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The Best Keto PASTA Recipe | Just 3 Ingredients And 3 Carbs
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Keto Connect

Published on 10 months ago

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The Best Keto PASTA Recipe | Just 3 Ingredients!
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Comments :

Kristine Nicole Speer

Kristine Nicole Speer . 2 days ago

I might try these. Has your channel done the molecular gastronomy noodles yet? Keto Asian Flavours, Serious Keto and one other channel made sturdy noodles with calcium lactate and sodium alginate.


Neanderthal . 6 days ago

Why bother? Either abandon pasta, or I just let myself have some pasta once a month and make sure it’s good.

Guy Brock

Guy Brock . 2 weeks ago


Peg Page

Peg Page . 3 weeks ago

Loved your honesty in the making and expectations in the whole keto pasta world.

K Mcleod

K Mcleod . 3 weeks ago

Has anyone tried Caulipower (cauliflower) noodles? I couldn't believe Walmart carried them.


roodles . 4 weeks ago

You have a cute personality

Ron Jon

Ron Jon . 4 weeks ago

Spiral sliced zucchini gently heated in some olive oil and used as a pasta substitute, in my opinion, tastes much much better than any traditional pasta or pasta substitute and is much less work.

D Sherm

D Sherm . 4 weeks ago

i just make zucchini zoodle's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EASY!

Arty Hass

Arty Hass . 1 month ago

Why all keto recipes use microwave?? I don't have one

Lesa McCoy

Lesa McCoy . 1 month ago

Zucchini pasta is absolutely delicious!

elaine noren

elaine noren . 1 month ago

Does this method really cook the egg yolk?

Remy Espino

Remy Espino . 1 month ago

Thank you for sharing. I'm goingvto try this recipe, if it's not my taste, I just go back to my cheat day for pasta at least once a month😁

Pootoob User

Pootoob User . 1 month ago

Why watch this the adds promote eating sugar shame on you

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball . 2 months ago

I saw this recipe with just the egg and cheese.

Big Joe

Big Joe . 2 months ago

Oh, hell NO!!!


Oatmeal . 3 months ago

@3:40 me, who likes thick, chewy noodles: 🤨

Nandha Siva

Nandha Siva . 3 months ago

Any good diet plan shoould be healthy and convenient so people can follow it long term. That's why the keto diet sucks, and why the Agoge diet is great. I got rid of my cellulite finally.

Ayama Prantenna

Ayama Prantenna . 3 months ago

my favorite keto pasta recipe is as follows... your choice of low carb tortilla cut into fettuccine sized strips

Sheila Boyer

Sheila Boyer . 3 months ago

I think he forgot, that pasta has raw egg

Michelle Day

Michelle Day . 3 months ago

I get gastric distress after miracle noodles😬😬

Jonas Rich

Jonas Rich . 3 months ago

Watching this while eating keto donuts

Dhaezi Flower

Dhaezi Flower . 3 months ago

i loved fathead dough until I realised the almond flour was making my throat raw. I want to try this!


Michael . 4 months ago

5:45 That's what she said

Barbara Rudy

Barbara Rudy . 4 months ago

My husband and daughter refuse to put any Parmesan cheese on their pasta. They add salt. It hurts my heart every time. 💔

Health Conscience

Health Conscience . 4 months ago

can't buy any of those noodles where I live

Trini Tsunami

Trini Tsunami . 4 months ago

This is a game changer https://youtube.com/shorts/zVW5NvQufCc?feature=share

David sposo

David sposo . 4 months ago

So this is cheese in the shape of pasta haha

Linda Achenbach

Linda Achenbach . 4 months ago


Doug Smith

Doug Smith . 4 months ago

Can I use this for pasta by refrigerating insrltead of baking and then cut into strips?

Kyle Chesser

Kyle Chesser . 4 months ago

Couldn't you just make them into a ravioli and just say a cheesey ravioli with sauce sounds a little more plausible

Private Suzie

Private Suzie . 4 months ago

Nice try. This is one of the most successful fails ever! 🤣😂🤣😂 not total loss…cutie pie Theo would love just eating the cheese noodles with melted butter…maybe


Falney . 4 months ago

I haven't tried making my own pasta yet, but wouldn't 1:3 Coconut flour and Almond Flour with 10% by weight of Vital Wheat Glutton and eggs not make a satisfactory base for pasta?


fox . 4 months ago

Definitely going to try this! But why not make your own, delicious tomato sauce? It's so easy to make and 1000x nicer than jar spaghetti sauce, imho!


Queenie . 4 months ago

Did he really just put a plastic bowl in the microwave. lol.

Alisha Jennings

Alisha Jennings . 4 months ago

I like spaghetti squash for the rare pasta craving but the rest of my family hates it so something like this would be good. I usually use the pasta recipe for the egg fast fett. alfredo. I`ll have to try this one now.


NUNYA . 5 months ago

There is a much easier way to do this and without an egg.no microwave.needed but stovetop to melt the cheese with the gelatin and more water than you used. No rolling out either.

Salome Jones

Salome Jones . 5 months ago

Matt! Did you microwave cheese in a plastic bowl? https://time.com/4229503/plastic-in-microwave-is-it-safe/


A B . 5 months ago

Flatten the dough on a cutting board and chop away tiny strings, that's how the Germans make Spätzle noodles. Google how to make Spätzle ✌️

Shanthi Pushparaj

Shanthi Pushparaj . 5 months ago

Can we add xantham gum instead of jelatin

jay Makak

jay Makak . 6 months ago

I'll just save real pasta for a "carb up" day. All this work for a bland facsimile-nope.

Dd Taylor

Dd Taylor . 6 months ago

Can you use any kind of gelatin or does it have to be beef gelatin?


TooLuckyDeo . 6 months ago


Christine Williams

Christine Williams . 6 months ago

Can this be made into ravioli's??

Larry Pflager

Larry Pflager . 6 months ago

Hearts of Palm is really good


Olafowl . 6 months ago

This hurt to watch


Lillypot . 6 months ago

Where’s the meat, Dude ?

Bob Pickle

Bob Pickle . 6 months ago

If you don't boil the pasta you risk getting Salmonella. Also, use fresh Parmigiano...the shit in the container is full of preservatives.

Bertha Smith

Bertha Smith . 6 months ago

lol oh stop. yall are so lying lol

Kristopher Small Sr.

Kristopher Small Sr. . 7 months ago

Spaghetti squash .

JoEllen LeVitre

JoEllen LeVitre . 7 months ago

seems like these would be great for lasagna

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