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Kevin Rudolf Let It Rock Ft. Lil Wayne (Official Music Video)


Published on 12 years ago

Music video by Kevin Rudolf performing Let It Rock. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 22,655,556. (C) 2008 Cash Money Records Inc.

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Comments :

Sidney Mays

Sidney Mays . 2 hours ago

This will forever be one of my all time favs. Kevin, you did incredible. And still are! 😎


Matt . 14 hours ago

Rediscovering this song just feels different

Luke Scudder

Luke Scudder . 1 day ago

Had to take a break at work, drink two bottles of water, listen to this song, and get fired back up. Got me rolling today!

Frank Abagnale

Frank Abagnale . 1 day ago

This song still rocks today in 2021

Westside Widows

Westside Widows . 2 days ago

Miss you Carlos

Westside Widows

Westside Widows . 2 days ago

Sad all of u

Makyla Draper

Makyla Draper . 2 days ago

Dude takes me back to the good old days.... what I worked out to and playing soccer to. Now I want to run subsidies to this.🤪😜🤣🤘🤙. And run to this on repeat. Anybody knows what I'm talking about. They Don't make music like this anymore.:*( all that music now is not good music.:*( God take Me back. To the simplest times. I Miss Hs.😭😭. And swim and soccer:( Anybody Else feel Nostalgia it's real.🎶🎵🤘🤙😭😭🎄🎄.

Inspiration Over Imitation

Inspiration Over Imitation . 2 days ago

Songs like this are the reason I miss my childhood.

Guillermo Escamilla

Guillermo Escamilla . 3 days ago

WWE Royal Rumble 2009 song


shadeslayer114 . 4 days ago

As much as I love this song for sentiment, this thing gets me motivated

Wassap brothers

Wassap brothers . 4 days ago

Royal Rumble 2009 , da legend killer wins his first rumble

Roblox scpf universe

Roblox scpf universe . 4 days ago

can ı use for my video

Jermaine Cheek Jr

Jermaine Cheek Jr . 5 days ago

They still play this song on ESPN sometimes too🤣

Sarin VX

Sarin VX . 5 days ago

Am I the only one that noticed Lil Wayne becoming a bass player @1:01. WTF homeboy was playing the guitar at the start of the video. I never knew he was talented🤔

Anonymous 999

Anonymous 999 . 5 days ago

it’s 2021, the last time i heard this song I thought being 16 was so far away and couldn’t wait, damn i should’ve waited 🤣

Ieva x

Ieva x . 6 days ago

this is so good??? how am i only hearing this now

Sean Elmlinger

Sean Elmlinger . 6 days ago

Oh yeah keiv Yo usay let it rock And it syilf rocks o nto this ttday . you keeo to end tat it goeos nfororevr An d you sitll sto ack upo you fgot int with him togher forevr stil a n other epic song. "<"<"<

Westside Widows

Westside Widows . 1 week ago

Need a place also ASAP

Westside Widows

Westside Widows . 1 week ago

Need my Glocks bily and the Louie slugger

Kalem Harding

Kalem Harding . 1 week ago

Anyone else here because of Wrestlemania from like 2010? The good ole days lol!!

Luka Vandross

Luka Vandross . 1 week ago

Anyone else notice that nba teams now use this a lot in arenas now


WARLØCKDREW 369 . 1 week ago

Ahh 6th grade.. was much easier then and all I wanted to do was grow up. Shouldn’t have taken time for granted

Victoria Zbs

Victoria Zbs . 1 week ago

november 2021. issa viiiiibe


RasenRendan . 2 weeks ago

Bro i had this song on repeat back in 2010-14

Wannabe Slot Channel Steve

Wannabe Slot Channel Steve . 2 weeks ago

We taking over

ben eller

ben eller . 2 weeks ago

hit me at work wednesday as well

Steven Seelig

Steven Seelig . 2 weeks ago

This was the first song that I heard on Madden 11 and here I am 11 years later still passionately listening to this song. Makes me nostalgic every single time I hear this song

ben eller

ben eller . 2 weeks ago

hit me at work tuesday

mohammed taha

mohammed taha . 2 weeks ago

Best song before a football game this was my warming up and still rocks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥


M E . 2 weeks ago

Love how bird man just appears

ben eller

ben eller . 2 weeks ago

hit me monday at work great song IT ROCKS

Stephanie The Batter

Stephanie The Batter . 2 weeks ago

I remember hearing this song in Year 4. Good times.

ben eller

ben eller . 2 weeks ago

been thinking about this song for some reason

Clem Fandango

Clem Fandango . 2 weeks ago

Pixie Lott called. She wants her song back.

I Forgot

I Forgot . 2 weeks ago

2008, when swear words were censored in music videos... ah how times change


OVOXOvisions . 2 weeks ago

Mans had some bangers under his belt . Lol where he at

Luke Studios

Luke Studios . 2 weeks ago

This song should be in every important SPORTS EVENT it hypes u up

Demi Potvin

Demi Potvin . 2 weeks ago

We forgot who we are. Until now 💜

Cass Williams

Cass Williams . 3 weeks ago

My 11 year old heard the kids bop version of this song and it's one of his favorite songs to listen to. I wanted to hear the real version without his little ears around, and this song didn't disappoint. I'm not a big fan of lil Wayne but I'm glad he brought his talent to a different genre of music because it sounds boss

Hëłł Bøy

Hëłł Bøy . 3 weeks ago

I haven't heard this in years lol makes me feel old 🙁

Tyrese J

Tyrese J . 3 weeks ago

This song is nostalgic.

Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Jr.

Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Jr. . 3 weeks ago

Just heard this on the radio Good ol' days huh

Leonel Ferreira

Leonel Ferreira . 3 weeks ago

Esto me recuerda al GTA 5 de PS3

Niall John

Niall John . 3 weeks ago



Aryanaa . 3 weeks ago

is anyone here from aespa next level????


Braymore . 3 weeks ago

Royal Rumble anybody?

Hugh Jasole

Hugh Jasole . 3 weeks ago

Still miss these days, I swear the early 10s were the best for music. Makes me so nostalgic and kind of sad at the same time, remembering not having a care in the world, most of your friends are still around. Life was great, fast forward 12 years and now we have people disconnected from reality, tik tok, covid, "influencers", debt, friends that have passed. Someone find the god damn time machine already

Angel Gluz

Angel Gluz . 3 weeks ago



Trigun7th . 3 weeks ago

Hmmm... Why do I hear Binocular's voice from him?

Joel Owens

Joel Owens . 3 weeks ago

It makes me think of 2008 where I was so when I was 20 years old

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