Published on 8 years ago

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When making your own high-protein bar, two things you want to focus on are making it also low in both calories and carbohydrates. Make a low-calorie, low-carb, high-protein bar with help from a culinary professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Ginger Lewis
Bio: Ginger Lewis is a personal chef with Ginger's Healthy Habits.
Filmmaker: Patrick Ortman

Series Description: Low-fat foods are often a lot easier (and a lot less expensive) to make than you probably think they are. Get tips on healthier foods with help from a culinary professional in this free video series.

Comments :

Veronika Lah

Veronika Lah . 9 months ago

This isn't low carb or low calorie or high protein


S.P.Q.R. . 10 months ago

"I like to use this "raw" protein powder. Its so good for your health" yeah this woman knows nothing

Sia Sia

Sia Sia . 2 years ago

what are the nutrition facts, give me some number bruv...the dates themselves seem like a killer


c7042 . 2 years ago

She may be personal but she'n not a chef!

Randy Cable

Randy Cable . 3 years ago

Three dates are too high on glycemic index.

Empress Jewelz

Empress Jewelz . 3 years ago

Yeah... Dates aren't exactly low carb lady (or whoever titled this falsely).

Sebastian P

Sebastian P . 4 years ago

“This is low-carb” “First you take two cups of pitted dates” ...

Adriana Pomorska

Adriana Pomorska . 4 years ago

this is so unfair to people who have no clue about nutrition! they see a pretty woman making that "low carb" "low calories" hahah any more jokes bar and they make it and put on weight! even worse! they like it and start using dates and all the "no carbs" things to everything BECAUSE THE WOMAN IT THE VIDEO SAID IT IS...

Syed Ali Shah

Syed Ali Shah . 4 years ago

I don't give like for super hot body.

Artem Lebedev

Artem Lebedev . 5 years ago

I learn about diet thanks to Woo&Pep.

Angelo Matta

Angelo Matta . 5 years ago

dates??? she has no clue! !!

maz khatun

maz khatun . 6 years ago

what d fuk dates are super high in sugar and carbohydrates


RJinthematrix . 6 years ago

low carb? bruhhh 2 cups pitted dates = 220g carbs, 186g of which are sugar then you adding in 1 tablespoon of protein powder? what is that, maybe 10g? high sugar low protein shit, a snickers bar got better macros

Rusty Harvey

Rusty Harvey . 6 years ago

Dang, she's fine.


SG . 7 years ago

will you marry me?


Escape3000 . 7 years ago

Well! She's very sexy!


Pirunmarja . 8 years ago

This resipe suck ass

Green Apple Canada Canada

Green Apple Canada Canada . 8 years ago

Thanks for the video but she you added the dates it doesn't become a low carb bar ??????

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