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Published on 10 years ago

Duke University's Dr. Eric Westman answers viewer questions about the Atkins diet during a live "Office Hours" webcast interview, January 19, 2012. Westman is the director of the Duke Lifestyle Medicine program and co-author of "The New Atkins for a New You." Moderating is James Todd from Duke's Office of News and Communications. Learn more at http://www.dukeofficehours.com.

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T Breedlove

T Breedlove . 2 weeks ago

For most of my life, my diet has been the American diet. Processed food, fast food, and sugar in all its various forms. When you mix with protein and fat, not going to be healthy. A1c is normal, blood glucose is normal but cholesterol is off the charts. Sugar cravings high and body pain, headaches and mood off the charts. Statins now my future. I am committed to low carb and body pain etc dropped from level 10 to level 2 in 10 days. My goal is not weight loss but no pain and lower inflammation, and cholesterol. Weight loss will be a generous plus.

Terry McNamara

Terry McNamara . 3 months ago

I saw Dr Lee at Duke hospital. He is head of “Liver” issues. I had an issue. His best advice was to lose weight. Like I haven’t tried all my life. Finally, I found high fat low carb, keto diet. 45 pounds are off now, blood work is great! It’s a shame Dr. Lee did not understand enough about this to recommend it to me. A real failure. I was shocked to find a YouTube video by healthcare professionals at Duke University talking about keto. This all happened for me in 2015. Took me to 2019 to find keto.

Syahrul Ramadhan

Syahrul Ramadhan . 4 months ago

The *Agoge diet* is really something different, it just works.

Tejaswini Patil

Tejaswini Patil . 4 months ago

Keto has been shown to be harmful in numerous studies, especially without doctor supervision. The *Agoge diet* was the only diet that helped me get rid of that stubborn fat without hurting my body.

Sarah Green

Sarah Green . 11 months ago

Diet does not work long time it screws your metabolism up you end up fatter if you don't believe me take a look at jimmy moore he's put weight on so did I doing it


Goodnewsgal . 1 year ago

Chet Atkins was not a singer. He was a guitarist.

Bethena Venzon

Bethena Venzon . 1 year ago

Is Custokebon Secrets useful to lost tons of weight? I have read many good stuff about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).


Rxelnyc . 2 years ago

the only reason people like and support this diet is because they are given the go ahead to continue eating meat products they are so addicted to.


Rxelnyc . 2 years ago

Honestly can’t believe that there are so many positive comments and the fact that this diet is still being perpetuated. The guys on these high fat diets are going to pay in the future

Kevin Chavez

Kevin Chavez . 2 years ago

He be lookin like young dr Eric berg


HoneyWest . 2 years ago

I have lost 120 pounds in the past year using the approach outlined by Dr. Westman. I did not pay much attention to ingredients during this time and just wanted the bulk of the excess fat gone. I had been morbidly obese most of my life and was desperate at 63 years old. Everyone encouraged me to give up because I was 'too old to lose weight'. Fast forward...I'm a new person. Now that most of the weight is gone I am confident and strong. The single most important thing is that I proved to myself that I was capable and that I would be able to take responsibility for my weight and health. My focus now is to refine my ingredients for better health.


lafingas555 . 2 years ago

I lost four stone on this diet 10 years ago i am about to go back on it and everything screams this diet is not normal as it did the first time i did it. It gets results though


CaringHeart . 2 years ago

If you're on diuretics and you're on a low-carb diet you're already going to be eliminating fluids through urine Etc watch your electrolytes!


c7042 . 2 years ago

TLDR- Sick as a dog. Found keto and followed. Family&doctor thinks I'm insane. Doing pretty well now. Start: I live in Omaha, Ne and I was obese type 2, pre-diabetic, beginning kidney failure, had neuropathy in my legs, sedentary, suffered depression, was very high risk for CVD, and knew nothing about nutrition so I ate what everyone else ate. About 4 years ago, I developed gut pain after eating that was unexplained with no help from my doctor except horribly expensive tests that I couldn't afford on my retirement income. So I heard about elimination diets. A year ago in Sept I started eliminating things from my diet starting with gluten (the obvious choice), then moved on to milk (lactose), then various other things until I got to last July with no grains, starches, or sugar, was not symptom free but greatly improved. My family knew of my struggle. I did some research on the internet and found the ketogenic diet fit what I was doing with a 20 carb restriction that I wasn't doing. So I started doing that. I began to lose weight (now 57 lbs down). But my doctor didn't approve of my diet and cooperate with the need to supervise the withdrawal of medications (8) that they had prescribed for my beginning condition. My family freaked out because I was forced to do this without medical supervision and I couldn't find the kind of doctor in Omaha that I needed under my medicare supplement plan who would take me. My current doctor knows less about nutrition than a pet hamster. To my family I'm following an insanely dangerous path to do what I am doing without a doctor's orders. I know that in 10 years doctors will catch up with current nutritional and diabetes research but I can't wait for them. I'm 70 years old and I will be dead for quite a while before they come up to speed. My current status: My HbA1c=5.3, My Trig/HDL Ratio=2.9 (down from 8.9) , My kidney GFR=68/90 (up from 50) in last blood test. I got a bp cuff and monitor my own blood pressure at home. I also had to learn how to read and understand my own blood lipid panels. I am off all my medications against medical advise. I do take magnesium, potassium, and vitamin c3 supplements. I exercise 30 minutes/day walking. I haven't had a gut pain episode in the last 3 months. I eat about 10carbs/day. I love 0 carb hot chocolate and beef broth. I am losing weight about 2 lbs/week but my current weight is 255 lbs. My goal weight is 170 lbs next year and my whole family thinks I'm insane but I've got a shot now of living to 92 like both my parents did.

Kuey_ v

Kuey_ v . 2 years ago

ive done this diet for one week and lost half a stone already. SHOCKING!

adrian avram

adrian avram . 2 years ago

bad science about more eggs study--they used high cholesterol people and feed them one more egg and cholesterol only went up a bit since was too high before anyway

adrian avram

adrian avram . 2 years ago

hide the fiber issue? is not convenient to Atkins

Kuey_ v

Kuey_ v . 2 years ago

37:51 - thank me later

Patrick E

Patrick E . 2 years ago

This is so sad. This guy is deliberately misleading people with every word he mumbles. such a fraud. Anybody who believes this bullshit needs to seriously review the literature and understand the basic concept of how the human body works. Animal products are the top cause of cardiovascular disease. This guy is here saying that salt is. Really? Let’s not be silly here

Control your Future

Control your Future . 2 years ago

I respect this man for standing up for what works. Only problem is many others don't want this info out. I know that many in Hollywood look good cause they follow a low carb diet. The poor weak people always ate bread cause that was the first try at making meat out of plants. Red meat is healthy for you but Doctors are saying no it's not while driving a new Tesla car and everyone in this Country is getting sicker every year braking records. All it takes is stop going with the flow of others and check things out for yourself

Sue King

Sue King . 2 years ago

I just started this diet August 13th ( 2 weeks ago) and started feeling weak and dizzy... I’m on blood pressure pill and water pill..... In the first few days my blood pressure dropped to 123/81, but the past few days Ive been really week. I went to the drugstore yesterday to do my blood pressure in the afternoon and it was 101 over something. I called the dr right away and he said to half my pill. I did that today and went this morning to do my blood pressure because I’m still really weak and dizzy......and just walking in from my car made me worse..... my blood pressure is 85/49..... now the dr is away till after our Labour Day weekend next week....... I am following the diet from Dr Westman that he gave to one of his patients named Brian....

Clive Green

Clive Green . 2 years ago

Just wondering how jimmy getting on he looked huge on you tube keto not worked for him.


selfinflictedjoy . 2 years ago

The blue zones are one of the longest living people... the majority of their diet is legumes, veggies, whole grains, potatoes, fish and little meat. I followed Valter Longo's research and have not only lost weight but blood markers are back to normal. Find what works for you.

Ainz Ooal Gown

Ainz Ooal Gown . 2 years ago

I eat a keto diet, my breakfast is 1 cup of black coffee, 2 eggs and 1 stick of butter, i get a lot of weird looks when i eat that way

Tori Montgomery

Tori Montgomery . 2 years ago

I’m at 2 17. So far no junk food


CVen . 3 years ago

This is pure gold. Dr Westman is the man!! Low carb the only way to go.

Dumbbell Warrior

Dumbbell Warrior . 3 years ago

I mean, yeah, a low carb keto diet is okay if you don't care about strength or endurance I mean, if you want those then you need lots of carbs. Keto diet should ONLY be an emergency diet for morbidly obese people who need to lose weight asap.


eastmansfitness1997 . 3 years ago

Reductionist nonsense. All the science to optimal health shows starch and a WFPB diet. While animal foods promote cancer and myriad diseases.

Patricia Bailhao da Silva

Patricia Bailhao da Silva . 4 years ago

I grow up eating white rice twice a day with vegetable and beans in Brazil and was NEVER fat. To me this diet is fake.

kenneth R

kenneth R . 4 years ago

I was 301 lbs 1 year and 9 months ago. I went on a LCHF lifestyle, and went from 301 to 193 as of 1/24/17. Happy holidays. My goal is 188 lbs. My Ketones 3.6 mmol, and blood glucose 78 mg/dL 👍🏾, I go to the gym only 3-4 times a week. It really works.


gnostie . 4 years ago

Going by the level of the students, Duke isn't what it used to be.


tonycollyweston . 4 years ago


Todd Studer

Todd Studer . 5 years ago

Westman's great, but I don't have much time for the Atkin's corporation. I've been doing a whole-foods based ketogenic diet for over a year now and it's absolutely amazing in all ways (improved biomarkers, skin/nails/hair, energy level, memory, and so much more). I'll eat this way for life. However, eating 80% Mazola oil would put one in ketosis, and yet no one would call that healthful. Good food choices are important on a ketogenic diet (organic, grassfed, free range, etc.) but far more important are the choices in good fats. Atkin's bars, although I occasionally keep some around, are basically low-grade food choices. It's shocking to me that people still recommend aspartame for sweeteners rather than stevia.


LVNCSR . 5 years ago

started keto diet this week. started taking wheatgrass yesterday. Having Rapid heartbeats. Woke up at 3am with Rapid heartbeats. Having them now, sitting up, or when lying down???? Help????

H Mura

H Mura . 5 years ago

I am in low carb diet, I love the results, loose weight, high level of energy, and I want to pass the message to family and friends. I have family that have gout and i have learned that a high fat diet is a factor for gout. Can they go low carb high fat? Thanks

Southwest Prep

Southwest Prep . 5 years ago

High carb low fat vegan diet for 5 years left me with a super high cholesterol and extra weight 30 pounds extra and a whole slew of health problems and deficiencies. I even took supplements and ate health food no vegan junk food. Went li carb higher fat, dropped my cholesterol by over a hundred points in two weeks and doing so much better. Losing weight and feeling great. I am a believer in the lo carb. Thank goodness for these doctors willing to speak out and take the mud slinging from those opposed.

Harriet Houser

Harriet Houser . 6 years ago

is lemon pepper good for you?

Becky Dobbs

Becky Dobbs . 6 years ago

Our bodies know, it stores fat for fuel ! Maybe we need to start listening to our body !!!

Dede Vans

Dede Vans . 6 years ago

Dr Westman,   What is your thought on the Zero Carb diet

Red C. Pedestrian

Red C. Pedestrian . 7 years ago

Dude, your shirt is called an Oxford button down for a reason.


LightOfFaith . 7 years ago

in this century low carb is great because our grains are genetically modified and sugar is included everywhere. but i also say that you can not compare eskimos to everyone in the world. eskimos live in a different environment. you can not apply what eskimos eat to a hot asian or african environment example.   it has been studied that if you give eskimos vegetables they will develop health problems. so it is a yes and no. and people have to just get back to nature and find what is best for them

Amy Bloom

Amy Bloom . 7 years ago

All diet extremism is a scam. They are loose weight quick tricks. You are probably exploiting another area of your body to achieve the weight loss and then people just put the weight back of because they feel deprived. People just these magic diets appear better than what they are to sell the diet products and make money.  Just eat a balanced healthy diet and count calories. If that is hard for you to do, just prepare your meals in advance, spend a day making your food and proportions for the week and put your meals in tupperware and date them. Also, move your body, exercise, get a step and step, dance, jump rope, ride your bike to work or the corner store. Feed your body good energy and use the energy. Some fats are OK, just use a little olive oil in your food, but measure the amount that you use.   People are fat, because of these extremist diets. Lose quick and gain it back.   Make a habit of eating right.

Andrew Easson

Andrew Easson . 7 years ago

Adolfo, I got the Link from a guy on YT called - Plantbasedathlete  you can get it from him, I did not keep it but you can see the full study there.

Andrew Easson

Andrew Easson . 7 years ago

recent work has shown that a high-fat high-cholesterol (HFHC) meal induces oxidative and inflammatory stress in addition to inducing an increase in plasma endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide [LPS]) levels and the expression of Toll-like receptor (TLR)-4, the specific receptor for LPS (1). In contrast, a high-fiber and fruit meal does not induce any of these changes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS— Fasting normal subjects were given 300- calorie drinks of either glucose, saturated fat as cream, orange juice, or only water to ingest. Blood samples were obtained at 0, 1, 3, and 5 h for analysis. CONCLUSIONS— Although both glucose and cream induce NF-B binding and an increase in the expression of SOCS3, TNF-, and IL-1 in MNCs, only cream caused an increase in LPS concentration and TLR-4 expression. Equicaloric amounts of orange juice or water did not induce a change in any of these indexes. These changes are relevant to the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and insulin resistance. Diabetes Care 33:991–997, 2010 From the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism, State University of New York at Buffalo and Kaleida Health, Buffalo, New York.

Jakob Virgil

Jakob Virgil . 7 years ago

It seems that the take-away is that if can't lose weight on low fat go low carb.


hotmojo1 . 7 years ago

Once the elite athlete is fat adapted he can exercise with great efficacy on a strictly fat predominant diet vs the toxic carb loaded diet. 


GNP999 . 7 years ago

eating a bacon-nator at "Wendy's is a great way to live" as long as you remove the bun.  this guy is going to win the nobel prize


GNP999 . 7 years ago

this bonehead just contradicted himself again at 30:00............if you want to exercise and go long distance, you may have to supplement your high fat diet with carbohydrate.  you said carbs are bad!  now you say you should have carbs for endurance sports!  ughhhhh, make up your mind

sujeet ghimire

sujeet ghimire . 7 years ago

such a waste of thoughts and times...what is the doctor's point? makes statements n statements and statements only. no efforts to convince but only convince he is a doctor which is needless as the presenter confirmed he was. he may be right but he is very poor unconvincing as he just makes statements. probably the worst  ever witnessed on this platform. what waste of my time......................................

Lisa Edwards

Lisa Edwards . 7 years ago

Obesity is not your fault. Your are simply deficient in minerals.

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