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100 Hours In Minecraft Hardcore: Episode 1


Published on 2 weeks ago

Grian surviving 100 Hours In Minecraft Hardcore I am spending 100 hours in minecraft hardcore and trying to do all the minecraft things and still survive till the end, when do you think I will fail? This is a unique series where we have guests on to help out with difficult tasks


Comments :

Feroz Rian Viray

Feroz Rian Viray . 13 minutes ago

Grian: "I've got to admit, seeing the moon so small is a littile bit weird...." Hermitcraft 8: "Yep, that's too small for me!"


ShadowArk . 25 minutes ago

I think you can do this grian I believe in you!!!

Amira-Amelie Ibrahim

Amira-Amelie Ibrahim . 32 minutes ago

The whole distraction episode in the lush caves made my mind explode

Celine Taviy

Celine Taviy . 34 minutes ago

Moon Small


Syntax . 1 hour ago

this what happens when grian plays hardcore HAHA

Aspx Shorts

Aspx Shorts . 2 hours ago

What's the sewed I need it

Lucas Nogueira

Lucas Nogueira . 2 hours ago

The real 1.18 wow compilation 03:31 04:35 10:34 14:52

Noah Gascoigne

Noah Gascoigne . 2 hours ago

Did you know axes are stronger than swords check if you dont believe

Mahi Mukati

Mahi Mukati . 3 hours ago


Aston Åkerström

Aston Åkerström . 3 hours ago

Exactly 8 hours in and you see a possible ghost.

Fade pizza

Fade pizza . 4 hours ago

That’s only 10 hours?

Bastiaan van Es

Bastiaan van Es . 4 hours ago

No grian its 300 days

Amelia mackenzie

Amelia mackenzie . 5 hours ago

could i hae the seed so i can explore this world?

Christabelle Aleyah

Christabelle Aleyah . 5 hours ago

Me thinking that there would be a season 9 Grian: arl let's play hardcore Me: bruh👀👀

Benz the Protogen :3

Benz the Protogen :3 . 5 hours ago

I was doing 1 situp per minute of hardcore world.. then the timelapse started

Claire Gardner

Claire Gardner . 5 hours ago

hardcore hermitcraft lite?

arvind singh

arvind singh . 5 hours ago

You should have waited for 1.19

Hải Minh-3C1-BD Nguyễn

Hải Minh-3C1-BD Nguyễn . 7 hours ago

11:46 is the woodland mansion, and guess whose is that? The pilager

Hải Minh-3C1-BD Nguyễn

Hải Minh-3C1-BD Nguyễn . 7 hours ago

in the 1.18 the world is deeper 64 blocks


kangaburra . 8 hours ago

What is the seed

killer sniper 101

killer sniper 101 . 9 hours ago

Grain: this is just my starter house Me: bruv I couldn't make that type of house if I tried

DuckyDude 392

DuckyDude 392 . 10 hours ago

He’s not going to survive all 100 hours calling it now

DuckyDude 392

DuckyDude 392 . 10 hours ago

He’s going to survive all 100 hours calling it now

Patrick And Stuff

Patrick And Stuff . 10 hours ago

Me: gets iron in 12 days Grian: gets diamonds in 5 minutes

Randall Montague

Randall Montague . 10 hours ago

Can you make a video on how to make the house

Fuse & Voss

Fuse & Voss . 11 hours ago

I love how all the hermits are playing Hardcore right now.

Astrud Handley

Astrud Handley . 11 hours ago

it seems a bit weird that you dont show the mining of any diamonds, and you didn't show the process of enchanting for efficiency on you pick. You have to show the big advancements like enchants and diamond mining.

Random game G

Random game G . 11 hours ago

You can do it


Minitoast . 12 hours ago

"quick, eat the soup.....good soup"-Grian wait EAT soup? Its drink soup oh well


ModularFreak . 12 hours ago

Trick don’t listen to him


LucyRoseLuna . 12 hours ago

Grian in the steven universe universe: 5:11

Angel Zaragoza1

Angel Zaragoza1 . 13 hours ago

i mean hardcore mc is easy just dont die (:

Azagrath Titan of Reincarnation

Azagrath Titan of Reincarnation . 13 hours ago

Episode 5, hour 57.

SoCal Barrels

SoCal Barrels . 13 hours ago

Did grain just mine red stone?!

Azagrath Titan of Reincarnation

Azagrath Titan of Reincarnation . 13 hours ago

I mean. They didn’t say that they removed hero Brian this time.

T-posing Piglin

T-posing Piglin . 13 hours ago

Where did Grian go! I know Owen Wilson took him cuz that WOW sounds exactly like him

Claire Hegarty

Claire Hegarty . 14 hours ago

Why was Samallishbeans in this? Edit: I WAS RIGHT ABOUT IT!!!


Gyvon . 14 hours ago

5:00 PHILZA!!!


ECamm28 . 14 hours ago

episode 7, hour 74

flex worshipper

flex worshipper . 14 hours ago

Honestly the..... unexpected "guests" add to it, especially when a bit of trollage involved


APDesignFXP . 14 hours ago

6:30... I think this is the reason I stopped watching yours, mumbo's and many more hermits content. You show us how little you care about the quality of content and more how much you want to get done with it. I really liked your content please come back to the days of glory.

Russian Spy

Russian Spy . 14 hours ago

The Timelapse music 🎶 👌

Yannick Hufschmid

Yannick Hufschmid . 15 hours ago

coal, a literal housewarming present


Dragonmaster . 15 hours ago

In minecraft bedrock, in mansions, (this was a thing for months, idk why they never fixed it) you can find an efficiency I HELMET! And its super common too.

brandon sedge

brandon sedge . 15 hours ago

Grian: i didnt see anybody come on Me: ITS 100% scar


SwitchTorb . 15 hours ago



HappyAlex . 15 hours ago

Ah yes another series to binge

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