now that I am not constantly battling an addiction, it is so much easier to manage my eating habits. To be clear, I think most people do not need to go to the extremes I went to. Generally speaking, most people can "cheat" and eat a few sweets here and there without going overboard. They can have a few cookies and be satisfied. But for those of you who are like me, who are dealing with food addiction, just want you to know that it doesn't have to control your life. It's ridiculously difficult to overcome, but if I can do it, so can you. You got this. 🙂 (Also, to anyone wanting to try cutting sugar cold turkey, I definitely recommend starting at a time of year when there's not a lot of holidays. That's what messed me up the first time I tried it, lol)

Katarina Ostojić

Katarina Ostojić . 1 year ago

Okay, I think I finally understood this. <3

Joelma Danieletto

Joelma Danieletto . 1 year ago

Hi Lucy, thank you for your new video! It is really good! How can I calculate the ideal amount of each macro for me? What would be the ideal percentage of each macro for weight loss. I am 40 years old and I am finding very difficult to lose weight lately. Can you indicate what would be a good ratio for my personal need? Thank you very much.


CRYPTO 420 . 1 year ago

my Tdee. is 2100.. im down 13kg in 3months.. got another 15kg to go for my 75 kg Target!😘😍😘😍😘😍😘


Lena . 1 year ago

I’ve been using calorie counting for about 3 months now and I can tell everyone that it does work! I’ve already lost 9kg! Yes I did start to exercise more too, 3 runs a week to follow a start to run program. Now that I can run 30 minutes straight (around 4,5km) I have toned the exercising down to 2 runs a week as this fits my lifestyle more. I really recommend calorie counting to everyone who wants to lose, maintain or gain weight!


MaeTCB . 1 year ago

Thank you for making this video breaking down TDEE and calorie deficits!! This is very helpful! <3

Tumi Boloko

Tumi Boloko . 1 year ago

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your videos! I found that I started losing some weight after I ate less and stopped abusing so many condiments.

Legally Boopy

Legally Boopy . 1 year ago

Hey Lucy! I just finished your 12-week bodyweight trainer and I LOVED it! I lost (at least) an inch off my hips, and definitely lost my quarantine weight. I am going to start it over on Monday <3. Words can't express how appreciative I am that you offered such an inexpensive and accessible training program, especially since we were all stuck at home.<3 Thank you so much. Love from the U.S. <3

The Quilted Kitchen

The Quilted Kitchen . 1 year ago

I eat about 1000cal a day just the way I’m I don’t eat much..... but I’m fat..... and don’t loose weight....... people say is because I don’t eat much but in my brain say lots of foods is gaining weight....... so confusing....

RoyalDream Fit

RoyalDream Fit . 1 year ago

*I was waiting for a video like this one! Thank you!!!*


BIDHAN GHOSH . 1 year ago

Very helpful for me..... Thank you very much 🥰


ethan . 1 year ago


Sarah Couteau

Sarah Couteau . 1 year ago

Thank you so much for the video! You're amazing at making things so simple and easy to understand ❤

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